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Leslie Baker, Whitlock Drive, Southfields. London. UK.
I have loved Maddy and her distinctive style of singing for many years, Both with Steeleye Span and on her own. I particularly enjoyed her album 'Silly Sisters' which I heard for the first time today ... I have never had the oppotunity to see her live, but there is still hope.
July 13, 1998

Justin Tomlinson, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
This is a wonderful tribute to a most wonderous and talented woman! I congragulate you on this page! I love Maddy and Steeleye Span greatly...though down here in Florida there arent many people who do....keep up the goode work!
July 12, 1998

Gerry Piche, North Gower, Ontario, Canada.
I am visiting this page for the first time. It is as a direct result of a concert I attended in Bracebridge, Ontario, July 4th, at the Mariposa Festival. Maddy Prior, an artist unknown to me, was one of the performers in the line-up. To keep the story short, I was totally mezmerised by the voice and music of Maddy Prior, bought the Flesh & Blood CD at the emporium, was lucky enough to have the inside cover signed by her also. Made my weekend into a great weekend!!!
I have been listening to the CD continually ever since. The music of Nick Holland and Troy Donockley, and the voice and phrasing of Ms. Prior's lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. A spectacular find for a music fan.
I am now looking to further introduce myself to her music. Your site was one I happened apon in my search. I believe this site delivers effectively and efficiently, the information I was looking for. I will return to learn more about this gifted artist.
Thank you.
July 9, 1998

Michael and Deborah Eastes, Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA.
My wife and I first became acquainted with Maddy and Steeleye by accident in a record shop in Texas while on leave from the Army in Germany. After returning to Europe, we searched the German stores and came up with several albums. We managed to turn on a number of our fellow soldiers to Maddy's fine voice and the Span's style. We remain ardent fans and mourn the loss of most of our albums-a lot of what we liked the most does not seem to be available any more.
Sing on, Maddy!
July 7, 1998

Paul Cooper, Doha, Qatar.
Sorry to learn of Maddy's departure from Steeleye Span. I would however like to congratulate her and the Carnival Band for their excellent gig in Doha earlier this year. Well done!
July 3, 1998

Michael Cunliffe, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
As a fan for more years than I care to remember I'm both saddened at Maddy's departure from Steeleye and elated at the prospect of new material and a new direction.
Best wishes
June 21, 1998

Bernard O'Neill, 43 Queens Road, London E11 1BA, United Kingdom.
Maddy, it's Bernard O'Neill, who played Cello on 'No More to the Dance'. We have moved house, just around the corner from Cronshaw, funnily enough we are in the middle of planning his new album due to be recorded next springtime in Finland, Ian Blake is over at the moment and is involved with that too. Drop in and see us if you are down this way..lots of love,
June 13, 1998

Steve Woods, Crosby, Merseyside, OSH, United Kingdom.
Greetings. Great site; I didn't think someone with such a low profile as MP would have this! Long live the Internet - much better than a page in 'Q' or 'Mojo' every 3 years.
I saw MP live in Oxford in 91 - brilliant. It's interesting how many MP fans are also Tull fans - myself included - the overlap/commonality is obvious eg compare 'Songs From the Wood' and 'Heavy Horses' with, say, 'Parcel of Rogues'.
I think I may have seen (and spoken to) Maddy in the late 80's/early 90's. I got off a train at Penrith and my ticket was checked by MP (or someone quite similar in both looks and accent). I chatted to her about local walks - I'd love to find out if it was her .....
My current fave song is 'Fine Horseman' from Silly Sisters' 'No More To The Dance' - so evocative and moody, surrealistic and dreamy (I should have done English 'A' levels.
Finally, many thanks to MP and SS for the music - it will never die.
May 27, 1998

Selwyn Osborne, Auckland, New Zealand.
Congratulations on an exceptionally well-organised Web site! I've been so out of touch that the news of Maddy's parting with Steeleye had not reached me! Maddy's letters are the real surprise. Fan sites for folk artists nearly all show a level-headed respect for the artist which is rare in the mainstream pop arena. I guess folk music attracts a different mentality in both musician and devotee. Maddy's letters confirm she has a reciprocal respect for her fans. This is special.
May 13, 1998

Jason D. Allen, OH, USA.
What a wonderful site this is! I have listened to Maddy's beautiful voice my whole life (but then I'm only 18, I will still keep listening though!) My parents bought several of Maddy's albums as imports (and also Steeleye Span's firsts). They will be so jealous when I tell them that I have been here.
May 12, 1998

Rob, San Francisco, USA.
I recently picked up a 1996 release of an Ashley Hutchings retrospective. I was thrilled to find it as there are 2 previously unreleased Steeleye Span tracks from the 10 Man Mop era. Unfortunately, the sound quality is poor on these tracks. The rest of the cd is mostly Albion Band with some Fairport.
I can only hope there are other such unreleased tracks that may one day see the light of day...
May 2, 1998

Paul Bonsey, Wellington, New Zealand.
Have been a fan of Steeleye Span for some time and have been wanting more info on the band and Maddy Prior. New to the internet and I am impressed with the wealth of info I can tap into. The Web page is great and I will visit often. Thank you.
May 1, 1998

Dan Smith, London, England.
Such a fantastic voice. I saw Maddy with Steeleye Span a couple of years ago "near London" (can't remember now but the show was filmed and shown on British telly about a year later - I have the video). Anyway, she's so enthusiastic on stage, skipping on and full of it right from the start. Really amazing. Favourite Maddy = Cam Ye Oer Frae France, Grey Funnel Line, Long Lankin (apart from the noisy bit in the middle - sorry!!) and the whole of No More To The Dance (can't believe that one's so low in the poll). Cheers for the site anyway, here's to Maddy.
April 30, 1998

David Phillips, Wesley Place, Beaufort Gwent, U.K.
I've just seen Maddy, Troy and Nick on Tour (April '98) at Abergavenny, as always a marvellous show. Naturally I'm sad about Maddy leaving Steeleye, but I hope it wont be a permanent break.
I love the site, especially Maddy's letters. Keep up the excellent work.
April 29, 1998

Malcolm Cooper, Bristol, UK
I knew Maddy in the seventies when she was not well known.
I am pleased with her success but I am sure she would not remember me. I was involved in the Borehamwood Folk Club between St Albans and London.
April 23, 1998

Nick Bradey, Darlington,Co. Durham, England
Excellent site . Any details of Rick Kemps' new (2nd) CD ? Will Maddy be releasing a follow up to "Flesh and Blood" soon ? Any chance of that live CD ever seeing the light of day?
April 19, 1998

Jim Maltz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Wonderful website here. I now know where I can find out any information about my favorite artist.
March 31, 1998

David Bath, Huntsville, AL, USA.
First heard Maddy sing on a TV concert program way back when. The voice stuck with me. Maddy, why don't you look up Annie Haslam? I think your voices would blend very well. You will be missed from Steeleye Span as Annie will be missed from Renaissance but life goes on.
March 29, 1998

Cheryl Clinton, Auburn, Ga, USA.
I was unaware she was a member of Steeleye Span yet her voice reminded me of the group I had heard years before. Last year, I watched a PBS special"The Fabled Hare" and her voice "sent" me to my ancestral homeland. I have looked everywhere for the soundtrack for this & have had no luck.So,I am still trying. The Web page is designed well.
Thanks for allowing me the space to share my thoughts.
March 19, 1998

Liane Remaly, Pennsylvania, USA.
Maddy has been a great inspiration to me. I've used her music to form my Renaissance Faire character "Starry O'Recordin, Irish minstrel". Just sorry I never got to see her perform with Steeleye. Think she'll make it to Kutztown, Pa. some day?
March 8, 1998

Anne Henshaw, Australia.
Thanks for doing this.
March 7, 1998

Dawn Osselmann, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA.
You are a true songbird.
February 23, 1998

Timothy Moberly, Miami, FL, USA.
Excellent. Now I actually know something about the voice to which I have been listening for years.
February 21, 1998

William S. Branham, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
In the early 70's I first discovered Steeleye Span and fell in love with Maddy and the music genre. That discovery opened my eyes to new (old) music that still enjoy today. I can't begin to tell you of the pleasure her voice has given me.
February 19, 1998

Karen Sundstrom, Columbia, SC, USA.
Lovely work, clearly born of great affection and knowledge. Thanks so much> The lyrics listing has saved me much searching. If you have any information about ordering songbooks (music & lyrics) for Steeleye Span albums, please e-mail me regarding them. So far I've had no luck locating them altho I've been told they are published in England. Again, thank you for delightful pages.
February 18, 1998

Steve Chard, Greenacre, N.S.W., Australia.
If Maddy hasta go, then Gay is the ideal replacement. I look forward to the new album. Thanx to maddy for so much joy over the years. We secretly hope to see you yet again with SS.
February 11, 1998

Chris Lines, Singapore.
Many people have suggested other "angel voices" (Mary Black, Sarah MacLachlan etc)but only one lady - Annie Haslam - comes close to Maddy Prior. I've been a fan since I saw Steeleye on a BBC2 program back about 1971, I think, and have enjoyed everything connected with Maddy Prior, and the various bands, including introducing them to friends in the US and here in the Far East. If I can get a message to Maddy, it is this: thank you for over 25 years of pleasure.
February 2, 1998

Louis & Helen Burlingame, Brick, N.J., U.S.A.
Steeleye Span will not be the same. We feel that Maddy made the group. Love the new album, keep us posted.
January 31, 1998

Paula Morelli, Freeport, New York, USA.
I was directed to this most excellent site by Michael Newbery because I would really like to round out my collection with "Hooked on Winning" and "Going for Glory". Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
January 30, 1998

Steve Weaver, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
I was a huge fan of Maddy and Steeleye in the early 70s. A recent song on the radio got me to thinking of the group again. So after a few pokes on my key board I am now up to date. I was surprised to learn the band has endured for so long, though I suppose that time is coming to an end with Maddy's departure. I look forward to acquainting myself with some of the more recent recordings.
Thank you for the effort in this site.
January 29, 1998

Christian Globisch, Lübeck, Germany.
A great page with lots of interesting links !
January 23, 1998

Dave Jones, Murarrie, Qld Australia.
I can't let a day go by without hearing Span or Maddy
January 23, 1998

Arthur Sealby, Sandbach, Cheshire, England.
Although I have listened to the music of Steeleye Span for about 20 years it was not until March 1996 that I at last saw them in concert in Crewe as part of the Time tour. What a great concert it was and the music is even better when performed live. 1997 was even better because I saw Maddy in concert 3 times. The first concert was at Sandbach (my home town) in May and this introduced me to her solo work, especially the new Flesh & Blood album. I have recently bought the Year and Happy Families albums and they all show the range and beauty of her voice. I saw Steeleye Span at Gawsworth Hall in August but, unfortunately, their performance was shorter than expected due to the new 'noise' regulations - the concert was staged outside in the gardens of a 16th century hall. Then I saw Maddy in December in Warrington with the Carnival Band as part of the Carols & Capers tour. So it has been a good year for concerts and also for finding out about Maddy's solo work. It's sad that she's quitting Steeleye Span but I am amazed at the amount of work she did in 1997. I just hope that she will continue with her solo career and tours.
January 15, 1998

Tom Harris, Naperville, IL, USA.
I finally got to see Maddy with Steeleye Span last Summer it was a great concert. I have been an enthusiast since I bought Live at Last when it came out (given my start with the music being an announcement of the band breaking up the concert was a pretty special event). I really liked the letters from Maddy. I agree with her about the internet really helping fans keep in touch with the band. This was the way I finally made a concert, I found out about the previous two or three only after they were reviewed in the paper.
January 13, 1998

Jane Wallis, East Fremantle, 6158, Western Australia.
I am glad to have found this page. Maddy almost seems like part of my family. My children grew up singing to SS in the car, and we had Tim Hart nursery rhymes. Now they are older and have their own music (and are rarely home) so I can listen to the other wonderful Maddy Prior music I have recently discovered. Who am I talking to?
January 7, 1998

Gareth Callan, St. Helier, Jersey.
Wishing a prosperous 1998 to you all, what a great web site. Maddy, best of luck with all you do in the future, come back to Jersey soon please!
January 6, 1998

Dean W. Oaks, Fallston, MD, USA.
I started listening to Steelye back in 1973 and haven't stopped.
I continue to follow Maddy's career even though she left the group.
26th December 1997

Ainzley Emery, PO Box 676, Gibraltar, Europe.
Season's Greetings to you all! Please see my internet greeting at
Have a good 1998!
22th December 1997

Tim Watkin, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK.
Don't despair because Maddy's left Steeleye, for her voice continues un-abated with The Carnival Band. Saw them at the Countess of Huntingdon Hall in Worcester last week, complete with a panto version of Snow White and the 7 deadly sins!!!!
Also a long time fan, 20+yrs, man and boy, and finally took the plunge to became a floor-singer at local folk clubs. My first a capella song was inspired by Maddy and June Tabor's version of 'My husbands got no courage in him', talking to Maddy after a gig in Stratford introduced me to the 'Childs' collection, which led me on to ......well, the old music tradition stored out there is incredible. So for all the pleasure that Maddy's singing has given me over the years, I am attempting to help resurrect it's simple beauty (If I could only look and sing like Enya I'd make a bomb as the sixth spice girl!) Park records in Oxford has a 'Maddy Prior' mailing list. But when you see Maddy in concert next, make a point of hanging around afterwards, you'll meet one of the nicest people it has ever been my fortune to meet, and thank her for letting us share in the muse. And whilst you're there, ask her why she was helping The California Highway Patrol with their enquiries.....!!!
Good good page!!!
18th December 1997

Pauline Ferreri, Mullaloo, Perth, West Australia.
I have been a Steeleye Span follower since the beginning, even after comming to Australia to live in 1973, i send my best wishes to Maddy in her new venture outside the band, and i wish them well without her.
I will follow both with the same enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13th December 1997

Paul Cullity, Keene, NH, USA.
It's always hard to imagine Steeleye without Maddy, but if we might see more of Maddy touring solo here in New England, my musical desires could still be satisfied. They are a magical group, and Maddy's voice is the magic wand. May all their careers prosper!
8th December 1997

Roland Lock, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe.
I have been in love with Maddy Prior's voice ever since I first heard it on the radio one Saturday morning in 1975, here in Harare, Zimbabwe (then Salisbury, Rhodesia). All Around My Hat had just been released here and within minutes I had bought the album - it's still one of my favourites. When we were in England from '76 to 81' I bought all the albums I could find and my biggest regret from that period is that as a student I could not afford to attend any Maddy or Steeleye Span concerts. Since coming back to Zimbabwe I have had to rely on friends or visits outside the country to keep up with new albums, as I think my wife Penny and I must be the only Maddy/Steeleye fans in the whole of Central/Southern Africa, though we're trying to educate our children accordingly.
Getting on the Web and finding this website and Reinhardt Zierke's Steeleye Span site is the best thing that's happened to me for years. It's like rejoining the world after being cut off on a desert isl! and. I really envy all the people who write to you from UK and the States about live Maddy/Steeleye concerts they've been to!
Please keep up the good work!
7th December 1997

Ainzley Emery, P O Box 676, Gibraltar.
Well, I'm now back in circulation after (finally!)completing my M. Ed by 'distance-learning' with Fairfax Uni. I've had some time for our favourite musical lady but not much in the last few months. So thanks to Eduardo and everyone else who's kept me up to date !
It's sad tht Maddy's left Steeleye...for me, she WAS the band, but life goes on ! From what I hear The Carnival Band is great this year and their tour excellent (wish I could see some of it !)
I don't suppose she or they will ever visit us here on 'The Rock'but I'll be visiting UK again soon.
Keep up the good work on these pages and with the excellent mailing list ! My e.mail is still emery@gibnet.gi
(By the way, during the 1980's I lived in Twickenham and Camberley)
All the very best for 1998 !
7th December 1997

Chris Woodward, Sawyers Valley, West Australia
I've been a fan of Maddy and Steeleye since the early 70's. I play mandola, mandolin and guitar and I've covered many Steeleye songs over the years in many different bands. She continues to be an inspiration to me even after more than 25 years of playing folk of all forms.
6th December 1997

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