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J. Richard McDonough, Frederick, MD, USA.
This page is exemplary of how a page for the fan ought to be: news, the letter, tour date, etc. It is replete with information; it is attrective to look at. It invites Maddy Prior's fans to visit it again and again.
18th July 1997

Julie Gaunt, Huntingdon, Cambs., England.
Great pages - very informative.
16th July 1997

Tom Stovall, Katy, TX, USA.
I had to wait in the rain for two hours, then stand two more hours before hearing Maddy and Steeleye Span during their Houston appearance.
It was worth it!
Hell of a show, hell of a talent.
16th July 1997

Andy Malin, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.
Great site. Nice to read other peoples comments. What I was really looking for was a lyric sheet for Gaudete so that I could sing it in the bath since I can't stop the tune swimming around in my cranial cavity. :-)
12th July 1997

Dave Marchant, Luton, Beds. UK.
Excellent information and well presented. I've been a Steeleye fan for over 25 years now. Maddy's work with Carnival Band has been a favourite "diversion".
11th July 1997

Frank McCauley, Connecticut, USA.
As a fan of this group since 1973, I finally got to see them perform at the Ironhorse in Northampton, MA. My wait was more than worth it (I do own a video of a performance from a few years ago) but I hope I do not have to wait as long or one tenth as long to see them again! Two things I wish are that I could have seen them years ago in a couple of different versions, and that maybe two or three older songs (Fighting for Strangers? Come Ye Or'e Fra France? Wee Wee Man?) could have been played in their recent show. I am really glad Gay is back, and she, Maddy (in spectacular voice) and the boys wowed us all.
4th July 1997

Rick Heyniger, North Bennington, VT, USA.
I was lucky enough to catch Maddy perform with Steeleye Span, June 23rd at the Iron Horse Cafe, Northhampton,MA, the final show of their '97 USA tour. The band was road-tired nevertheless rendered a wonderful mix of old and new favorites. On break they seemed happy to share refreshment and small-talk with the fans. I left with a big smile, a fistful of new C/Ds and rediscoved enthusiasm for the music that meant so much to me 20 years ago!!
2nd July 1997

Phil Unsworth, Willetton, Western Australia.
Thank you for all the work you have done to put together this web page. I'm going to explore some more now but if you read this Maddy - Come back to Perth, Western Australia. Please don't forget to bring Steeleye with you for an open air concert. We have some wonderfull outdoor venues here. The best season is autumn with April being optimum for good weather. I have a fantasy to listen to Steeleye performing Long Lankin outdoors at sunset with a warm and gentle breeze wafting through the gum trees.
27th June 1997

John Bedford, Coventry, RI 02816, USA.
I have just about all of Maddy's solo albums, and most of Steeleye, and am a great fan. I have both videos (are there more???), and finally get to see her live-and-in-person (and boy, was she live!) last weekend at Somerville Theater in Boston (about a 90-minute ride from where I live, but more than well worth it!!
26th June 1997

Alison Warren, Hayes, Middlesex, England.
Nice to find a site which dedicates itself to one of the greatest, bands and singers England has produced.
18th June 1997

Patrick J. Seese, Lexington Park, Maryland, USA.
I am really excited, because tomarrow at this time I will be in the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virgina, watching Steeleye Span...The last time I saw the band was at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia, during the Rocket Cottage tour. I'm very thankful that they are still bringing out new music and touring. I hope she remains performing for many years to come......
17th June 1997

J. Tashjian, Worcester, MA, USA.
A very well thought out site, on one of my fav-o-rite artists.
14th June 1997

Jim Bickhart, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Nice work. Just saw Steeleye at the House of Blues in Los Angeles (yesterday, June 9, 1997), first time in more than 20 years. Maddy, Gay and the lads are definitely in fine form this tour and it's nice that you've created this communications vehicle for their fans and followers.
10th June 1997

Rachel Taylor, Staffordshire, England
I can't get enough of Maddy's voice - and what a wonderful site - thank you!
10th June 1997

Gerry Feldman, Maryland Heights, Mo, USA.
Very exciting page - Great that Maddy takes an interest and writes herself. Maddy's voice is that of an angel.
9th June 1997

Ainzley Emery, Gibraltar.
Saw her at a gig with steeleye in Aldershot a decade ago.....entranced ever since.
5th June 1997

Beverley Hogan, Nundah, Qld, Australia.
One of the guys at work got me interested in Maddy Prior - I started looking up sites on the internet for him and he gave me a couple of CD's - I have listened to it before and really like it - so he gave me some of the music for printing off some of the sites for him. The music is fantastic.
5th June 1997

Natalie Ford, Surrey, UK.
Seems like I'm not the only one who wanted to found your page as a result of wanting to find out who did the Hare song in the BBC documentary (am I the only one who heard this as a Radio programme?). Thanks for the page (very impressive) and to Rick on rec.music.celtic for helping me along.
30th May 1997

Don Rice, Blairsville, GA, USA.
I have been a Span fan since I heard Parcel of Rogues in the early Seventies. I was lucky to get tickets for the show in Atlanta. This been a dream of mine for more than twenty years. Thanks for the great music.
23rd May 1997

Chris & Terryanne Reinert, Krokstadelva, Norway
Back in 1974 ,on the way to my job at a Seattle shipyard (yes, a female shipfitter), I heard "Two Magicians". What was that?? I thought. The next day the same radio station (KZAM-FM) played it again. The day after that I bought my first album, and it's been a mad affair ever since. I'm not certain, but it might have been his obsession with Steeleye Span that caused me to fall in love with my husband, Chris, or maybe not..... I met my former singing partner, Beth Sankey, in a Norwegian dance group in Seattle, and gave her a ride home one night. On the way I told her I was going to play something wonderful, and pushed in a Steeleye Span cassette, and began singing along. Amazingly enough, she began singing harmonies (she'd heard it before), and both a friendship and duo were formed.
14th May 1997

Tim Watkin, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK.
..and now I can die contented!!!
After having followed Maddy and Steeleye since early days, seen them all over the UK whenever possible, collected CD's etc, (autographed too), I saw here on her 'Friends' tour this May in Worcester, hung around afterwards and gave her alift (and friends) back to her hotel receiving a Kiss for my troubles!!!! (only from her, not the guys!!!)
How do you do this,? simple, go to concert, enjoy it, park car behind their van/cars and wait....wait......wait....wait.. then when they appear, switch on red bar light on top of American Chevrolet car, open door to show 'California Highway Patrol' markings and invite three tipsy people a seat... next, with Maddy in passenger seat, and 'Bad Boys' playing on stereo, drive through town to Hotel with van and other car following!!! receive beaming smile, kiss on cheek and drive away grinning from ear-to-ear!!! oh yes, you have to be slightly crazy to be driving around the UK in an American police car in the first place!
Good page, will visit again!! Farewell from Coventry, UK.
9th May 1997

Christine Daae, Herts, UK.
I'm a recent "fan": I've known Steeleye Span's music since I was about 6 as my family always played it on long car journeys, but it's only over the last year that I've become very interested in fairy and folk tales, then started digging through our old records, then finding I had to go and get them on CD, etc...
I wish I'd found this page a month ago, in time to see a concert or two! The design and content are absolutely excellent, thank you.
9th May 1997

Rob Petitpas, Oakland, CA, USA.
Well my wishes, it seems, will come true. Steeleye Span is finally coming to California. Unfortunately there are no dates set for the San Francisco Bay Area - it looks like I will have to go to Los Angeles to see them. I've asked my brother who lives there to get me tickets. I am so happy! Now if I could only find the Rick Kemp album...
Thanks for these pages.
2nd May 1997

Debra Savelle, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Maddy's voice sends me soaring! It really does not matter what she sings. Please keep me informed of US tour; we would love to have her in Eugene, but anywhere in the Pacific Northwest will do.
2nd May 1997

Geoff & Christine Porter, Snodland, Kent, England
We have been aware of Steeleye Span since Gaudete was released, and have been following Maddy and the Span since 1975. Our first album purchase was (obviously?) All Around My Hat, and we have attempted to find and purchase all the rest ever since, mainly purchasing the current one at the concerts we attend.
May we take the time here to register our thanks for the pleasure that Maddy and her family, friends and guests have given us over the years. We love you and your music Maddy, please stay 'on the road' as long as you can.
1st May 1997

Dennis Fitzgerald, Southbury, CT, USA.
Of course Maddy Prior is a wonderful singer, and a major factor is folk-song interpretation, but I want to comment on the design and content of your WEB page. It is excellent! I am not a world-class surfer or anything, but I get around. The layout and color are great. Congratulations and thank you.
27th April 1997

Seamus Baynes, Bray, Ireland
Delighted to find a website dedicated to what I have, for 25 years, considered to be the most exquisite female voice in the world! Someone else in your Guestbook has referred to Maddy's voice as 'mystical', and I would wholeheartedly agree! I attended all the Steeleye concerts in Dublin in the 1970's, and they were memorable experiences for me.
I am thrilled that you have now provided this means for Maddy's many fans to keep in touch.
25th April 1997

David Pytlik, Praha 10, Malesice, 108 00, Czech Republic
I know Steeleye Span and Maddy Prior since cca 1985 (from some bad recorded tapes) and since cca 1988 I am "unconditional enthusiast". Since 1993 I can buy some Steeleye Span on CD in Czech Republic, so now I have 13 Steeleye Span's CD. I speak for some Steeleye Span or solo Maddy Prior concert in Prague, Czech Republic, if it is only rather possible. (If I know, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull was very glad at Prague public when he played in Prague).
I get this Internet adress from Reinhard Zierke from Hamburg (where is written: MADDY PRIOR PAGE - NOTE: IT'S FANTASTIC! GO FOR IT!) - I think that it is true - very interesting informations.
David Pytlik, (26), student of Czech Technical University
23rd April 1997

Tony Myers, Seattle, Wa.,USA.
Sitting here in my office on a rainy late Spring evening, I came across Maddy's pages... What a wonderful surprise!
I have enjoyed Steeleye Span and Maddy's vocals for as long as I can remember - their music has travelled with me through my life. Years ago I had the opportunity to be in London visiting family, and Maddy was performing at a theater across from Victoria Station. Of course tickets were purchased and a long time wish came true, to experience her incedible music live. After the performance was over, Maddy lingered and I had an opportunity to meet her. An evening I will never forget.
It would be great to have Steeleye Span pay a visit to this part of the world - the Pacific Northwest.
Keep the music coming, and thanks for some wonderful musical memories.
23rd April 1997

Dag Engebretsen, Oslo, Norway.
Most impressive!
20th April 1997

Andrew J. Fal, New Britain, Connecticut, USA.
You have an excellent web page to one of my great idols. Maddy Prior is wonderful. May she have good health and long life. Sto lat (100 years) as we say in Polish. I discovered her music at the local public library and then went out and bought every CD I could find. I've listened to Maddy since 1990 and some of my best hiking experiences were with her albums.
Thanks for this site. Obrigado.
18th April 1997

Laura Church, Seattle Wa, USA.
I would love to know ANY AND ALL dates maddy will be playing ANWHERE in the USA...she is my saviour in music. Her music takes me away to a place of contentment.
13th April 1997

Richard L. Miller & Rachael K. Kasper, Colorado Springs, Co, USA.
I first saw Steeleye Span at a concert at Southeastern Massachusetts University so many years ago. I have since collected as many albums as I could find and replaced them as they appeared with CD's. I have shared their music with friends and family. My handfasted has become a devoted listener, her favorite being "The Black Freighter". I am delighted to find the group is still together and look forward to any new information I can find.
We remain devoted listeners and thank you for your work.
8th April 1997

Antonio Carlos Carneiro, Petropolis, RJ, Brasil.
Estou sempre visitando a tua página e ela está cada vez melhor.
Continuo adorando a nossa Maddy. Há duas semanas tivemos um show da Annie Haslam aqui em Petrópolis (por incrivel que pareça) e fiquei pensando se, um dia, terei o prazer de assistir um da Maddy Prior.
Parabéns, mais uma vez, pela página.
8th April 1997

Ben Gordon Berley, Mesa, Arizona, USA.
I first saw your site on a friend's computer before Christmas. It was still under construction but I was able to download a copy of your discography.
This site made me realize I could no longer put off going on the Web, so here I am at last, just connected today. I have been waiting over a quarter of a century to see Maddy and Steeleye Span in concert, and i fully intend to make every effort to do just that on their up-coming American tour.
This site is truly full of wonder! Thank you.
2nd April 1997

Bob Juch, "On the road", USA.
You have an absolutely beautiful Web site!
I've been a fan of Maddy's since 1970. I've just replaced all my records and tapes with CDs.
28th March 1997

Bob Adamson, Hong Kong.
Nice site.
I saw Maddy & Steeleye in Hong Kong last September & it took twenty years off me. Great show.
Next time they come out here I hope my daughter (Maddy) will be old enough to appreciate it all.
27th March 1997

John Birch, Letchworth, Herts., England
Just seen Steeleye at Stevenage this evening. Pretty good (although I reckon that they were at their best with Rick Kemp in tow about 10 years back). Gay is settling in much better that when we last saw they 2-3 years ago. Maddy as good as ever - but seems to be putting on a bit of weight (that or a VERY unflattering costume)!
My greatest wish - to see "Year" done live!
23rd March 1997

David Eric Shur, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.
I first discovered the group and Maddy when I found "Below the Salt" in 1972. I used to be a full-time musician, and used "Orfeo" as a try-out song for female vocalists!
Thanks for the great site, particularly for the lyrics! Good work!
15th March 1997

Alan McGregor, Clydebank, Scotland.
Absolutely Fabulous!
13th March 1997

Jan Dees, USA.
I can't believe this. I have been wondering all these years if the woman with the wonderful voice was still singing.I just got a double CD and a tape of Below the Salt for the car. Does anyone still sing Gaudete? That song was burned into my soul 20 years ago!!!.
13th March 1997

Kim Robertson, Seattle, WA, USA.
Since living in England in the 70's for school have loved the whole folk scene. I was lucky enough to see Steeleye Span do all around my Hat from that point on I've followed Maddy through all her album's and I was elated to find this site today. I will visit often.
12th March 1997

Rich Westerman, St. Anne, Illinois, USA.
My thanks to you, Eduardo, for your loving and respectful treatment of Maddy's musical life. I'm a fan of all music, as long as it comes from the heart. The TIME album is a wonderful treat after a few disappointing albums. My first exposure to Maddy was the PLEASE TO SEE THE KING album and I've been with her/them ever since.
BTW, Eduardo, do you have any recommendations of good Fado sites? (for those wondering, Fado is a native Portuguese musical form that definitely comes from the heart!)
Thank you again.
8th March 1997

Dick Greenhaus, Greenwich, CT, USA.
A most attractive and informative site. Good work!.
5th March 1997

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