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Laurie Brunner, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, Australia.
I really enjoyed visiting this site! I'm a big fan of Maddy and of Steeleye. I love the fact that you have all those lyrics online. Wherever did you get all those? There are so many songs that I have trouble making out, and I'm a native English speaker. However you did it, well done.
28th February 1997

Kim Hollingshead, Canterbury, UK.
More pictures would be great. Could we have her lists of engagements, updated regularly?
27th February 1997

Brenda Holloway, Monterey, California, USA.
I've loved Maddy's voice and music for years and am wonderfully surprised and pleased to find this site! Thanks!
26th February 1997

Pete Wheeler, Fernwood Drive, Charlotte, NC, USA.
A worthy tribute to a lady who has given us some of the world's most wonderful music. I wasn't aware of the amount of music that she had done since Steeleye Span. My next visit will probably be to CD-Universe.
Thanks again. This is a beautiful site. I will have to come back and try to see all of it later.
25th February 1997

Jim Brown, Lowestoft, Suffolk UK.
Maddy's mystical voice has held me spellbound for years!... As singer, the words that you include in the discography are invaluable - please keep up the good work. I shall make a point of re-visiting the site.
20th February 1997

Nicole Murray Darvall.
Really beautiful web page, a pleasure to look at and fittingfor Maddy. Thanks for the inspiration.
13th February 1997

J. Molloy, Newmarket, Suffolk, UK.
Thanks for the effort of doing the site. As a Steeleye - Span lover of the 1970's its much appreciated.
4th February 1997

Caitlin Bestler, Lisle, IL., USA.
One of the more complete and well layed out sites for a musician that I've seen.
18th January 1997

Dave Dando, Maidenhead, Berks., UK.
Been a Steeleye fan since early 70s, but lost touch in 80s. Hopefully internet facilities like your site will ensure that doesn't happen again.
Thanks. Keep up the good work. As much news as possible please.
16th January 1997

Rob Petitpas, Oakland, CA, USA.
Thanks for the terrific site. I've been a Span fan since the seventies, but only saw them once in California during the Rocket Cottage tour. I've seen Maddy Prior twice on her solo turns. She is such an incredible singer. It's great to read the comments by other fans too. Here's hoping the entire group will come to the U.S. West Coast...
16th January 1997

Brenda Whelply, Houston, Texas, USA.
Saw the TV documentary for which Maddy wrote "The Fabled Hare" on our PBS station last weekend - reminded me of my mis-spent youth when I whiled away many enjoyable hours immersed in Celtic folk music. It prompted me to use the internet to see what I've been missing since I entered 'forced adulthood'.
Thanks so much for helping me catch up, Eduardo! Now I need to replace my LPs with CDs!
14th January 1997

Imri Nagari, Lares, Givataim, Israel.
Thank you for a wonderful work!! Well done!! Maddy Prior is indeed God's gift to the world of music and to the world period. It makes me so glad to see that I am not alone in my oppinion.
Keep up the good work!!!.
10th January 1997

Bruce Koran, 3518 Morning Tide Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL, USA.
This is a terrific looking web site. I've been a big fan of Steeleye in general and Maddy in particular since the early 70's. As far as I know they have never sung in the southern U.S. at least not anywhere near Pensacola, Florida, but with yours and other web sites I can now get tour information.
Keep up the very good work.
10th January 1997

Josh Blinder, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.
Great website for a phenomenal performer. Maddy Prior is someone whose artistry just keeps growing and we're all the better for it.
31 December 1996

Bruce Holman, Calgary, Canada.
Great site, especially for those just getting to know Maddy Prior and her music. Keep up the good work, Eduardo!"
25 December 1996

Phil Westmoreland, Castro Valley, CA, USA.
From the first time I heard Steeleye Span and Maddy Prior in the mid-1970's, I have been a fan ever since. While working on a project in London, I just had to scrap work to see them on the Tempted and Tried concert. After that I spent alot of time scrounging through music stores in Southern England picking up every recording I could find.
Now I am glad there are Web Pages from other enthusiasts.
21 December 1996

John Crute, Portsmouth, Virginia USA.
I have been a fan since I saw Steeleye Span live in Philadelphia in the 70's. We need more Maddy now in the 90's.
17 December 1996

Carlos Cesar Nishimiya, São Paulo, SP, Brazil .
Excellent work!
I've been a folk rock fan for years and Steeleye Span always were my favourite band. I'm glad to say there are many fans of Maddy and Steeleye Span in Brazil. By the way I would like to ask one question: I've got two editions of "Now We Are Six", an american and a british CD. They are very different; the american one has several edited songs. What happened? Can anybody tell me? I would like to suggest you include track listings to the albums.
Anyway, keep on the wonderful work!
12 December 1996

Anthony H. J. Wighton, Battersea, London, England.
I have been a Maddy Prior fan since about 1973, and I would say that it was her music that introduced me to folk music. Before that I used to listen to music of all kinds, but didn't really go mad over anything in particular. But, once I heard Maddy or to be more precise Steeleye Span. I was hooked. In those early years I would go to one concert whenever they came to London to play, however in the last few years, half the fun has been in following them around the country to as many gigs as I can afford, on average it works out at around ten per tour! Some people say I must be mad, or they say "But it must get boring, if they play the same thing each time!" To which there is only one answer. You don't buy a CD and play it only once then throw it away! And the CD IS THE SAME each time you play it, whereas each gig has its subtle differences. I mean Peter Knight is always adding his own little touches. Also it is a way of seeing parts of the country I would never think of visiting, I mean,I had never heard of 'Macklesfield' till I saw Steeleye Span there! So all in all I think it is fair to say that I am a fan!
11 December 1996

Peter York, Coventry, England.
An Excellent Page, Well done.... this is just what the 'net should be providing :-))
10 December 1996

Tuomas Takala, Borgensvingen, Kvaløysletta, Norge.
I have been looking for this for TWO years. I heard Maddy singing the "Fabled Hare" in BBC documentary. Those songs really moved me. REALLY! But I was almost certain that it would be impossible to find it on CD. But now I have found what to look for! Thanks to you! Thanksthanksthanks!!!!
If there was more this informative pages in the net, this world would be a lot better place.
10 December 1996

Nick Bradey, Darlington, Co. Durham, UK.
Excellent site. Any details about forthcoming releases, including other members of Steeleye Span- eg Peter Knight. His "Ancient Cause " CD of 1991 is excellent.
8 December 1996

Ken Genetti, Cazadero, Ca, USA.
It is amazing that just this year websites for Steeleye Span and Maddy are springing up. This is a perfect use for the web, since Steeleye are somehwat obscure - but there are many of us fans around the world, and we all need to be in touch. This site is brilliant, and will only further general interest in Maddy and her music. We are absolutely enthusiastic Steeleye Span/Maddy fans - and we've thought about putting up a large Steeleye site many times - maybe someday. Until then, Thanks Eduardo!!
6 December 1996

Luc Arnould, Namur, Belgium.
Je connais Maddy Prior et Steeleye Span depuis 20 ans. J'ai vu 3 concerts, et j'espère qu'un jour, un nouveau concert...!?
This web site is very attractive, well designed, excellent.
30th November 1996

David Milburn, Wrexham, Wales.
Having been a fan of Maddy and Steeleye since 1973 it's fantastic to see that someone has taken the effort to produce these excellent pages.
29th November 1996

Ken Hill, Derry, NH, USA.
I've long enjoyed Maddy's music, both solo and with Steeleye Span, and I was delighted to learn about the web page. It was well-done visually and very informative.
28th November 1996

Timothy Rogers, Milford, CT, USA.
Excellent Website; Clean looking, easy to navigate, and with frames no less! Cool. Great way to embellish one's knowledge regarding the artist, especially with respect to "historical" British folk origins.
27th November 1996

Fleur Lester, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Maddy is a Living Treasure. She, along with June Tabor & Sandy Denny, has ensured that women have a voice in the folk/rock revival.
24th November 1996

Ruben Valle Santos, Setúbal, Portugal.
Página de muito bom gosto. Parabéns. Continue.
(Excellent site. Congratulations. Keep it going.)
18th November 1996

Antonio Carlos Carneiro Gomes, Petropolis, RJ, Brasil.
Fiquei feliz em saber que em Portugal tem alguém que, como eu, adora a Maddy Prior. Grande página, Eduardo.
(I am happy for knowing someone in Portugal loves Maddy Prior like I do. Great page, Eduardo.)
18th November 1996

Mark Swann, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, England
Excellent site, thanks. Maddy and Steeleye have given years of entertainment.
17th November 1996

Ricardo Hartmann, Lisboa, Portugal.
Uma magnífica surpresa, uma vez que a Maddy Prior quase não tem divulgação em Portugal. Parabéns Eduardo!
(What a surprise, since Maddy Prior has not been revealed in Portugal. Congratulations, Eduardo!)
17th November 1996

Jan Wunderink, Holland.
Great, what a woman, what a singer!
15th November 1996

Roberto Adler, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Very good !
Muito bom ! Sempre procurava alguma informação sobre a Maddy Prior mas não achava nada decente.
Parabéns !
13th November 1996

Paul O'Donnell, Lismore Heights, Australia.
At a Steeleye concert in Tweed Heads, NSW 1986 the PA broke so Maddy walked into the audience, sat next to me and sang Spotted Cow to me - the most magical moment I have ever had at a concert.
13th November 1996

Helene L. Korolenko (Concert Presenter), Westport, MA, USA.
Great looking web page: professional, eyecatching and informative.
12th November 1996

Vernon Webster and Carole Coulson, Wood. Grove, Harrogate, UK.
Lovely looking site.Thank you: Your voice gives us so much pleasure.We hope you will colaberate more with the Carnival Band. Looking forward to Christmas when we shall be listening to you singing carols.
12th November 1996

Peter Brinton, Truro, Cornwall, UK.
Lovely to see the page.Thought of Maddy and Steeleye bring back so many happy memories. I first saw them in 1971.
11th November 1996

Mick Froggatt, Chesterfield, UK.
Keep up the good work.
11th November 1996

Gary Taylor, Lawrence, KS, USA.
This page is a real joy for any Maddy Prior/Steeleye Span enthusiast. This is a well contructed page.
11th November 1996

Harold Atkinson, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Happy to see this. Keep it going.
10th November 1996

Charles Gilbert, Derby, UK.
Good to see a Maddy Home page at last. Keep up the good work
8th November 1996

Arlene Magid, Louisville, KY , USA.
Excellent page design, good info though I wish some additional original material unique to this site could have been included. I think your links list is thorough and wonderful. I am a total fan of Britfolk and folk rock, so I will be bookmarking this site for frequent referral. We need more sites like this on the net for fans of this music.
Your work is definitely appreciated!.
7th November 1996

Chris Boros, Kent, Ohio, USA.
I'm so glad someone took the time to create a Maddy Prior web site. In my opinion, she is the greatest female singer in all of folk music. Steeleye Span is the reason that I'm now a folkie. Thanks.
4th November 1996

Jeff Levering, San Diego, California, USA.
Big Steeleye Span fan - my NT computer at work is called Steeleye, the techs (of course?) don't know the relationship. Do you folks ever make it to Southern California?.
4th November 1996

Mick Froggatt, Chesterfield, United Kingdom.
Interesting and informative. I've seen Steeleye three (about to be four) times in the past couple of years and they get better each time.
4th November 1996

Darko Mikulec, Zagreb, Croatia.
This is a wonderful gift to all fans of, without a doubt, living legend and a queen of folk-rock.
3rd November 1996

Claus Kamp, Hedehusene, Denmark.
Very nice.
3rd November 1996

Tony Quinn, United Kingdom.
Great stuff.
3rd November 1996

Pedro Sena, Vancouver, WA, USA.
Nice page work... trabalho muito bonito...
2nd November 1996

Willem Doornkamp, The Netherlands.
I really enjoyed exploring your site! I've seen Maddy & Steeleye live in 1976 and I was highly impressed. I really enjoy Maddy's voice. In my opinion, she is one of Britain's very finest singers. Keep up the good work.
2nd November 1996

Peter Cassidy, NOYB, Ireland.
An excellent website for all the Maddy/Steeleye fans. Well done!!
1st November 1996

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