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Peter Vajsabel, Oak Ridge, NJ, USA.
The site is very interesting and imformative. I'll have to come back often to learn all I didn't know about Maddy and her music.
September 1, 2002

James Lloyd, Brisbane, Australia.
I'm only 20 at the moment and I got to Queen Maddy and Steeleye's music via Fairport Convention, Pentangle and other similar artists. I'm bloody glad I did though. If anyone's reading this that has a say in where her heighness tours, COME TO BRISBANE AGAIN!!! I missed the shows last time as I had to work and I was dirty at myself for weeks.
August 23, 2002

Alan Olinger, Louisville, KY, USA.
Eduardo, this is a wonderful web site. Thanks for the hard work.
August 18, 2002

Paul Stetler, Bordentown, NJ, USA.
I've been a big fan since my college days in the mid 70s. I would be great to see you again in the Philly area.
August 18, 2002

Joanne, Bronx, NY, USA.
Met Maddy in Glasgow when she was singing with Rick... Want her to come to sing in New York for me!!!
August 14, 2002

Jeff Grivell, Adelaide, Australia.
Excellent, extremely informative site, .keep up the good work
August 7, 2002

Steven Benck, Nebraska, USA.
Dear Ms Prior -- I have been a fan of your music and Steeleye Span since the early 70's when my college roommate played "Parcel of Rogues" for me. I consider you one of the top female vocalist I have ever heard. I still get goose bumps when I play "All Around My Hat". Thank you.
July 28, 2002

M.T.V., Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA.
Maddy, When are you coming to Philly, Pa.? It has been to long since the last time we saw or heard you (other then CD's).
July 19, 2002

Beth Maxwell Boyle, Mayville, NY, USA.
Maddy is my favorite of all time. I have bought her music since the seventies. Thank you so much, Maddy. I try to sing as much like you as I can. I fail but it feels so good trying. I play dulcimer and concertina. Singing is my Joy and Maddy is my inspiration. I am a heavy duty folkie. Old Ballads are my favorites!
June 16, 2002

Chuck Koch, New York, USA.
I would like to know if there are any U.S. tours planned, especially in the New York area?
June 7, 2002

Clye E. Taff, California, USA.
When is she going to play on the west coast of California again? It has been far to many years. i did get to she her in Sydney Austriala in March of 2002, but that is a bit of a way to travel to see any show. Thanks.
May 25, 2002

James Foran, London, UK.
This is my first time on the site and what a fantastic site it is. If only other artists' sites were as comprehensive. I first 'got into' Maddy and Steeleye Span when I was 16, I'm now 29, and I've had to defend this choice with all my peers ever since. However I have had success with one convert! To the sitemaster - keep up the excellent work.
May 21, 2002

Juanita Hawkins, King's Lynn, Norfolk.
As a family, we have seen Maddy in concert each time she has visited King's Lynn. She always takes time to speak to us (Including our 8 year old daughter.)and is a wonderful performer. Also spoke to Troy last time too - what a talented musician - and met Rose as well. Wonderful to see Maddy and Rose on tour together - come back to King's Lynn! Maddy, you're wonderful!
May 17, 2002

Alan Bennett, Ellough, Beccles, Suffolk, UK.
A Joy to listen to. A unique voice with so much passion.S uch a shame that there are not more with her energy and enthusiasm. She makes folk an unbeatable experience.
May 16, 2002

Peter and Liesbeth Wesseling, Rijn, Holland.
I miss a tour list.
Last year we planned to go to the Stockton concert in December, but heard from Vin Garbutt that that theater was closed. So we need dates of the next Dec.tour for early planning.
May 6, 2002

Tim Downes, Metaire, LA, USA.
Andy Dunne, Cork City , Ireland Im a singer-songwriter. Like all songwriters I'm fed by inspiration. Thank you.
I recently came across a live version of " The Blackleg Miners" that you recorded and have been giging it ever since. My thing is Acoustic Guitar and Vocals and because of this I try to make my guitar sound as "Big" as possible. That version of that song fed me like a 12 course meal, the whole arrangement, vibe....call it what you will , just blew me away.Again, Thank you. Long may you mirror utopia.
April 26, 2002

Alex Barlow, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.
Brilliant website, i shall be a regular visitor to it from now o
April 24, 2002

Tim Downes, Metaire, LA, USA.
I first became aquainted with Maddy's music through Steeleye Span. A marvelous talent and truly beautiful woman.
April 6, 2002

Alan Scott, Melbourne, Australia.
Maddy, Troy and Nick played in Melbourne last week - fabulous work from each of them. One of Australia's great singers Judith Durham was in the audience and she really enjoyed the show too.
March 31, 2002

Anne H., Dee Why, Australia.
Thank you for running this website. Just had the unparalleled pleasure of seeing the Arthur the King show here in Sydney (the first thing we did after seeing the 1st show was to get tickets for the 2nd) This person is a light of the universe. Can't believe we have to wait 2 whole years for another MP experience. Guys, maybe your show can take in NZ next time, there are many many Kiwis who would turn out for the shows.
March 31, 2002

Jim Dale, Moonan Flat, Australia.
Saw Maddy again in Lismore a couple of weeks ago. Well worth the fourteen hours return drive to be there. Please come again.
March 29, 2002

Andrew Matthews,Pointe Claire, QC Canada.
Great site, loved the song sampler. Now I know what to do during a quite moment at work ( need the fast connection)
March 29, 2002

Glenys & Mike Egan, Bloxwich, Walsall, West Midlands, UK.
As well as knowing Maddy's music for many years, we have seen her in two recent concerts in Lichfield. Keep coming back !!
March 13, 2002

David & Rose Milton, Bordertown, South Australia.
Hi Maddy. I too come from St Albans originally, before I emigrated to Australia in 1986. I met my'Rose' 3 years later.That Holywell Hill in St.Albans used to kill me as I used to walk up it nearly every day when I worked there. I Have been a devoted of yours since Parcel of Rogues. A truly great album. We Have just returned from the Port Fairy folk festival and I thought your performance was magic. Any Chance of you coming to little old Bordertown. (pop.2660) What a fantastic day that would be. I know we could never afford to get you here but as President of the local Rotary Club, I would really love to do a big fundraiser for our local aged care facilities.
Anyway great to chat to you. Hope to see you next time you are in Aus. and keep making truly wonderful music. Arthur the King is a milestone and a really excellent work.
March 12, 2002

Ro. Madden, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.
Have just experienced a fabulous weekend of Maddy and the boy's music at the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Fantastic! My collection of Maddy's recordings has tripled (!!!) since her final concert here earlier today.
Cheers, and best wishes for the remainder of the Australian Tour.
March 7, 2002

Hannah Bowes, North Lincs, UK.
My friend and I are only 17 but we both love Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span. i first saw her on a video of my fathers and have loved her fantastic singing, lively spirit and bubbly personality ever since. My mum also loves singing along to all of the CD's. Please keep going, Maddy. Someone has got to save us from teeny pop and grunge rubbish.
March 7, 2002

John Andrews, Greenville, USA.
A very fine website for the girl with the sweetest voice on earth. keep up the good work.
February 23, 2002

Christine Lennis, Macquarie Fields, Australia.
Excellent site! The more information about Maddy the better. Keep up the good work
February 23, 2002

Barbara Hoyland, Adelaide, Australia.
A very good website - especially as it still hasn't disturbed my fantasy that Maddy is the Madeleine Prior who lived a few doors away from me in Wheelock, Cheshire in the early 60's......
February 23, 2002

Clive Byerley, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia.
Have just attempted to buy "seats" for the Melbourne concert ( Feb 02) only to discover that one is expected to STAND for the whole time! Sorry but my dodgy back,and that of my fellow enthusiast, will not allow this. Maddy's following would surely fill a more conventional venue - as she did at the Dallas Brookes Hall a few years ago. Her talent has not faded, nor has our devotion, so why the "stand-up" gig?? Take pity on your faithful followers, Maddy, and get them to book a proper venue - you deserve it and we'll pay for it! A thirty-two-years-long fan.
February 21, 2002

Tracey, California, USA.
I just saw her on a PBS special about Ravens and love her music. Did she also do music on a nature special about Hares? I remember hearing a haunting song about shapeshifting with the lyrics "I will go unto a hare". If anyone knows where I might find a recording of this music, I'd appreciate the info.
February 19, 2002

John Ayriss, Willaston, Wirral, UK.
Saw Maddy at Birkenhead Feb 2002. Still the best!
February 14, 2002

Stephen Calvert.
Great to see here other peoples views on who can only be described as a truely superb vocalist and song writer. How can anyone that Steeleye Span still sounds great with that awful out of key Irish voice of Gay Woods, we its Steeleye's loss in my opinion and Maddy's gain as she can now concentrate on her music with her truely outstanding voice. Long may she be the Queen of folk music
February 8, 2002

Penne Paloma, Calondra, Australia.
Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I have been a fan of Maddys' since 1972. I am looking forward to seeing her in Brisi soon.
February 1, 2002

Rainer Glaap, Mühltal, Germany.
Just today discussed the music I used to love in the 70ies, when I was young. went around to concerts of Steeleys Span, JethroTull, Exception and the like.
And publicly wondered whatever happened to Maddy Prior. forgot about it all day and just remembered to google a bit - and found this site.
Great to know that she is still very active. Maybe i can catch a concert ...
January 31, 2002

Helen Galus, Kenmore, New York, USA..
If Maddy's discs are still available for purchase (anywhere) could this be noted with the listing of the music.
January 17, 2002

Paul MC Cann, "Craic With Mc" - Irish Radio, Bowral, Australia.
If just wanted to wish you a successful gig in Mittagong .
I have been playing some tracks of Raveschild for about a year on my Irish radio show . I really love the track Dance on the wind and Twiddle-Twankie is great . This evening I am playing Silkies from Sules Skerrie . All the best Maddie . May your visit to Australia be inspirational and rewarding.
January 14, 2002

Trevor and Andrea Thomas, Royton, Oldham, Lancs, UK.
We have been ardent followers of Maddy's since the early 70's and attended all the concerts at the Free Trade Hall Manchester. with our children too. Baught every LP and now CD's went to Bradford to the Gold,Frankincense and Myrrh concert which was wonderful. Never fails to amaze us how Maddy is still just the girl she always was! We look forward to more news letter Maddy. Please send one soon.Kind regards and good luck withArthur the King. tour.
January 12, 2002

Bob Cropf, St Louis, USA.
Very nice site. Thanks to Maddy for giving me hours of her wonderful music for 25 years!
January 9, 2002

Patrick Moore, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
In 1972 Procol Harum performed live at Mershon Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio. Steeleye Span was the opening act. I was already SS's fan before the concert. I believe "Parcel of Rogues" had recently been released. Maddy wore a sort of 15th century dress, the kind that books of hours show women wearing with conical hats, with scarves tied to their points. I gather from Sue Barrett's interview, elsewhere on this website, that Maddy probably made it herself. It was very fetching, as my grandmas would have said. Her step dancing blew me away.
December 30, 2001

Shelley Rainey, Burnage, Manchester, UK.
Discography very useful - can now complete my collection.
December 22, 2001

Alan Edgar, Felixstowe, UK.
Saw Maddy with The Carnival Band in Ipswich on Wednesday night - absolutely brilliant. I've been a fan since the duo with Tim Hart and see her when she's in East Anglia. This was the first time I'd seen The Carnival Band (though I have a couple of albums). The tightest live band I've seen.They were all so versatile instrumentally and they all had excellent voices. It really put me in the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately they are now at the end of the tour. Please, Please come back to Ipswich soon.
December 21, 2001

Jose Antonio, Spain.
This web site is really good and very succesful to all fans of the beautiful music of Maddy Prior. I have a lot of discs from you and I enjoy so much listening to them! I´m really grateful of creating one so interesting web site.
Thank you.
December 19, 2001

Harvey Godber, Taunton, Somerset, UK.
I thought you would like to know that Maddy will be singing at my cremation which I hope is some way off. I have asked that 'Somewhere along the road' is played as I think it is very fitting and I just love this song. We have travelled to see Maddy over many years and I once gave her a Hare key ring.
Our very best wishes to Maddy and Steeleye.
Harvey & Christine.
December 15, 2001

Stephen McAdam, Huntingdon, England.
Maddy is just one of the greatest femail artists around. I loved her music in Steeleye Span, and seeing her perform live recently, her talent and voice hasn't diminished one bit. She deserves far more recognition from the media than she gets. Her partnership with the Carnival Band is a winning combination.
December 8, 2001

Andrew, LA, USA.
Arthur the King, another unbelieveable recording. The voice of an angel.
Thank you Maddy
November 23, 2001

Benjamin Heppenstall, Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK.
I am only seventeen, but LOVE your music (and no I am not wierd or even slightly peculiar!!)
I am into current music aswell, but I just wanted to let you know that you DO have support from 'younger' people. I know if you did your poll thingy for 'average age of Maddy admirer' you may get some figure at least into the mid-forties (of course we know it is your 21st birthday in a few weeks, but you take my point!!) I hope you carry on making superlative music anyway!! Say hello to your daughter aswell for me, I wish her all the success in the world too (she can be assured that if she did follow her mother, she would have at least MY support!) Anyway, must dash, but for the sake of repeating myself.
November 16, 2001

Jackie Ade, Polegate, East Sussex, UK.
Good to see a website and that lyrics are available. Saw Maddy at Hailsham, East Sussex, first time I have seen her since Steeleye at Eastbourne in the 80s. Great concert at Hailsham. Hope you come down our way again. Just bought Time video hope it encourages my daughters to appreciate your music.
November 11, 2001

Paul Baxter, Chadderton Oldham Lancashire, UK.
I have just returned from Maddy Prior and Friends at Congleton (3 Nov)
Ihe concert was absolutely brilliant, I especially enjoyed seeing Maddy`s daughter Rose as support, and also dueting with Maddy for the encore (Gaudete and Deep in the Darkest Night). Thanks for a superb evening Maddy , keep up the good work.
November 4, 2001

Steve Harvey, Calne, Wiltshire, UK.
I've been a follower of both Steeleye Span and Maddy's solo material for many years. Brilliant stuff, keep up the good work!
November 4, 2001

Denise Williams, Blackpool, UK.
Web site perhaps needs more colour, to reflect Maddy's own tastes (on stage anyway).
October 24, 2001

Barry Howard, Sidcup, Kent, UK.
Sitting here playing "Ballads and Candles" remembering the QEH concert ....
Maddy - thanks for all the great music - keep making it!
October 4, 2001

John E. Grant, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima-ken, Japan.
I've been a fan since the middle seventies. Introduced by 'Duh' Daley. Forever.
September 30, 2001

Ashley Payne, Bristol, England.
Just want to say thanks for a great site dedicated to a great musician.
It is not often my Dad gets me interested in his music collection, but after he put "Year" on for the first time I was hooked..... IMHO one of the best albums ever! And Maddy kicks ass live! How many modern bands are this good?
September 29, 2001

David Herbison, Kirkintilloch, Scotland.
Superb web page
Need to update the lyrics to some of the older stuff!!
September 4, 2001

Marilyn Richards, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of the best voices recording today.
September 3, 2001

Robert Slorby, Minot, ND, USA
First rate site. I became acquainted with Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span by way of Led Zeppelin, Sandy Denny, and Fairport convention in the mid 1970's. My 16 year old son is also a fan. It would be great if a tour might bring her within traveling distance of North Dakota.
August 25, 2001

Robert Ellam, Bedhampton, Havant, Hants, UK.
Looking forward to seeing a concert sometime in Portsmouth or Chichester.
August 10, 2001

Romano Boletti, Melegnano MI, Italy.
Hello Maddy, when will you have a tour in Italy? I am awaiting to listen to your splendid voice at a concert.
Very nice place to visit for an old fun of Maddy Prior and Steeley Span
August 2, 2001

Shelley Rainey, Burnage, Manchester, UK.
Lots of useful information. Especially on new recordings and tours.
August 2, 2001

Alex Callaghan, Bournemouth, UK.
I'm a bit of a rocker myself - but I picked up some of my dad's Steeleye Span CDs out of curiosity - and they were amazing! I'm kicking myself for not doing so earlier, as Maddy Prior was down my way 18th April. Anyway, she has a great voice, and I hope to see her in concert.
Folk has found a new 16 year old convert, thanks mainly to Maddy Prior!
June 30, 2001

Gabriella Garofalo, Milano, Italia.
I would like Maddy to know that, whenever I hear her splendid, powerful voice I feel life a better place to live in. My first time with her voice was in 1972 (I was 16, then, so many years ago), when I fell in love with her voice and with "The blacksmith";both of them - Maddy and that song-became a myth to my heart. Thanks a lot, Maddy.
June 9, 2001

Mark Prouty,: Mineral Point, WI, 53565, USA.
Thank you for the joy you've brought through your music!
June 6, 2001

Phil Starks, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, UK.
Having seen newspaper photo of Maddy displaying her MBE, would like to offer sincere congratulations. It is rare for the establishment to acknowledge even that folk music exists and nobody is a more worthy ambassador than Maddy. Well done - from an enthusiast for more years than I care to admit to!
May 24, 2001

Glenn Jauer and Deborah Steinau, Houston, Tx 77024, USA.
Glenn Jauer and Deborah Steinau, Houston, Tx 77024, USA We love her!
May 13, 2001

Gray Hodge, Tasmania, Australia.
Great web site, I missed Maddy's last visit to Australia, I'm a shattered man!
May 7, 2001

Anne Henshaw, Dee Why, NSW 2099, Australia.
Hi Eduardo, this site is brilliant and you are a living legend for compiling and maintaining it.
May 5, 2001

Keith Mould, Hull, England
So Maddy again at the Beverley concert - fantastic.
Just listening again to the new CD King Arthur - brilliant. Just waiting for the next tour and CD's 31, 31, 33, etc.
May 4, 2001

Penny, London, UK.
Great site. Is there any chance of putting the setlist for the current tour on the site. I loved last night's show, but as I am a new fan I wasn't sure which CDs the songs are on.
May 1, 2001

Suzanne, Southall, England.
Saw you last night at the Beck, Maddy and Friends - it was great! The atmosphere was tremendous! Come back soon! The comment / poem re the foot and mouth situation had tears springing to my eyes;as with many,many others I'm sure, I wish I could do more! May it all be in the past very soon.
May 1, 2001

David Corbin, Derby, England.
Love your music, mostly from SteeleyeSpan, and really didn't know this site existed. Just sayin' hi
May 1, 2001

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