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Tomas Hovind, Oslo, Norway.
I love PFM. Can you please help me, I want to have their new CD, but can't find it in Norway.
August 27, 1998

Marco Gubbini, Gualdo Tadino, Italia.
Bravo, veramente un bel sito. Che ne dici di aggiungere anche una pagina dedicata agli accordi delle canzoni ?
Ho visto il tour 1998 della PFM: meraviglioso.
August 27, 1998

Nino Postiglione, Radio Potenza Centrale, Potenza, Italia.
Grande PFM. Sito veramente bello! Un saluto da www.radiopotenzacentrale.com.
August 21, 1998

Andrew Marshall, Huddersfield, England.
Can anybody help me get hold of any PFM videos? Thanks.
August 17, 1998

Sten Utgaard, Hundeidvik, Norway.
My favourite PFM record is: Per Un Amico (this one is much better than Photos of Ghosts). The versions on Per Un Amico are much better.
August 14, 1998

Gianfranco Beneduci, Gorle, BG, Italia.
I'm a 26 years-old PFM fan coming from Bergamo (Italy) and I'd like to send my best wishes for this interesting site, hoping that PFM will continue to accompany our lives for many years. I believe that PFM represents one of the higher expression of the international progressive rock: do you agree with me?? I'd like to exchange some opinions with other PFM fans all over the world, so I give you my E-mail: gben72@hotmail.com
August 11, 1998

Alan Kidd, Toronto, Canada.
Thank you so much for this page!!
I saw PFM in Toronto in 1976 I think it was. What an unbelievable show it was! They played at the original Massey Hall which seats about 2500 people. I remember we were 5 rows back. I still have my ticket stubb! Caruso remarked that Massey Hall had some of the best acoustics in the world, so you can only imagine how beautiful it was that night!! I will never forget it!!
Thank you!!
August 8, 1998

Paolo Furlan, Venezia, Italia.
Al teatro Toniolo di Mestre siete stati superbi, la folla era tutta per voi, specialmente con i vostri brani più classici. Siete sempre all'altezza del vostro nome. Il massimo sarebbe stato vedere anche qui Pagani che sale sul palco e suona con voi.
August 6, 1998

Thad Wick, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.
When is PFM touring Stateside? I read an e-mail mentioning that they might be doing so from October 15-27, 1998.
Please check out my band page on them, http://www.simmons.edu/~wick/pfm.html
August 4, 1998

David J. Toscano, Liverpool, NY, U.S.A.
Back in 1974, I was happy to meet and enjoy the company of the band and your stage manager drove my Chevelle around Syracuse(NY),we had a great time seeing every show from Central Park (Schaffer Festival), to Toronto, ON.. Franz, Franco, Patrick and Roberto were as gracious and sociable as if we had known them all our lives!! As a 17 yr old record dealer, I was responsible for promoting and plugging new artists, a job which I greatly enjoyed; PFM were the most talented group I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with and it is great to see they are still playing, be sure to see them if you can!! I am looking forward to hearing the new material and congratulate all on a job well done!!
P.S.: remember meeting my mom?? her pasta sauce??? our homemade Muscatel???......:}
July 31, 1998

Cesira Di Cioccio, Pratola Peligna, AQ, Italia.
Caro Franz,
Perchè non organizzate una bella tournè di concertoni con Fabrizio De Andrè in giro per l'Italia, come quello di tanti anni fà?
July 23, 1998

Jeff Mendlesohn, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England.
Is there any chance of the band playing in England?
I am in Italy from 26th July to 5th August are the band playing anywhere?
July 20, 1998

Sandro Bassi, Caracas, Venezuela.
Fué realmente emocionante encontrarme con esta página.Soy un fiel seguidor della PFM desde 1974, cuando tenía 12 años de edad y escuché por primera vez L'isola di niente.Estuve tras ellos hasta 1988 con Miss Baker y un encuentro con Franco Mussida en Milano.Ahora con esta página descubrí la brecha perdida hasta ahora. Gracias
July 17, 1998

Philippe De L'Etoile, Verdun, Quebec, Canada.
I discovered your music in 77, so I misted your show in Montreal in 76. I just saw Le Orme in Quebec city at the ProgEst after waiting 20 years, now it's time to see PFM. There's a big italian community in Montreal (300,000) and Toronto (400,000) and you have a lot of french canadians PFM fans that connect with the italian language. Or if you come in north eastern USA, I could go and see Premiata Forneria Marconi at last! Alla prossima! Ciao!
July 12, 1998

Terry Monroe, Rochester, NY, USA.
I would like it to be known that PFM is one of the all time greatest set of musicians the Earth has ever known. The four most competant and creative groups that ever were are as follows: PFM, Gentle Giant, Happy the Man, Genesis.
July 11, 1998

W.J. Hill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Firstly, thanks to whoever is responsible for this PFM website - it is excellent. Secondly, after looking around for ages for a copy of Photos of Ghosts (I lost my vinyl disc in the '70s and over the last couple of years had looked for Photos of Ghosts without success)the WWW came to the rescue. CDNow (http://www.cdnow.com/) in the US stocks PFM CDs and I now can enjoy the music again after over 20 years. It's as good as it was in the '70s and has really stood the test of time.
July 11, 1998

Paul Curtis, Colchester, England.
Well done for an excellent site. PFM are that rare commodity - a prog rock group without pretensions. Jet Lag is one of the finest jazz rock albums of the seventies
July 6, 1998

Rich DeMoske, Moorestown, NJ, USA.
I am someone whose era relating to my preferred listenings of music started in the late 60's. It hasn't really ended yet nor is it likely to. My ears original exposure to what I feel was "That Sound" was probably The Nice's "Five Bridges Suite" I bought through a record club offer. I needed another album to round out the quanity for the deal. Needless to say alot of my respect comes from constant salvos early on by my parents. I have a very broad base. And a very biased and picky one. Sooo... PFM works very nicely into this requirement!
I have PFM COOK on vinyl. And would be very interested in getting it in CD format somehow. But as has been pointed out many times on your site, HOW? Am I to believe that the web is my only option? In my area I have three main mega suppliers of recorded material. Tower Records, Sam Goody, and The Wall. The crunch is really jarring when you speak with store personnel, and they respond with ooohhh yeah well ordering import stuff can be tough! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I know these people have brains, I know they care but why do have to say it like that. Please if possible email me and hit me up with a source with some good rep where I can obtain a more worthy representation of PFM's material.
Thanks, Rich
P.S. I also have a R to R tape copy of a concert broadcast over FM radio here in the states a long time ago it now seems of PFM doing "Celebration," (In English!) "Four Holes In The Ground" and other greats. The tape machine isn't around any more but the tape as far as I know is in decent shape!
July 6, 1998

Roberto Di Feliciantonio, Sant'Omero, TE, Italia.
Le basi midi sono eccellenti.
July 5, 1998

Juan José Salas, San Juan del Río, Querétaro, México.
Thanks for your music. Don't forget to come to Mexico!
To all prog. fans, feel free to e-mail me
July 4, 1998

Joel Constantian, Citrus Heights, CA, USA.
My first was the American release "The World Became The World". As a big fan of Yes and Gentle Giant, "Four Holes In The Ground" & "Have Your Cake And Beat It" were all it took. I am a big fan of early PFM. I've since bought the first few on CD in their original Italian format as well as the American "Photos of Ghosts".
I like the page built here. It's provided me with information that I wanted regarding live recordings and videos. Very well done!
June 25, 1998

Rolf Remlinger, Delaware, Ohio, USA.
What a great web site! My favorite PFM albums (yse, vinyl!) are Photos of Ghosts and World Became... I kind of lost contact of PFM and didn't realize how many albums they actually have! My next step is to find some CD's of these guys. My first PFM contact was an old 8 track tape. I then purchased albums at a Peaches store in Michigan. They were in the cut out bin and the reason I picked them up (the 8 track) is because of the label. Manticore records (I'm a big ELP fan).
Great web site... wonderful info, keep up the good work.
June 23, 1998

Reed Thorne, Sedona, AZ, USA.
Can David Shur please contact me via my email address?
Thanks very much.
June 18, 1998

Thaddeus Wick, Boston, MA, USA.
The history overview and interview pages alone confirm your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in developing this site, along with the fine bibliographies. Although I do not consider "Ulisse" a comeback in a true sense (I always wish the songwriting could be done by PFM themselves, as on the early albums and on "Come Ti Va"- in tracks like "Indians", or "Poeta Mancato", the latter of which pays homage to Battisti?, like "Maestro della Voce" did to Stratos?)
Italians will know that Battisti's personal work with PFM as Quelli from 1969-1970 galvanized the Italian rock scene to incorporate the "anglosaxon" influence, without being ashamed of it in a xenophobic way, like many Italian groups of the time were made to feel.
Fabrizio De Andre's often morbid but incandescent poetry on the human condition was made sublime by the 1979 collaboration live with PFM of his work.
Anyone interested in this group should seriously consider their profound emotion and intelligence, aside from the sharp musicianship, and delve into publications/articles about them, if one can.
A personal "salute" to Franco Mussida, and to Walter Calloni, whom I have both contacted in the past. Vi stimo tutti voi!
June 23, 1998

Reed Thorne, Sedona, AZ, USA.
Can David Shur please contact me via my email address?
Thanks very much.
June 18, 1998

Livio, Mantova, Italia.
Complimenti per il sito.
June 7, 1998

Gregorio Jorge Passafaro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Conosco la PFM dal 1974, la prima volta che mi hanno portato dell' Italia l'LP L'isola di niente.
Vogliamo vedere la PFM in Argentina che come sapete e il paese che dopo l'Italia, si trovano piu italiani che in altre parti del mondo. Anche perche qui si trvano dei musicisti eccelenti con le stesse radici. Un abbracio per Franco, Flavio, Franz,Patrick e anche Mauro Pagani. Mi piacerebbe moltissimo mandarvi musica dell Argentina se mi mandate (anche io sono musicista amateur) qualche indirizzo a questo e-mail: passafaro@mailcity.com perche adesso sono a California all universita.
Vi aspetteremo in Buenos Aires
June 3, 1998

Lee Gaskins, Watchung, NJ, USA.
Great web site.
I have a few PFM videos (old stuf). Is there a way someone from the USA can get NTSC videos of the newer shows?
May 31, 1998

Mike Stedham, USA.
This is an excellent site.
I had just about given up on finding out more about PFM when a friend let me borrow his copy of Ulisse the other day. Now I'm going to be looking for the new live set.
Thanks again for putting all of this together.
May 30, 1998

James Unger, Canada.
PFM are Kings! I love the early years very much and treasure each album in my collection........
May 30, 1998

Ernesto Manfrin, Pordenone, Italia.
Salve, ho ascoltato casualmente il programma di Domenica 17/5 su Radio due ed ho scoperto l'esistenza di alcuni siti internet che vi riguardano. Mi sono messo subito alla ricerca, così in questo modo, posso confermarvi che sono un vostro "fan" se così posso ancora autodefinirmi, che nei miei anni "d'oro" 73 75 ho seguito nei limiti del possibile tutti i vostri concerti. Avevo solo 14 anni ma 7 o 8 concerti li ho visti.
Per anni ho ascoltato una cassetta autoregistrata con un "Gelosino" di un concerto a Lignano Sabbiadoro. Ora naturalmente la bobina non so più che fine ha fatto. Ho anche alcuni dei vostri LP naturalmente.
Saluti a tutti.
May 18, 1998

Fabio Cavalli, San Polo d'Enza, Reggio Emilia, Italia.
It's a very very good site. Forever PFM.
May 14, 1998

Matteo de Bartolomeis, Milano, Italia.
PFM is fantastic.
May 12, 1998

William Ferraro, Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza), Italia.
Sono un quarantenne vostro grande estimatore.
Vorrei soltanto una cosa! vedervi dal vivo in concerto nella mia città! Fate uno sforzo! Sarebbe una serata indimenticabile. Sono sicuro che riempiereste il nostro stadio.
Ciao a tutti.
May 7, 1998

Rodney Sims, Hundon Suffolk, UK.
I kicked off with a 2nd hand copy of Cook shortly after it came out and have been following them ever since - (with fair difficulty considering how few Italian imports got to England.) Good to see that the enthusiasm they generated back in the '70's hasn't diminished. Just listen to the sheer fun those guys had on stage - absolute magic.
Good luck with your great site.
May 2, 1998

Tony, Savona, Italia.
Ciao! era ora che la PFM comparisse sulla rete.... Una critichina piccolina...come mai non si parla della collaborazione piuttosto consistente (!) al primo album di Alberto Fortis?
May 2, 1998

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