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Richard Eckman, Hampton, VA, USA.
This is an absolutely wonderful site for PFM information. I discovered it accidentally several months ago. I've been a fan of the group since the early 1980s and was thrilled to read that they were back together with a new album. Thanks to Gianfranco Rosati's inspired review of "Ulisse", I immediately purchased the CD. His review really helped a non-Italian speaker better understand the album. Also, his review of their concert in Firenzi made for wonderful reading. The band members sound like terrific guys and it's fascinating to see how familiar they are with the home page on the internet. Congratulations, Eduardo and others, for all of the fine work on the page. I only hope that PFM might someday consider touring the US again.
December 30, 1997

Marco Castellani, Pontedera, Italia.
Congratulations for another great site about prog bands!
December 29, 1997

Larry Dean Embry, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Great site, so happy to find it. Franco Mussida rules!
December 29, 1997

Pasquali Claudio, Porto Mantovano, Italia.
Sono veramente entusiasta di aver trovato questa Home page!!!!!
December 27, 1997

Marcia Clarke, Anaheim, CA, USA.
The best progressive rock group of all time!
December 26, 1997

Simone Marzi, Riccione, Italy.
Siete dei Gradissimi!!! altro che la música di oggi! La vosta è quella vera!!! Continuate sempre così!!! ...e richiamate anche Pagani.
December 24, 1997

Leonardo Kosarew, Vimercate, Italy.
I have no words to describe the Ulisse's tour.
In Milan they had a four minutes standing ovation after two songs....
They are the greatest italian rock band.
In this tour they played songs from Ulisse and lot of songs taken from all LP's as: La Carrozza di Hans, Dove...Quando, Alta Loma, Out of the roundabout, Impressioni di Settembre and many others.
Ciao Franz, never saw you play in the way you did !!!
December 20, 1997

Stefano Tavernese, Roma, Italy.
I'm currently playing violin and guitars with PFM and thought you would appreciate to hear that the tour has been a big success, with sold-outs almost everywhere. The audiences have been more than enthusiastic and Franco, Franz, Flavio and Patrick were deeply moved from this big, warm 'welcome back'.
Tomorrow we are going to play Bari, but in January some gigs have been added (Roma, 26th - Napoli, 24 - probably some more) and a major tv appearance to be shot in Napoli on the 5th of January. Ciao
December 16, 1997

John W. Patterson, Wake Forest, NC, USA.
Bravo! PFM site is wonderful find! Just passing by, researching Happy the Man and WHOA!, look at this, a new album by PFM! I love it. Yeah, I have been onto these guys since their non-English release. WTWBTW, POG, CK, JL, all wonderful. "Will they let me through the gate?" I recently wrote an article for fAZE 3 magazine on eclectic, obtuse, and forgotten music that people must find out about. PFM was definitely on the list. Choclate Kings and Jet Lag get played every other week on my way to work and back home. Thanx again PFM for all the inspiration, pleasant aural landscaping and musical precision you offer.
" . . . feeling rhythms in my body of another time . . . "   :-)
December 16, 1997

Francesco Barranu, Bologna, Italy.
Sono finalmente tornato a vedere un concerto dopo 20anni. Ero uno dei tanti all' arena del Sole di Bologna. Un concerto praticamente perfetto che mi catapultato indietro nel tempo. Complimenti perche' nonostante sia passato tanto tempo la Vostra musica e' e rimane sempre attuale e frizzante come allora.
Ricordo di avervi visto per la prima volta in televisione credo nel '71 alla trasmissione TV: "Quelli della numero 1". Come potrete capire penso di essere Uno dei vostri primi fans.
Ancora complimenti evivissimi auguri per il Tour Ulisse.
December 12, 1997

Tony Carbone, Italy.
Cool site !! Great work.
I'm a sound engeenering and sometimes I work with Mauro Pagani, one of the greatest musician I have ever known. I want to let you all know that he is a fantastic person, as you can imagine.
I really don't know why PFM reformed without Mauro, he tell me that he doesn't want to know anything about the new PFM !!! Boh !
December 11, 1997

Tafuri, Siena, Italy.
I'd like to know the E-Mail address of some Italian fan-club or (better!) of some of P.F.M.'s member... I'd also like that the Ulisse tour came to Siena.
December 7, 1997

Jure Babnik, Ljubljana, Eslovenia.
I only have 4 words: I love this page.
Keep up the good work
December 7, 1997

Paul Attard, Zebbug, Malta.
this is my favourite italian band. together with angelo branduardi they come within a hair's breadth of what i might possibly describe as a divine sonic experience.
great site, man!
December 5, 1997

Ricardo Tomas Henestroza, Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina
I'want to know how I can do to buy all de PFM CD'S, and the video too. Can you give this information?
December 1, 1997

Francisco Toro, Caracas,Venezuela.
I am a very enthusiastic fan of the progressive rock, and I think that premiata forneria marconi is one of the greatest's band I ever heard.
November the 30th 1997

Giuliano Cardinali, San Marino, Repubblica di San Marino..
Siete grandi!!! Grazie per 20 e più anni di vera musica!
Assieme al Banco, siete stati il solo gruppo Rock italiano a fare del Rock Progressivo che si possa definire tale! Continuate ...
Tornate al prog vecchio stile ... fate ascoltare a 'sti giovinastri come si suona ... e si scrive musica!
November the 29th 1997

Giorgio Monoscalco, Colleferro, Roma, Italy.
Finally PFM's site!!! Since I was a child I ate bread and PFM!!! Your music can be described, we only have to kneel and thank you!!!
See you in Orvieto!!!
November the 28th 1997

Claudio, Turin, Italy.
It's a big pleasure to find a PFM site, so complete and nice. You have forgotten one PFM appereance, that is the Ron album "Una città per viaggiare".
These pages are wonderful, but I'm also thinking about those enthusiasts who don't know english. Why don't translate the pages, or some of them, into italian? I think that you can find someone who could undertake this job, don't you?
I had my first contact with PFM music when I was 9. One friend of mine make me hear "Storia di un minuto", and jest from that moment I became a hopless lover of PFM. I was missing the PFM. Now we hawe you, Franz, Patrick, Flavio, Franco (Mauro? Lucio? Bernardo?) another time with us. Thank you for the unforgettable concert of Turin, November 24th.
November the 28th 1997

Enzo, Brescia, Italy.
Ciao a tutti i Baker's Fans!!finalmente il sogno si avvera, dai ragazzi Brescia vi aspetta!!e mi raccomando mantenete le promesse riguardo ai vecchi brani e alla strumenti analogici, che fanno molto PFM prima maniera, anche se siamo in pochi prog rimasti l'entusiasmo riempie ogni cuore..ho rivisto con nostalgia la copertina del mio primo 45 giri comprato...che altro dire se non evviva..!!che la Festa inizii...
November the 26th 1997

Gabriele Kiss, Tolentino, Italy.
Era ora che ritornasse la buona musica in alternativa al nulla vigente già da troppi anni; la PFM è seconda solo a E,L&P, dei quali sono devoto da 26 anni. Spero in un grande concerto il 30 novembre a Rimini.I pochi gruppi di un certo tipo di musica dovrebbero organizzarsi per essere piu presenti e più diffusi (PFM, Orme, The Old Castle, ecc.).
Ciao a tutti.
November the 26th 1997

Giovanni Giorgetti, Falconara, Italy.
i love premiata i think that they are the best in italy ever.
i'm very happy that they've decided to come back and ulisse is a great album.
hope to see them in rimini next 30 november in a great gig.
November the 22th 1997

Luigi Di Blasi, Italia.
Grazie a chi ha fatto questo bellissimo sito, sono contentento che quando in italia si fa della musica di qualità anche in Australia se ne rendano conto...
bye for all P.F.M.'s fan.
November the 19th 1997

Mark Hembree, Anderson,SC, USA.
My first encounter with PFM was at the August Jam in Charlotte NC 1974. I didn`t catch their name at the show, but was blown away by this unique sound. I found out who this great music ensemble was on (of all places!) "The Midnight Special". So thanks PFM for all the great music and oh yeah, thanks! to you Midnight Special.
November the 17th 1997

Luciano Cornacchia, Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
One of the hardest task for change to digital was seeing my pfm records go out. Hopefully one day i will be able to have it all, on cd. Welcome back Maestri della musica. Un sito eccellente per una grande band.
November the 17th 1997

Jerry Korb, Fletcher, Vermont, USA.
I, like so many others here, have been a fan of PFM since the heydays of prog-rock,early 70s. Still have mint copies of PFM's first four LP's,as well as Pete Sinfield's,"STILL". The music inspired me so much that I actually purchased a Mellotron, new in 1973,to duplicate their music! Now I own four Trons, and wondering whatever happened to the MARK-II, as pictured in "Per Un Amico"? If anyone reads this, please let me know. Been looking for one of these to restore/repair.....
November the 17th 1997

Giulio Arca, Roma Italia.
Sono un appassionato fan della PFM, sono stato educato all'ascolto di questo magnifico gruppo da Alfredo, mio amico e bassista del mio gruppo musicale. Non a caso noi facciamo musica che si rifa' molto al rock progressivo dei PFM e facciamo anche diverse loro 'cover' nei nostri concerti.
Lunga Vita ai PFM e complimenti a chi ha realizzato questo sito ! Finalmente riesco ad avere un bel midi di Impressioni di Settembre, e mi sono subito stampato lo spartito estreandolo dall'ottimo file midi (altro complimento a chi ha scritto il file midi!).
November the 16th 1997

Davide 'Montezuma', Sarzana, Italia.
Ciao Franz, Flavio, Franco, Patrick. Spero tanto di celebrare con voi nel vostro concerto a Firenze. Celebretion, Celebretion.
November the 13th 1997

Rodrigo, Mexico.
Felecidades por esta inmemorable pagina de grandes momentos musicales del mejor grupo progesivo. Con ulisse pfm vuelve a vivir.
November the 11th 1997

Grant Penton, Montreal, Canada.
First heard of the band when the local (then largely prog-rock) FM station played 'Celebration' & 'River of Life' in '74-'76. Bought that LP and 'The World...' and played it frequently in my high school radio station. Glorious sound, & very pleased with the sound quality of the CDs.
November the 10th 1997

Elisa Pescatori, Vercelli, Italia.
Finalmente il Tour!!!
Non mancherò! Ci si vede e soprattutto ci si sente a Torino!
Saluti a tutti da Ely.
November the 10th 1997

Simon Hiscock, Milton Keynes, UK.
I have been a PFM fanatic since "per un amico". The concert in the albert hall is a special memory. Thank you Premoli for coming back!
November the 10th 1997

Georges Poulin, Quebec, Canada.
C'mon boys, waiting for years for PFM? PFM! in CD, will we ever see it? i was very happy when i first saw Ulisse in the rack of my favorite CD shop, and i`m looking forward to seeing PFM ? PFM there too one day. lots of fans of PFM in Quebec by the way. We all remember the shows in 1974 and 1975, amongst the greatest moments in history of prog rock in quebec city. just learned that Miss Baker has been released in CD this summer, that`s good news too. Still in love with this band!
November the 9th 1997

Giorgio Murillo Tsijli, La Uruca, Costa Rica.
Un gran saludo a todos los amantes de este formidable grupo italiano y una felicitación especial a Eduardo por tan magnífica página WEB. Para mi gusto particular, la Premiata Forneria Marconi es uno de los mejores ejemplos de rock sinfónico del mundo, por sus arreglos e instrumentación empleada. Me gusta sobre todo su época de los 70´s. En este sentido catalogo como su mejor disco "L´isola di niente". Además, soy un fanático de grupos italianos como Il Balletto di Bronzo (especialmente YS,), Stormy Six, Semíramis, E.A. Poe, etc. Continúen con tan formidable esfuerzo.
November the 5th 1997

Luigi Gentile, Bari, Italia
Finally a superb and complete page about P.F.M.
You're great as great is this kind of music that I love and, as a musician, I would like to play with other musicians....
Get well.
October the 30th 1997

Fabricio Carvalho, Cristo Rei, São Leopoldo, RS., Brazil.
Thanks, This page is really great. I love PFM!!!
October the 26th 1997

Graham Kennedy, Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom.
Today I received my copy of the new PFM album Ulisse, first impressions .... marvellous, wonderful rich sound. Hopefully the start of the next chapter in the history of this great Italian band.
I read the article below by Peter Fletcher, Dinnington, Newcastle u Tyne, England. Yes, Celebration was released as a single on Manticore, I've got a copy in my collection (not for sale - sorry ).
I read the bootleg section with interest. The 1975 BBC concert was the Radio One In Concert Series which over the years provided a gold mine for bootlegs. I listened to the original broadcast and still have the tape recoding (non-dolby) I made. The BBC have recently setup their own archive record label and intend to release the archives. Whether they will release the PFM concert remains to be seen. Recent releases under liciences have included The Nice and The Yardbirds. Apparently Led Zeppelin's In Concert's are due out this.
Around 1975 PFM also appeared on the BBC 2 programme The Old Grey Whistle Test. I remember they played a couple of numbers including Alto Lama Nine till Five. Somewhere in the vaults of the BBC lie the video tapes. Anyone out there have any friends on the inside?
I have enjoyed visiting this site. I'll come back in the future for updates.
October the 18th 1997

Carlos Cesar Nishimiya, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Excelente page for what I consider one of the five greatest progressive bands of all time. I always rated "Cook"(or Live In USA) as the best live album of all time! You should know that here in Brazil there are a lot of fans of PFM, including myself and some 15 friends. I'll pass the word ahead!
Keep on your great work, Eduardo!
Long live Premoli, Mussida, Djivas & DiCioccio!
October the 15th 1997

Gerhard M. Philipp, Rosenheim, Germany.
Since the early 70's I'm a fan of PFM, it's really great to surf along a page like this.
Regards to Pete Sinfield, also like his work with King Crimson and Franz, one of the best musicans on drums.
October the 12th 1997

Rodolfo Perez Chavez, Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico.
Congratulations for this great page!
PFM has a lot of fans here in Mexico and all over America; we hope thatsomeday they tour to America, others bands from Italy did it recently, c'mon boys! please let our ears enjoy your great music live!
October the 12th 1997

Merli Roberto, Milano, Italy.
Complimenti per il sito.
Grazie per il nuovo bellissimo disco spero di non dover aspettare altri 10 anni per il prossimo siete sempre i piu' tosti like a scimmia.
October the 10th 1997

Marcelo Braga, Lages, SC., Brazil.
This is the best of PFM , this page is wonderful, congratulations, i'm very happy to see this page.
October the 10th 1997

Geoff Locke, Ravenshead, Notts, England.
This is a really superb page. I have been a fan since the mid 70's and have to drag my wife around every record store that we come across during our holidays spent in Italy - just in the chance of finding a new PFM album. This page has given me lots of new bands to discover i.e. those that the various members of PFM have been associated with. I really like the new Ulisse album.
October the 10th 1997

Jim Lake, Hillsdale, Indiana U.S.A.
I've been a fan since 1974 when a friend of mine turned me on to Photos of Ghosts and The World Became The World. I never had the opportunity to witness them live, other than on ABC's In Concert TV show and NBC's Midnight Special program.
I now teach school some 23 years later and have turned some of my more "forward thinking" students on to some of them. I also enjoy Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Area, and other Italian bands of the era and progressive rock in general.
I'm so happy to have found this web site. Keep us posted on any news about "that prize-winning bunch of bakers!!"
October the 8th 1997

Francesco Mussida, Milano, Italia
Sono il figlio di Franco Mussida e ho visitato il sito che ho trovato davvero entusiasmante. Era ora!!Ci vediamo ai concerti, ciao a tutti!
October the 7th 1997

Gordon V. Raphael, Seattle, Washington, USA.
PFM's music has always taken me to the highest points. I admit to being blown to shreds by everything up to and including Chocolate Kings, then what happened? (Same thing happened to every mighty band I ever loved!) Hasn't happened to me yet cuz I'm still an obscure electronic synth pioneer Arping and Mooging my way to heaven. Peace and thanks for bringing PFM into the present tense.
October the 6th 1997

Alberto Zanardi, Pavia, Italia.
Il desiderio, dopo quest'ultimo album , è di rivedere al più presto sul palco la band, specie per chi come me, non avendola mai potuta ascoltare in concerto, ne ha sentito esaltare i virtuosismi dal vivo.
October the 5th 1997

Alessandra, Cernusco, Lomb., Italia.
Grazie per Ulisse
Baci a "zio" Franz.
October the 2nd 1997

Paola Fortis, Milano, Italia.
Un megaabbraccio al mitico Franz.
October the 2nd 1997

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