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Yuriy Pavlov, Moscow, Russia.
This hello comes from your devoted fan in Eastern Europe.
Nicely done site with great rare stuff. I've got its address from Ravenchild cover and I'm really happy i've found it.
Not sure that Ravenchild could be considered your traditional album, seeming more conceptual, less folk, though I understand it's obviously reasonable transformation of your talent. Not many copies have been sold in Russia, about 15 - 20 copies, I suppose, and 5 more went to Ashkhabad, Turkmenia, I know about the existance of Maddy's fans in Central Asia (I am so sure about it, as being involved into music biz, I have ordered 25 copies at Park Records). Although not much more have been sold of your earlier albums. I got into Maddy's music since 1991, when Steeleye's gig was shown on local television during the week of BBC in this country. Do you plan to re-release "Hooked On Winning" and "Going For Glory" on CD, as original releases is impossible to find here. By the way, I was lucky to find yo! Our latest aussie compilation on Raven, which seems to include a lot of rare footage.
Thanks a lot for your music, Maddy
December 9, 1999

Tim Hurton, Enham Alamein, Andover, Hants, England.
Having Cassettes from the early 70's, yes I know it dates us both, but have got nearly everthing you have produced on CD, thanks for a very enjoyable musical appreasiation. (Are you releasing Almanac on CD?)
November 26, 1999

Nina Black, Evanston, Il 60202, USA.
How nice to find this page. Please let us know if there will be any tours to this area. We saw Fairport when they where here- it was great.
November 9, 1999

Kester Eddy, Budapest, Hungary.
Hello, great site, a reflection of the great music it is associated with.
Sitting here right now listening to "When I was on horseback" - probably my fave rave Steeleye track - in grey Budapest.
Reading these comments, I clearly have to get updated with this Raven thing (new CD, I presume). Ever think of an East Europe tour, Maddy ? (Round here they prefer it to be called Central Europe these days - mind you, that stretches to Kazakhstan, cos nobody wants to be called "Eastern".) Tull regularly make it every two years or so - but Ian's voice has shot it - at least it had last June. Fraid I never hear you guys on the local radio. I requested a track - actually "horseback" - on BBC World Service about two years ago. They actually used my request - it was on the sadly departed "Anything Goes" prog - but not the regular presenter. And the pillock didn't read the dedication and said they couldn't find the tune and played something from Steeleye which I didn't know. It was rather bland too (sorry).
Anyway, hope you are all well, Maddy and World.
October 23, 1999

Mick & Fiona Morton (with Joseph aged 2 months), Chaddesden, Derby, England.
Will watch this space with interest.
October 19, 1999

Leonard P., Hornchurch, England.
Congratulations on your site.
Last saw Maddy at Cropredy Festival 99 - pretty fab.
Long time fan of Steeleye Span.
October 3, 1999

Herbert Fahrenkrog, Solingen, Germany.
Since the first time ive heard her voice on the album Hark the Village wait, I loved her voice. Her singing in Oldfields inncantations was one of the best sounds ive ever heard. I would like to thank her for the hours of pleasure hearing her voice.
Tip: The BBC has made a nature film about rabbits with songs from Maddy, it was marvellous. Its a voice, which you can identify every time. My biggest wish: To hear her live or to talk to her.
Excuse my bad english! Hope to get more of your music!
October 2, 1999

Keith Mould & Laura Mould, Hull, England.
    Beverley Playhouse 25th September 99
An ambition achieved, finally got to see you performing live. The concert was brilliant, speaking truthfully my daughter & I went along to listen to you but found the Carnival Band a truly talented bunch of musicians playing there large array of sometimes unusual instruments.
A treat for the audience was to hear your daughter performing a solo and then to sing along with yourself and the band, as you said on the evening watch your back.
Finally Maddy would like to thank you for taking time out after the concert and allowing us to meet you. My daughter Laura (age 10) on arriving home ran in to her Mum and told her that "Maddy Prior had told her she had beautiful large eyes": It was also a pleasure for me to meet you also - thanks again.
September 26, 1999

Keith Mould & Laura Mould (age 10), Hull, England.
Been a follower of Steelyeye Span since early 70's, not had chance to see Maddy live until next saturday 25th Sept 1999 in Beverley. I am pleased that my 10 year old daughter who likes the music has pleaded to come along with me. We are both looking forward to the evening...
September 18, 1999

John Snowden, Hook Horton
I saw and heard Maddy Prior for the first time at Cropredy Festival 1999. Maddy and friends completely stole the show, I thought. I desperately hope she will be there next year. I have now bought Ravenchild and am abount to buy Flesh and Blood (if for nothing else, for Finlandia). I was most impressed by the "Friends" as well as by Maddy!
September 10, 1999

Gordon Nisbet, Lenzie G66 5PG, Scotland.
Firstly, congrats on a great site!!!
As one of Maddy's biggest admirers (now online) I look forward to visiting this dedicated page. Hopefully, adding my personal comments from time to time. I am a great collector of most things "Maddy" and hope to obtain from other followers info on any musical/video gems featuring her "ladyship" that maybe out there and not generally commercially available. Any thoughts on how I can achieve this request? Cheers, once again.
August 13, 1999

Paul Baxter, Chadderton, Oldham, England.
I first discovered Steeleye and especially Maddy in the early 70`s and I have followed both ever since, going to their gigs and buying their albums. I am new to the web, I found your exellent site via a Steeleye site. I am very glad I did, keep up the good work.
August 4, 1999

Richard Mulder & Nina Wijma, Wijnjewoude, The Netherlands.
Nice page, glad we know about it from your last cd "Ravenchild" we bought last week. It's very good! We're surprised to see there are so many cd's. Since "Silly Sisters" we never saw any cd anymore in a shop in Holland. I'm sure we would have bought them all, but of course we will do that now.
July 27, 1999

Michael Veal, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6LA, England.
I've been a fan off Steeleye for many many years, and know you'll be missed from the group (especially by me), however as long as you continue making great music, I'll keep listening to you and enjoying your voice and songs. Keep up the good work!!
July 26, 1999

Sean Smith, Newton, MA, USA.
I can honestly say that listening to Steeleye Span 25-some years ago helped inspire me to take up performing traditional music, which means that anyone ever associated with that fine ensemble has a special place in my heart. But hearing "Flesh and Blood" has elevated my respect for you, Maddy, to a whole new level. There's so much in there to like -- I wish, by the way, that "Boy On A Horse" had at least three more verses so one can sing it longer! -- but the a-cappella treatment of "Honest Work" has to be a definite highlight.
Best wishes in all you do, and all you sing.
July 24, 1999

Donna Cuthbert, Nottingham, England.
i saw maddy recently at loughborough town hall and i'm still reeling. her voice seems to stay with you and surround you with a warm happy feeling...or is that the drink!!!!
ravenchild is absolutely fabulous. the live performance was so magical...i can't wait to see the programme as the wildlife on 1 programme that 'year' soundtracked was great. anyway, i'm off to sing my heart out to 'ravenchild'.
brilliant website, really glad i've discovered the internet even though i'm supposed to be a closet luddite!
July 2, 1999

Pam Sutherland, Preston Village, North Shields Tyne & Wear, England.
I have been a fan of Steeleye since the 60's & now try never to miss a Steeleye Span concert or Maddy whenever they are in the region!! Have converted my husband also.
Went to the concert at Whitley Bay Playhouse on 10/6/99 it was absolutely amazing!!!!!!
I love "The Fabled Hare" from "Year" but thought "In the company of Ravens" was incredible!! Loved the music...the atmosphere created .... the words and of course the dramatic interpretation by Maddy!!!
Troys Uillean pipes are wonderful & Nick's keyboards brilliant.
The professional muscicianship & delivery was a huge pleasure & I can never get enough of it!!! thankyou for a wonderful evening.
I am listening to "Ravenchild" as I write this & have listened to it constantly, can't get enough!!!!!!!
June 12, 1999

Peter Cousins, Clenchwarton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.
Went to see "Ravenchild" tour last night (4 June 99) at Kings Lynn Arts Centre. Excellent show. Have been a follower since 1970 and was very pleased to speak to her after the show in the bar. May you sing for ever Maddy.
June 5, 1999

David Drew-Smythe, Riverview Road, NSW 2206 Australia.
A message to Maddy really ... I continue to visit and revisit your work and of the "Span" ... Echoes down here of many nostalgic "Dart" moments and emotions! Remember Sydney Town Hall?! Hope you are keeping well. The book "AAMH" is now finished and awaits publishing!
May 12, 1999

Keith Jordan, Balsall Common, Coventry, England.
Went to see Maddy @ Red Lion folk club in Birmingham UK 2 weeks ago. Stupendous show by a living legend and great musicians.
My friend Craig Boon from Philadelphia (and his lovely wife Anna ) came too and he spoke to Maddy and she signed a CD for him. Not remembering to give him a mention from the stage, as I had requested her to do in a letter she subsequently sent me a postcard apologizing as she was too engrossed in her performance to say hello.
What a lady! How many other living legends would take the trouble to write to an unknown fan???
May 10, 1999

David Leask & Chris Lennis, Jannali, N.S.W. 2226, Australia.
Hope to see you in Australia sometime soon.
Chris says "Hi" to Rick(they chatted at Warrens party).
May 7, 1999

David E., London, England.
Just back from the Millfield gig in Edmonton(N.London). Excellent stuff from the new album and finishing with a superb "Lark in the Morning". Magnificent.
April 22, 1999

Gary & Jane Williams, Weston-s-Mare, England.
Have been a fan since the 70's I ran a record shop in those days. My first memory was parcel of rogues..for some reason I never got to see Maddy or Span until her Xmas show last december at Weston's Playhouse. We travelled down to Paignton last night to meet my parents for Maddy's gig at the Palace theatre - a small old , intimate theatre... It was a great evening I had not heard the material from the new album but loved it and bought a cd in the interval and was pleasantly surprised to find Maddy out front chatting to people and signing things... a really lovely evening and my parents - aged 75 and 72 respectively - who had booked the tickets for us all as they had heard us talk about about enjoying the christmas show at Weston-super-Mare playhouse last year.. but who did not know what to expect..had a really good time..If Maddy checks this site my wife Jane (who studied costume design) just loves her stage outfits..they suit her so well..and the Raven thing was inspir!
April 17, 1999

Rob, Oakland, CA, USA.
I am eagerly awaiting a package from England containing the new cd. Expensive, but I'm sure it will be worth it.
So, I'm planning my first trip to England (and Ireland) and decide to attend the Fairport Convention annual festival at Cropredy this August. I didn't think I could get more excited about it until I learned that the act before Fairport on Saturday night is none other than Maddy Prior. Wow. What a vacation! Is it August yet??
April 13, 1999

Lee Halbert, Durham, England.
Just dropped by, I am a big fan of Nick Beggs - I do a website about him:
I also think Troy Donockley is good, hence the interest in the new Maddy Prior CD, I have only played it a couple of times but I like it!
Good webpages too.
April 12, 1999

Roy Potts, Cramlington, Northumberland, UK.
After listening to Maddy's music for many, many years, including Steeleye, Carnival Band, solo and with Rick it is great to finally find a web page.
I was gutted (along with many others I suppose) to hear of Maddy leaving Steeleye last year. The Hawkstow Grange album was OK but not the same.
Congratulations on the new Ravenschild album which came out last Monday. Excellent - especially Twankydillo which I haven't heard on disk since the Waterson's first album. (Oops - giving away my age I fear)
I will be visiting this page regularly in the future.
Biggest regret - At a Steeleye gig at Whitley bay Playhouse a few years ago Maddy came and sat two seats away from me during the sound check. I didn't have the bottle to speak!!
Best Gig - Newcastle Arena December 1997. Steeleye and Quo together - My two all time favourite bands.
Best wishes Maddy (and to Rick, Rosie and Alex - who I remember screaming the foyer down in Adrian Hopkin's arms at the end of a Steeleye gig at Newcastle City Hall many moons ago!)
April 1, 1999

Jay Immel, Otley, Iowa, USA.
I began exploring traditional English folk music about a year ago, and I am absolutely impressed with everything I hear (I'm also a rock fan). Maddy's singing, songwriting, and song selection is total brilliance! I look forward to the new album.
This is the best folk/rock oriented site on the Web!.
March 21, 1999

Doc Leesson, Waretown, NJ, USA.
Great site!
January 18, 1999

Neil Cairns, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK
Very very good web site. Keep up the good work.
December 27, 1998

Jerry Kaufman, Seattle, Washington, USA
I saw your posting on rec.arts.music.folk about updating this site. Glad I found it!
I really like the way the main index is always on top, no matter what I'm looking at in the site.
December 24, 1998

Noel & Judy Kropf, Garrison, NY, USA
Wish we could see future touring dates in the N.E. USA.
We are listening to both Silly Sisters albums. Are they out on CD? How are the Mike Oldfield albums?
December 5, 1998

Rachael Jones, University of York, Heslington, York, UK
I was really interested that I have a Shared Experiance with Maddy Prior because I too was in the Middle East during the scare earlier this year. For my GAP year before University I worked in an Eye hospital in Jerusalem, Israel and I agree with much of Maddy's March '98 letter. I knew the British council well and it is very illuminating circulating with UN officials. You learn all variety of interesting/ shocking things. The Arab people from Gaza whom we worked with I found to be an absolute delight as well. I have been greatly influenced by their music.
I have enjoyed looking over the site. it is well designed and interesting.
November 29, 1998

Alyson Williams, Washington State, USA
Have enjoyed Ms. Prior's voice for 20 odd years...oh to be able to sing like that!
November 18, 1998

Doc Leesson, Waretown, NJ, U.S.A.
Best voice I ever heard, best band I ever heard, best concert I ever saw. To Maddy, Steeleye, web-site folk & other fans, Blessed be.
November 2, 1998

Richard Clark, Scorton, Richmond, North Yorkshire. England
I first started to take notice in the 1970's around the time of gaudete and all around my hat with Steeleye Span, then even more so with the non Steeleye "Hooked on Winning" album. I've been hooked ever since.
September 21, 1998

James Lambert, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Good site. Would like to see more Photos if possible, and also more reviews if they exist.
September 20, 1998

Clive, Staffordshire, Cambridge, United Kingdom
I've listened to Maddy in Steeleye for the past 15 years, and I particularly enjoy the folk-rock style. In fact, its grown on me enough to be wondering where her next Midlands gig/venue is going to be!
September 12, 1998

Claudia Mastroianni, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
I came looking for lyrics from Flesh & Blood, and found a wonderful site! It's really lovely.
However, I still have the question I came with. The lyrics for "Sheath & Knife" are faulty on the web page: they give what's in the CD booklet, but then repeat some of them (unnecessarily and inaccurately). And they omit the verse omitted in the booklet.

So can anyone fill in for me:
"And when that you see that I am lying dead
The broom etc.
Put me in a grave with a ? at my head
And they'll etc."
September 2, 1998

Alan Cheetham, Ladybridge, Bolton, United Kingdom.
A fan of Maddy's from afar, when Steeleye Span first hit the 'pop' scene (was it the sixties??!!) but became an unconditional enthusiast when began attending Red Lion Folk Club and 'discovered' Maddy as a solo artist.
'Year' is without doubt one of my top ten albums of all time, along with Gracelands and No Secrets.
Your singing has a unique quality with strength and sensitivity. Long may you sing!!!
August 30, 1998

Brian Hay, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
Enjoyed it immensely. Just discovered her work recently with "Sing Lustily and with good courage". I was hooked, but good at that moment. More digging has just served to unearth a veritable treasure chest. I've always liked the genre's of music that La Prior interprets but she is, I feel, the best of all of them. Certainly the most direct in her interpretations. People currently enjoying the popular wave of celtic/traditional flooding the market right now would do well to listen to her work. They'd find out who their favourites have been listening to for all these years.
August 6, 1998

Aaron, Memphis, USA.
Tony Wighton is a friend of mine. If he reads this between now and the 6th of Aug., I'm visiting England for three weeks and would like to do lunch. Have him contact me if someone can contact him by e-mail. My e-mail is aboxford@aol.com. Too bad Maddy's left. What a doll she is.
August 1, 1998

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