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Mark "Gee" Smith, Chapel Hill, NC, US of A.
I was looking for information about where her music can be purchased (particularly the YEAR tape or CD)... Maybe I just missed it on your VERY GREAT WEBSITE, but any help would be appreciated!
30th December 1997

Roger Sidley, Watford, UK
Look forward to hearing and seeing you at Hemel on the 6th.
26th November 1997

Dolores Beecher, Quakertown, PA, USA.
I never heard of Maddy Prior before last week when an older friend of mine asked me to check the internet for info on Steeleye Span. Being of Irish decent and having the utmost faith in my friends musical taste, i do plan do give them a chance in the near future.
11th November 1997

Stuart D. Trot, Camberley, Surrey, England.
I am old enough to remember Steeleye from the begining but it is only during the last five years thay I have actually seen and heard them live on stage. I enjoy their music very much. The most recent was in Guildford in October. And of course I really do love Maddy Prior's singing, both with Steeleye and in her own right. I especially like 'Bewcastle' and I have actually been visted Bewcastle.
I think that this website is excellent and visit it frequently - useful way of keeping up to date.
1st November 1997

Koen Hottentot, Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands.
Wonderful site.
Aaaargh! It is (a rainly) sunday 26 October and I only just found out about Maddy's leaving Steeleye - and I see here it's been known for months and months! Where have I been? Well - at Cropredy to be exact but I am amazed I never heard anything about this, just read it in Mojo 10 minutes ago and checked it out the Net.... anyway, I am saddened by this news but look forward to what's coming as I love Maddy's solo work, with 'Year' as an absolute standout. Maddy, long may you run.
And what a lovely site this is!
26th October 1997

Rob Bakker, Oosterblokker, The Netherlands.
A lovely voice and a beatiful homepage.
Also in my country we like to hear more songs from Maddy Prior.
Greetings from Oosterblokker!!!!!!!!!! and i wait to see Maddy Prior on concert in Holland.
18th October 1997

Richard.B.Cottle, Chipping Sodbury, England.
Really sorry to hear that Maddy is leaving the band, I've only ever got to see them once and that was really good. (This is because I'm only 21 and I've only just discovered the music!!) Still, my claim to fame is that she and I hit it off rather badly and she told me to "get out and go home" when I was waiting for autographs!!!! Lovely woman.
13th October 1997

Julie Gaunt, Huntingdon, United Kingdom.
I'm really sorry that Maddy is leaving Steeleye Span - I am going to the Northampton Concert on 13 October. I would like to thank her for introducing me to the music of a fantastic band, Rock, Salt and Nails who supported the last tour and are with them for the current one. I wish Maddy and Steeleye Span luck in the future and hope they will get together again some time.
7th October 1997

Randy Oftedahl, Oakland, RI, USA.
Absolutely delighted to find this website - it's excellent! And at the same time very saddened to hear of Maddy's departure - please not for long, Maddy!! I first heard Steeleye Span in St. Paul in 1973 (I think it was), and have followed their music ever since. How many hours did I and my best friend spend in our youth listening, discussing, arguing (!) about Steeleye's music...it was more than music to us - it was, it was a part of our lives. What can I say? I am so glad I had the opportunity to see Maddy and Span in Boston last year...I really really hope the chance will come again. Love to hear from Steeleye and Maddy fans. Peace and joy to all.
27th September 1997

Marc Polonsky, Berkeley, CA, USA.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful page.
Maddy Prior and Steeleye have meant so much to me and my life. If music is one of our connections to divinity, then Steeleye Span is my main pipeline to heaven and has been for over fifteen years. I am thrilled to find like-minded souls out there, to whom Maddy's work means as much as it does to me.
I am devastated by Maddy's announcement to leave Steeleye. Say it's not so, Maddy! I was blessed to catch their show in Portland, Oregon, in June...thank God I got to see them at least once in my life! I thought they were beautiful and sublime and incredibly wonderful. There were some vocals that used to be all Maddy's which were now sung in harmony with others, such as the verses to "The Fox" (sung with Peter Knight) and the beginning strident verses to "Thomas the Rhymer" (sung with Bob, Gay, and Peter). I thought the new harmonic arrangements were wonderful!
Please let it be that I (we) get to see Steeleye Span again in this lifetime. Let this be, as one other guest put it, a "temporary hiatus" rather than a permanent split. Maddy, some of us out here need Steeleye Span! (the way other people need, for example, religion. Or air and water.)
Thank you, Eduardo, for your kindness and dedication in maintaining this site. Blessings and good karma to you, dear friend.
17th September 1997

Petra A. Cosgrove, Red Bank, NJ, USA.
::cries:: This is quite sad, though in a way I'm glad that Maddy left now. Had she left a year earlier, my father and I would never have seen her in Concert with the band (yes, yes, we drove 4 1/2 hrs. from NJ to DC to see Steeleye (then later found out the night before they had been 1/2 hr. from our home.. ::soundly kicks herself::) Anyway... We were lucky enough to see them fully together... (it just won't be S.S. w/o Maddy's voice...) for the first (after 19 years of fandom on my part (when you consider that's 100% of my lifespan- it suddenly seems a tad more impressive!)) and last... (thank god we got pics with the band afterwards!!!!!)
Good luck Maddy.. Keep singing, that's all we ask.. :)
16th September 1997

Brian Pretty, Guildhall, Lichfield, UK.
Looking forward to seeing Maddy Prior at Lichfield Cathedral 14th December 1997 - tickets selling well.
Have you visited the Lichfield Homepage?
7th September 1997

Graham Fordham, Rainham, Essex, U.K.
I have followed Steeleye Span since they started. I have great respect for the band and the music they provide. Maddy is the mainstay of that music and her liveliness and the amount she puts into the perfomance will be sorely missed. I attend the performance at Walthamstow this year which was excellent and hope again to see her at the Bexhill concert in October.
7th September 1997

Douglas Henderson, New York, USA.
Maddy without Steeleye is still Maddy, but where will that leave Steeleye Span? It's ironic, I saw them with Tull here at Madison Square Garden in the 70's, at the Beacon Theater in the 80's and now at he Bottom Line in New York this past summer (when, to my intense pleasure, when I yelled out Gaudete at the end of the gig, lo and behold, Maddy nodded at my direction and that was what they played). But now, without Maddy? Well Battlefield Band and Renaissance were ok but they did not have Maddy. And now neither does Steeleye Span. So much for them.
Maddy, if you read this stuff, if you can reconsider, please do so, the band won't be the same without you and they provided another dimension to you. If not, to hell with 'em, I will continue to be a loyal fan of yours.
All the best. Ta
31th August 1997

Charles Zitnik, Erlanger, KY, USA
I have been a fan of Steeleye since the Mid 70's, what a great trip it has indeed been! I am of course saddened by the though of Maddy NOT being part of the band, but I am sure that it will not mean that it is the end of her music in many other areas. I recently saw Steeleye Span in concert in Louisville, Ky., and I honestly feel that was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Even got a chance to meet and talk with Maddy after the performance! A Steeleye fan could ask for no more!! Best wishes to her on future efforts - I hope she got my tape she requested.
Fantasic site! If it was not for the internet, I would have completely missed that concert in Louisville!
29th August 1997

Allan Smith, Margate, Tasmania, Australia
he CDs of carols and hymns are wonderful, and Harvest Home in Year is simply exquisite. I greatly enjoy Rick Kemps understated lyrics in Year.
27th August 1997

Shay Tochner, Yehud, Israel
I am very impressed!!
Please keep on with your excellent work!!
20th August 1997

Greg Proctor, Grenada, MS, USA
I've been to your page several times but never to the guest page. I am very appreciattive of your efforts. It is a great service to all of us Maddy Prior and Steeleye fans out here. Life has been very hectic the last few months and I lost track of what was going on with Steeleye. Imagine my disappointment to discover that I missed what has turned out to be my last chance at a U.S. tour. Maybe I'll drag the family on a lightening tour of Britain next Month. All I can say is that I'm very saddened to hear the Maddy is leaving the band after all the years. Guess I can understand it but it still saddens. I'm glad that she will still be singing and recording.
Keep up the good work!
18th August 1997

Andy Priestner, 15 Hodges Court, White House Road, Oxford, OX1 4NY, UK.
Well I've just travelled from heaven to hell in twenty seconds (pretty good going). First I find that this excellent page exists, then I discover that Maddy is to leave Steeleye!!! Steeleye has been a musical obsession of mine since 1992, I have since converted both my sisters and annoyed everyone I meet with their fabulous music.
I can't say I'm suprised that the tension between Maddy and Gay has finally spilled over into some sort of trouble (TM), but I did think that it would be Gay who would step aside. For me Maddy is Steeleye, she is the keystone, the core, and every other metaphor of centrality you could think of. Gay's return was a breath of fresh air but she and Maddy always looked uneasy with each other. This said I'm still in shock.
If there's anyone out there in Oxfordshire who fancies forming a Maddy/Steeleye group then please mail me at the above address...
Finally to the creator of this page - you are a star!
14th August 1997

Wolfgang Heidtmann, Hamburg, Germany.
Good work, nice site!
14th August 1997

Ian C. Thompson, Houston, Texas, USA.
I had the delight to meet maddy at the recent concert in houston texas 'having seen her solo performance about 2 years previously in town. What a wonderful lady! She gives the band i play in (encarnation) so much inspiration. I was proud to have been a member of a band that opened for steelye many years ago in bristol, england. Best of luck in the future.
12th August 1997

Margaret Keenan, Oakville, Canada.
Thank you for making this information available. I am a Maddy Prior fan but it is hard in Canada to find out information about traditional English folk music. Thank goodness for the Web!
10th August 1997

Rob Petitpas, Oakland, CA, USA.
Say it ain't so! Truly sad and disheartened to hear of Maddy leaving Steeleye. There is no Steeleye without her. Others can come and go but it just won't be Steeleye Span without Maddy's wonderful vocals.
When I saw them in June there did seem to be tension between Maddy and Gay. Although I was happy to see Gay rejoin the band, (I love MP harmonizing with another female voice) if it has led to Maddy leaving then I'd rather it was Gay who would go. Steeleye has been a favorite band for 22 years, it is heartbreaking to see its demise.
Although I enjoy Maddy solo it isn't the same...
I pray she changes her mind and it turns out to be another hiatus.
9th August 1997

Richard Ackerman, Loveland, Ohio, USA.
Ive been a fan of Steeleye Span since the 70's. I would like to chat with other fans. Ive just surfed here so no other comment about the site.
3rd August 1997

Bill Clister, Atlanta, GA, USA.
I am a fairly "new" Steeleye Span admirer and follower ... wish I had known the band in the 70's. Sorry to hear Maddy Prior is leaving but I at least had the great pleasure of enjoying her music and Gay's as well during this "last" tour.
Enjoy your page ... keep it up.
30th July 1997

Bill Jacobs, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Up until a sumemr day in 1979, I was a rather narrow-minded person when it came to music. I thought that the sun rose and set on classical music. Then, in a record store in Ann Arbor Michigan, I heard a song that captivated me. Maybe it was because the voice had the qualitites that I so treasured in the best voices that specialize in "early" music. Maybe it was the unusual arrangement. It might well have been the engaging tune, the provocative lyrics, and the infectious rhythm. It was probably all of the above and more. In any event, I quickly found out that the group was Steeleye Span and the voice belonged to, well... you know who. The song? It was "Fighting for Strangers". Like so many of your other respondants, I was happily hooked thereafter, captivated by the wonderful sound wafting from those unique vocal chords, and the inventive melding of rock and folk created by the band. I have followed Maddy's music to other forms and especially appreciate her col! laborations with The Carnival Band and June Tabor. Steeleye Span's music of is enjoyed by my entire family, including , miraculously, my eighteen years old son who normally prefers music such as Sublime. How many performers and groups can span such lines of musical genre, nationality, and generation. Thanks to them, my musical tastes have been forever and felicitously expanded so far to: bluegrass, folk, country, celtic, blues, and even klezlmer (wihile enhancing my enduring love for early music and other forms of classical music).
27th July 1997

Paul Kearns, Gilbert Grove, Ilfracombe, Devon, UK.
Great page. I've followed Steeley since the early seventies and managed to meet them twice. Nice layout and presentation. Cheers.
26th July 1997

Dennis SaBell, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Just saw Maddy's "letter of resignation" from Steeleye! Disappointment? Yes! Sadness? Yes! Maybe even despair!
Being relatively new on the Net, I found out about Steeleye's US tour (and this page) just one day before their Houston appearance. Living in Colorado, that was as close as they were going to get to me and I seriously considered abandoning my family for a forced 900 mile drive in the hopes of seeing them (and most especially Maddy). Alas, I did not succumb to that urge and will now forever regret it!
I have to say I was pleased when Gay rejoined Steeleye (because I have always enjoyed Maddy singing harmony with another female voice and because Maddy and Gay can create some real electricity when they are "on"). Steeleye seemed to be configured just right and ready for yet another "discovery and rebirth". Now I find myself asking "Why again?" Every time the sound is becoming just right, another breakup!
At least (I hope) Maddy will still be recording outside Steeleye!
I do know a few things:
1. I will probably never see Steeleye in concert...Darn, let there be a video of this last tour!!
2. I will miss Maddy in Steeleye very much!
3. I will always be in love with Maddy's voice (no matter what generation it is going through).
4. Adding Gay to Steeleye put just the right spice into the mix, I hope it didn't poison the stew as well
Whatever it is that broke the spell, I hope it will be mended someday soon. The world is a little less rich for me today!
25th July 1997

Peter Crystal / Darke de Loup, Mundaring, Australia.
Briliant page, and such a worthy subject *grins* i have had a quick look at all the Steeleye Span stuff on the web, and so far all of it has been good, but this page appeals the most to me.
20th July 1997

Krys Thomas, Birkenhead, Wirral, England.
Great to find a page for Maddy! Hope other folk out there are enjoying too (need I ask?). Hope that there'll be a tour which takes in the North-West, haven't seen Maddy since the tour after "Back In Line" but it was fun and I've got the memories.
18th July 1997

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