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William Thomas Atkin, Grenoside, Sheffield, England.
Maddy Prior is undoubtedly the greatest female folk singer in the world. She has the voice of an angel. Long may she continue to sing.
April 28, 2001

Tracy and Stan Roberts, Dawlish, Devon, England.
Last night,we saw Maddy,Nick and Troy at Street in Somerset. Excellent show. The new Arthur the King CD is great.
We like the web site and we shall visit again.
April 26, 2001

Chris Lines, Duebendorf, Switzerland.
This MBE thing was kept quiet - I just found out thru an email, as have others. Well, congratulations Maddy! It's not always easy to get to concerts - kids, school, etc - but we made it to Salisbury last year for the Carnival Band concert. Earlier in the year I was able to get to Nettlebed (thank you again, Peter!) - you can't help feeling good after these shows. The quality in every area gives you hope for the future, that there are people who care enough to work hard to produce something, sadly so transient, in the case of live shows.
Thanks Maddy - and all Friends - for 30 years of pleasure.
April 25, 2001

Nigel Howells, Kenn, Exeter, Devon, England.
Just been to see Maddy Prior and Friends on their 2001 visit to Paignton, Devon. (24/4/01). Brilliant night, Maddy in fine voice and her Friends just excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and a very good new album!
April 24, 2001

Gary Kanes, Ashley Shropshire, England.
A briliant site for a brilliant singer! Need I say more?
April 14, 2001

Laura Hart, Michigan, USA.
Just returned from an amazing visit to Cumbria, England, and Scotland. Had the amazing opportunity to see Maddy in concert in Beverly, Yorkshire, England. Honestly I didn't even know what she was doing with herself - just saw the poster for a past concert in Biggar, England. What a stupendous experience to end my visit with! She is so unassuming and down-to-earth as a person and yet ethereal and haunting as a performer! Love her new King Arthur cd!
April 11, 2001

Kevin Belson, Wellingborough, Northants, England.
Looking forward to the concert in Wellingborough in April.
April 1, 2001

Margaret and Don Lake., Greatham, Hartlepool, England.
When we stated very aquainted unfortunatly this is only through collecting steeleye albums only having been to one live concert at Middlesbrough some years back. This web site will have pride of place on our list of favourites.
March 20, 2001

Peter Dreghorn, Elvanfoot, Scotland.
Maddy Prior's coming to Biggar ! Her only Scottish Gig
Tuesday 3rd April. Tickets 10. Tel 01899221188
March 18, 2001

Conrad Fiederer, ??, USA.
Maddy is someone who could literally sing an instruction manual and make it sound great! I felt very fortunate several years ago to see her in concert in Seattle, having assumed she'd never tour here.
Her albums with Steeleye Span & June Tabor are an important part of my broad musical collection. I can't say how pleased I was that these important recordings were made available on CD's
February 12, 2001

Arjen Labee, Utrecht, Netherlands.
25 years after I bought All around my hat as one of my first singles I heard Ballads and Candles last month in a small store in Utrecht, Holland. A great reunion!
February 12, 2001

Lova Michelle, Sarasota, FL, USA.
Hello! I was turned onto Steeleye Span a few years ago and lately my love of them and Maddy Prior has grown. I would give anything to see her live but it is not so easy for me to get to Europe. I had a dream the other night about having a conversation with Maddie and the following night my own band had the biggest performance we have had yet. I have been playing music for years and somehow, that dream gave me hope that all of our hard work was going to take us somewhere. I would love to send her a C.D. of my band "chime". Through the years she has given me the inspiration to pursue my dreams and I would like to share with her what we are doing. Is there any way to get a package to her? Thank you Maddie for all of the inspiration...and thank you for creating this site for us to enjoy!
February 7, 2001

Alistair Wallace,Grays,Essex,England.
I didn't believe I'd find an M.P.site on the Net! As a long time fan (circa 1972),it's wonderful to find it. We'll now log off and play some of our old L.P.'s plus "Easter" which we haven't seen mentioned here.
February 2, 2001

John Lewis Tyler, Atlanta,USA
Long live ye Maddy, and Steeleye Span! Been listening to "Time" which you autographed at variety playhouse.
January 11, 2001

Paul Baxter, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs, England
I would like to congratulate Maddy on recieving the M.B.E. in the new years honours list, for her 35 years service to folk music.This honour is as far as I am concerned, well deserved and long overdue. I have been a follower of Maddy`s and Steeleye`s music since the early 70`s. I have just bought Maddy`s new album Ballads and Candles,i have just finished listening to it and i think it is a really excellint album.Keep up the good work, see you on this years tour.
January 7, 2001

George Dymond, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA.
October 2, 2000

Geoff Nelson, Whittier, CA, USA.
Thanks your for doing this work. She is worth it all.
September 27, 2000

Paul Kirkman, St. Helens, UK.
Hi Maddy, just had the pleasure of seeing you at the Citedal Arts Centre here in St Helens. You and your two musicians did a brilliant job, please come back soon. All the best, take care, from kirky and ratus.
September 22, 2000

Andrew, Metairie, Louisiana, USA.
I just picked up Ravenchild. I thought it was going to be hard to surpass Flesh+ Blood. Maddy you did it. Keep recording and I will keep listening . A fan for a long long time
September 21, 2000

Jerome Stewart, London, UK.
I have heard a version of "Bushes & Briars" sung by Maddy. Which album does this feature on? I've been looking for 8 years and have had no luck yet.
Please, someone, help me!
September 19, 2000

Wayne A. Derby,...
Very nice page. Well put together. I guess the best way to put is your page about Maddy is just about as informative as She is unmatched as a vocalist.
September 9, 2000

Carlos Viola Silva, Edf Lei Mau, Taipa, Macau.
Nice webpage about our Maddy. She deserves it. What was she doing in Gouveia in August 2000? She was playing? I was so sad I couldn't see her since I didn't know. I was in Portugal in that time! When will she go to Portugal again? She has a lot of devotees there ( and everywhere! ).
September 7, 2000

Michael Southern-Maclaine, Sampford C. Station, Okehampton, Devonshire, UK.
Very, very nice site., but updating a wee bit behind the clock? Maddy . . . you are still The Best. Keep on keeping on girl !
September 1, 2000

Rima, Mamaroneck, New York, USA.
I have been an "unconditional enthusiast" for more years than I care to think about.
September 1, 2000

Keith Yount, Jacksonville, Fla., U.S.A..
As an old time Steeleye Span Fan, from the Very Early days of the band, and a fan of Maddy's for years, I always look with interest when there is a new Maddy Prior CD. I also collect June Tabor, the Silly Sisters CD's are still a part of my collection. Being a fan of Celtic Music for many years, I am always interested in finding good music. I enjoyed the Newest CD "Ravenchild" and look forward to hearing it many times as I have the older CD's in my collection. Keep up the Good Work Maddy. It is very much appreciated.
August 28, 2000

Peter Duinker, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada.
Can't wait to hear of Maddy's next Canada (or near-Canada in the USA) tour!
August 28, 2000

Kate Bristow, Wilmington, DE, USA.
For years I heard songs of Maddy's and of Steeleye on our local, public radio station, but for whatever reason I never really payed attention to them until 2 years ago when a friend played the 2 disc compilation Spanning the Years for me. Now, half the CDs I own are by Steeleye Span or Maddy Prior as a solo artist. I am one their biggest fans!
August 24, 2000

Mary Anderson Krupa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 USA.
I am delighted to have found this site, as I have been a fan since 1972, when I heard Steeleye Span for the first time. Her records are difficult to come by and your site has allowed me to see what I still lack in my collection. Thank you, it's a wonderful opportunity.
August 15, 2000

Laura Lewis Shirley, Biggar ML12 6DA, UK.
I'm trying to find a copy of Nursery Rhyme & childrens song tape made by Maddy and Rick back in the 70s. Ours is well-loved and rather worn! Anyone know where I can find one?
August 12, 2000

Tim Morrison, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Very informative.
You might like to know that Eye of Wendor and Flash Fearless are currently available on CD (RPM 105 and RPM 147). I obtained them from CeeDee Mail (in the UK) 113115.115@compuserve.com
August 9, 2000

Andreas Almqvist, Falun, Sweden.
Maddy is the best female singer in the world,just listen to... Cam Ye Or Frae France, she is just excellent!!!!!
August 7, 2000

Marsha L. Semon, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
I have loved Maddy's music for years.
August 2, 2000

Martin, Bucks, UK.
Nice site. Very informative. I'm now catching up on thirty years of Maddy Missing!!
July 30, 2000

Chris Bowden, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.
Hi, Saw Steeleye Span at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 18 August 1975. Been a fan ever since - love Raven Child - Cheers
July 29, 2000

Tim Prevett, Crewe, Cheshire, England (www.eklektik.co.uk).
Recently discovered Maddy Prior, when listening to "Summer Solstice" - wonderful music which I could listen to forever.
July 28, 2000

Ian Dowland, Southampton, SO16 8FQ, England.
It is very nice for me that I have found Maddy and her music after such a long absence on my part.
After going through the website I shall have to go out now and buy some of her CD's and catch up with things. I hope that now that I have found you that you might be doing some more live concerts, then I shall be able to come along to see/you for the first time.
July 27, 2000

Neil and Angela Smith, Leyland, Lancs PR5 3SP England.
Brilliant didn't know about it Thanks to Maddy for speaking to us at every how we o to and the photo's and autographs its much appreciated.
July 27, 2000

John Randone, Bethpage, NY, USA.
Glad to find this site! Haven't had time to go through it yet, but I will soon! Maybe she'll be touring in the US?
July 7, 2000

Kaeri, ..., Australia
This is a fantastic site. Maddy Prior is a wonderful lady and i feel deserves more tribute pages on the www.
Congrats :):)
July 5, 2000

Alan Scott, Melbourne, Australia.
Loved the recent show in Melbourne. Thanks Maddy, Nick & Troy for a wonderful evening. Maddy's voice was powerful, clear, dramatic and perfectly in tune! Please come back again.
July 4, 2000

Kenneth Ray, Pasadena, California, USA.
Acquainted w/ Maddy's music since I got my first Steeleye Span album (vinyl!), also Silly Sisters. Didn't one or more of them record on Shannachie (sp?) Records? Been trying to find their website. Websearches unfruitful so far. Do you have a link to them?
June 30, 2000

Aaron Jelbart, Preston, Victoria, Australia.
Fantastic site. Keep up the good work!
June 21, 2000

Phillip M. Cawthorne, St. Albans, Herts, England.
This site is a worthy tribute to the foremost lady of folk music; I can think of no other female performer who has made such a valuable and varied contribution to music. Her concerts are a real blast, something new every time!! Long live Maddy, Queen of Folk.
June 19, 2000

Jonathan S.K. Wong, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong.
It's great to see Maddy again played live in Hong Kong (June 11, 2000, Hong Kong Arts Center). It's just wonderful. I was fortunate enough to meet her backstage and talk with her. That really made my day!
June 16, 2000

Nancy-Cassandra Kenfield, USA.
I was privilaged to meet Maddy P when she performed in Denver a couple of years ago. At the time, I was buyer for the International music dept of Tower Records there (now I am at the new Nashville "Tower") It was such a delightful evening of music, followed by Maddy just "hanging out" until all hours talking to people and appearing to have a great time doing it! I was able to get her personal "imprimatur" on my view that her music belonged in the Celtic section of the "world" dept! I got a big kick out of walking into the "folk" section (where her stuff was being bypassed a LOT) and moving her into "my" dept (where sales immediately picked up and where I could play her stuff on the sound system!) with the comment "I asked the artist and this is where SHE wants her work!" Neat lady, great
June 3, 2000

Christine Savidge, West Bridgford, Notts., UK.
Hello threre!
I am trying to find one of Maddy's CD's called 'Year'. Is it possible to still buy this as I think it's from 1993. I would appreciate if anyone can let me know as I would love to get hold of it. I live in the Nottingham area, UK.
May 31, 2000

Charles Papper, Central, Hong Kong.
I found this website very useful indeed. I have been a fan of Maddy Prior (with and without Steeleye) for many years, and I am a committee member of the Hong Kong Folk Society, for whom Maddy and Friends are to perform on 11 June 2000. This site was a valuable source of background information for our publicity for that event.
May 21, 2000

Nicole Keys, Maraylya, Australia.
I first heard of Maddy Prior when looking at the Ticketek updates of music around Sydney. Not recognizing the name instinct sent me looking for the music. Hearing the samples you have provided has sent me looking for a CD. And hopefully, to Katoomba in June. I respect the setup of your web page. It has allowed me to read what I want. Thankyou and I will visit again. Nik.
May 18, 2000

Karen Murtaugh, Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA.
How wonderful to find a web site for Matty Prior and her music. She has long been a favorite(with and without Steeleye). Wish her music, and touring dates were more frequent here in US.
May 8, 2000

Ørnulf Akselsen, Laksevåg, Begen, Norway.
Very nice WebSite, indeed.
A worthy tribute to the most important woman in folkmusic!
Keep on keepin' on!
May 3, 2000

Marie, West Ryde, Australia.
This is a great website - I am new to the Internet and I am delighted to find out that Maddy is coming to Sydney - I'll be there!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all the information and the lovely photographs its nice to see that she is as lovely as ever-her voice is my link to England where I was born. Thankyou.
April 28, 2000

Richard Clark, Scorton Lodge, Scorton, Richmond, North Yorkshire, England.
Would it be possible to run a joint/overlapping forum to include Rick's work at times? Would it be possible to include more biography?
April 24, 2000

Paul Presbury, Roleystone. Western Australia.
Hello, We met once in Perth. I am a friend of Bill & Linda Beresford. I am a great admirer of yours. I sing myself but have moved from the Folk scene to our local theatre. I know about your solo albums and your work with Steeleye Span but I am most in love with your albums with the Carnival Band. I have four. Are there more?
April 24, 2000

Paul Presbury, Roleystone. Western Australia.
Hello, We met once in Perth. I am a friend of Bill & Linda Beresford. I am a great admirer of yours. I sing myself but have moved from the Folk scene to our local theatre. I know about your solo albums and your work with Steeleye Span but I am most in love with your albums with the Carnival Band. I have four. Are there more ?
April 24, 2000

Rachel Saunders, Aberdeen, Scotland.
I grew up on Steeleye Span, at four years old their songs were all that came out of my mouth.
Now I have children of my own and they listen to my albums as well.
Brilliant music for all ages that will last the test of time!
March 15, 2000

Bill O'Sullivan, East Sussex, England.
Great pages and a lot of help!
March 13, 2000

Jerome Stewart, London, UK.
I have heard a portion of Maddy Prior singing the old folk song "Bushes & Briars" - sample on a record by DJ seduction called "Sub Dub" on Impact Records.
I want to know which album the original Maddy Prior song is on. I have looked at the track listings of many of the Steeleye Span, Maddy Prior recordings, but have had no luck.
Please help me to find it. Thanks.
March 13, 2000

Laura Lewis Shirley, Biggar, UK.
As along time fan, 1970s folkie, but a little out of touch these days due to the pressures of work etc I'm pleased to have found the site (through Ask Jeeves). Great to have ready access to history and tours list. Hope to catch up with a performance in the not too distant future.
March 4, 2000

Marcel Safier, Brisbane, Australia.
The Australian tour is finally on! Eduardo has kindly posted the tour dates I sent him on the site. Now all we need is for everyone to make this tour a success - bring a friend or three! Kiwi fans might like to jet on over. I will be putting on the Brisbane show and I am also taking care of the net side of the promotion for the tour. Cheers!
February 25, 2000

John D. Powers, Atlanta, GA, USA.
In, I believe it was 1995 (?), Maddy stopped in Atlanta, GA, and I only found out about it the day of the show. At the time, I had no personal transport, and after beating my head against the telephone for four hours trying to get someone else to go along (and drive), I gave up, and with tears in my eyes, I headed home. :( At least, I still have the recordings....
February 12, 2000

Gill Fildes, Clydach, Swansea, United Kingdom.
Delighted to discover that there is such a useful guide to Maddy's activites. I've spent years trying to locate information on what she's up to, often missing out on tour dates because I didn't know about them in time. I'll be a frequent visitor to these pages from now on.
February 9, 2000

Les Finch, Neudorf - Nelson, New Zealand.
Greeetings from a die hard Maddy follower here in New Zealand. Managed to see Steeleye some 26 years ago in Sydney, Australia. Still as captivated by them now as I was back then. Where did the years go?
I've just purchased Ravenchild for my good friend Ian's 50th Birthday, another loyal Steeleye fan's. Ian is from Birmingham and turns 50 on the 14th Feb (Valenstine Day) so anyone wanting to email him with a birthday greetings on the 14 can do so by emailing Ian at Cottage@mail.com I'm sure he'd love to hear for other fans.
February 9, 2000

Jean Krevor, New York, NY, USA.
I have avidly followed Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span's careers for about 25 years. The site is marvelous - it has far more information that I ever expected, and was quite enjoyable to navigate through.
Keep up the good work, and come back to the States (specifically NYC!) soon! Please!
January 20, 2000

Lorene Birden, Dijon, France.
I am pleased to find anew this possibility of linking up. I would especially like to use the site to pursue a discussion I had with Ms Prior by email about singers' relation to lyrics. It would be wonderful to continue it in some way.
I am also still anxiously waiting the appearance of a Maddy Prior songbook.
January 10, 2000

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