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Renato Carricato, Milano, Italia.
My compliments for the info into the site.
April 28, 1998

Arnaldo Gaudenzi, Portoferraio, LI, Italia.
I would say neat site with a touch of poetry, and, most of all, quick. Perhaps it would be a nice thing to have more indications on where to bay records,.
April 28, 1998

Mark D. Brittell (a.k.a. Mr.B), Portland, Oregon, USA.
PFM . . . excellent! Back in the 70's,the gang of kids I hung around with in high school were all PFM fans. We visited the import record stores on a very frequent basis looking for quality music pressed on quality vinyl. PFM - Gentle Giant - Genesis (When Gabriel and Hackett were in the band) - Tractor - Bowie - Passport - ELP - Tull - Floyd - Yes - Zappa! What an era of great music. After collage I started doing a radio show once a week for a commercial free community radio station. 90.7 fm KBOO "Stranger Than Fiction" w/Mr.B. PFM made the air-waves on a regular basis and I was able to turn many late night listeners on to their wonderful music. Thank you PFM, for making my life fuller. Thank you for putting this great web-site together. Would like info on how to replace my LP's w/CD's . . .
April 29, 1998

Renato Carricato, Milano, Italia.
My compliments for the info into the site.
April 28, 1998

Carlos Zamora, Tucson, AZ, USA.
Wish you guys toured America one more time,soon!!.
April 28, 1998

Ron Redmond, Seattle USA.
I am 32 and have been a prog rock fan for a long time, but I am just now getting interested in PFM. Learning about the Italian prog rock scene is one of the things that sparked my interest in learning the language. I was lucky enough to find Ulisse in a local store here in Seattle and I like it a lot. I also subscribe to a great Italian fan magazine about Frank Zappa called Debra Kadabra, highly recomended! It's not easy to find Italian culture here, so the web is a great help! Keep up the good work! Italian is not just a musical language, it is THE language of musical terms! Grazie mille! Ron.
April 27, 1998

Daniele, Sassari, Italia.
La vostra musica è come passare una giornata di gioia immersi nell'azzurroforte di un cielo infinito. Ma intanto il sole fra la nebbia filtra già...
...e il giorno come sempre sarà. Siete unici.
By chi vi vorrebbe sentire anche in Sardegna.
April 26, 1998

Michael Wong, Orlando, Fl. USA
I've been listening to PFM's music for many years, they are great!!! My favorite song is L'Isola Di Niente. Thank you, PFM.
April 26, 1998

Elias Ojeda Diaz, México.
I would like to know more about P.F.M. I am mexician but in México only few people know about P.F.M. music.
April 14, 1998

Rick Eddy, Cape Coral, FL, USA.
I am 1/2 the American progressive group "A Triggering Myth" with four albums out on "The Laser's Edge" label here in the states. (Alberto Piras and Alessandro Bonetti of Italian group "Deus Ex Machina" appear as guests on our new album "The Sins of Our Saviours"). I just stumbled accross your sight and felt compelled to mention your impact on me growing up musically was considerable (yes, I'm old enough to remember cleary the day Per Un Amico, as well as Photos of Ghosts was released) and to thank you. I would certainly not be making the same music I do today without having heard PFM in my late teens and early twenties. Our album with Alberto and Alessandro will be out in May and I'd love for you to hear it. If interested, let me know and I'll send you one. Thanks again.....rick eddy, ATM
April 12, 1998

Jesús Tapia, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México
Very well developed site. Thank you very much.
I first listen to PFM back in 1980 when a friend played "The World Became the World". It's hard for us to get copies of the records, not to mention other things (videos, etc.)
I will try to visit your site regularly... Ciao!
April 9, 1998

Araceli Lopez Mendoza, México.
I would like to get some information about PFM's music scores, since it's very difficult to get 'em here in México. Thanks.
April 8, 1998

Richard Piners, Hawthorne, CA, U.S.A.
Thank you for having a great site for one of the most talented group of musicians of the progressive rock genre.
April 2, 1998

Ken Hawkins, Washington DC, USA
Love your page on one of my favorite bands -- many fond memories of the 70s stirred alive on perusing it.
I am trying to find a CD of Photos of Ghosts and have searched high and low on the Internet, record shops and shows. Does anyone have one they can part with or know a place where I can buy one? Please let me know and make an old stoner happy!
March 25, 1998

Ed Wilson, Manhattan Beach, California, USA.
Thank-you for enriching my life through your music! The first PFM song I ever heard was "Il Banchetto" and from that moment I knew I would be a life-long fan! The three shows I was fortunate enough to see at 'The Whiskey' were some of my most memorable live music moments, a great balance of virtuosity, showmanship and musicallity! I've had the pleasure of selling many of your CDs & Records through my store (sadly, no longer in existance) and my mail-order business (currently being re-organized); I hope that this has helped repay you for all of the fine music I have enjoyed for 25 years!
Thanks Again! Coi migliori auguri, Ed.
March 25, 1998

Andres Sequeira Munguia, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Premiata Forneria Marconi is the best band ever!
March 24, 1998

Raymond Loboda, Lewisberry, PA, USA.
The premier group of it's kind. Songs are wonderfully crafted, well performed and even better in Italian!!! I have loved this band since 1972 when Keith Emerson titled them "The Italian ELP". After getting PFM COOK at a local record store, I was hooked. Hope to hear some new product soon.
March 22, 1998

Turotti Giuseppe, Orzinuovi, Brescia, Italia.
Visto il concerto di Brescia. Bellissimo!!!
March 17, 1998

Mike O'Neal, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
I love to see PFM go back in a progressive area
March 13, 1998

Chris DiFatta, Gastonia, NC, U.S.A.
PFM is a very innovative group with excellent musicians. They wrote some of the best progressive music that has ever been produced.
March 11, 1998

Michael D. Main (Editor/Publisher) Star Thrower Publishing, USA.
American writer Sarah White shares her observations on P.F.M. in an Italian travel narrative recently published at Star Thrower Publishing on the web at:
March 11, 1998

Avino Cirocco, Roma Italy.
Ragazzi vi seguo da quando avevo appena smesso i pantaloni corti. Oggi a 40 anni suonati amo ancora la vostra musica come la prima volta che l'ho ascoltata. Grazie di cuore per quello che avete creato.
March 10, 1998

Miguel J. Muir, Jacksonville, Fl. USA.
Could you refer me to a record store in the U.S. where I can purchase PFM's music in CD Format.
March 10, 1998

Denis Cardoso, Brasil.
I would like to congratulate you ībout the nice Premiata Forneria Marconi Site... Itīs really good. Iīm brazilian and here they have a lot of fans!
March 7, 1998

Hant Pellicano, Foggia, Italy
Complimenti! Il sito e visivamente ben ordinato.
March 2, 1998

Charles & Barbara Elliott, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
I used to have the photo's of ghosts album i would like to know if if i can buy this album on cd and where i can buy it. No one i have talked to has ever heard of this group and naturally they do not have anything that you recorded! Any help would greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
March 2, 1998

Gérard Schiltz, Steinfort, Luxembourg.
Congratulations for your fantastic PFM Homepage. Unfortunately, there was no sign of life of the group here in Luxembourg after the Jet Lag album.
February 22, 1998

Bill Nabers, Arlington, VA, USA.
I recently gained access to the Internet as well as picking up the new CD by PFM. I was really stoked when I found a web site on the band! I have been listening to Italian progressive rock for almost 20 years and have come across very little info on the bands. The web site is very infomative including the reviews of "ULISSE" [although I take exception to the keyboards being called "Horrible"; I like the sound-reminds me of earlier Genesis]. Please keep the site maintained and added to. I will certainly be watching for more...
February 19, 1998

Turotti Giuseppe, Brescia, Italia.
Per un'amico è come l'ombra, non lo perdi mai.
February 18, 1998

Helmut Gramstedt, Duisburg, Germany.
First time I get in touch with PFM was in the 70's. I bought 3 Vinyls. Surprisingly I found the other day your website.
I saw a lot of bandsites and I can tell you: your's one of the best if not the best.
Although it is difficult to get PFM-CDs in Germany I succeeded in the end and get a copy of Ulisse. It's great. I hope to get a chance seeing you on tour in Germany one day.
February 17, 1998

Hirokazu Hayama, Yokohama, Japan.
I am so delightful to find this PFM homepage! Though I don't listen to all of their albums, I usually listen to their "Chocorate Kings" album with pleasure especially. Their unique high-level music with European scent is very attractive. I also thank you for many links to the pages about other excellent artists.
February 14, 1998

Honchol Sin (from Corea), Shoreline, WA., USA.
It's nice to see a beautiful web page of PFM.
I really enjoyed it. ^^;
Happy new year!
February 11, 1998

Norihiro Tanno, Tokyo, Japan.
I'm very glad that I found this homepage!!!
February 10, 1998

Kyle Watts, McConnelsville, Ohio, USA.
Great page for the greatest of all progressive bands. Honored to have seen them live during Photos of Ghosts period. Until recent reincarnation of my commitment to this era of unequaled music, I had forgotten how great Gentle Giant and PFM were.... with the advent of PFM on CD, I have been able to hear them anew and proclaim them the greatest of all progressives.
February 10, 1998

Naoki Sakaura, Kiyosucho, Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi, Japan.
I've been a fan of PFM for more than 20 years, since we got the first issues from Manticore Label hrough WB here in Japan. There are lots of fans of PFM in my country, as I am sure when I visit the personal home pages of prog rock fans. "Abusolutely Lives" is the one that I'd been long wanted to hear since the times of "Live in USA." I wish I could see you play again in Japan some day.
February 8, 1998

Brad Walseth, Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA.
I was a huge fan of PFM in the 70's, but after Jet Lag it was like they disappeared from view here in America. The anti-progressive backlash began with the punk movement (which unfortunately still reigns supreme in the minds of our American youth). As a bass player, I was always a big fan of Patrick's, but when I would mention him to people, I would get a blank stare in response. It is really a shame that these fine musicians have been excluded from being introduced to the American public.
I am hopeful that this website can unite the worldwide fans of PFM and hopefully bring about a return to the appreciation of excellent progressive musical acts such as PFM. I am also selfishly hoping to be able to obtain some new recordings from my old treasured friends!!!
February 5, 1998

Luciano Blasetti, Roma, Italia.
Your site is the best on the net!
February 5, 1998

Marcelo Prais, Brooklin,São Paulo, Brasil.
Congratulations !!!!!!!
The best Progressive Band should have the best Prog Web Site, and you have it!!!!!!!!!!
For me, PFM and Arti E Mestieri, are the best prog bands in the universe, but you have a problem: you had never come to play in Brazil !!!!!!!! There's still time. Come out to play here !!!!!!!
February 2, 1998

Paolo Borsalino, Torino, Italy..
24/11/97, Torino, Teatro Colosseo, piu' che un concerto un ritrovarsi tra amici!
January 30, 1998

Giovanelli Renato, Giubiasco, TI, Svizzera (Swiss).
Ho assistito al vostro concerto di Lugano.
Favolosooooo. Una serata che riempie il cuore di gioia e anche di ricordi.
Grazie di esistere P.F.M...
Bel Sito.
January 30, 1998

Ray Scott, Cleveland, Ohio - United States.
Excellent web site on P.F.M. I've loved this band for a long time and never knew a whole lot about them. I can't believe there's a web site out there containg this much information on them. I really enjoyed the P.F.M. midi's. Looks like I'm in P.F.M. heaven. I never had any idea that they had so many albums available. Looks like I'll be ordering some imports again. Thank You.
January 26, 1998

Mark Rebello, Fremont, CA 94538, USA.
Thank you for the information provided on this web site.
I live in Fremont, California. It is located on the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. Have been listening to PFM since the mid 70's. Have been attempting to obtain their music on CD whenever I can find it.
This web site it very attractive and informative.
Thank you again for the energy put into this site.
January 26, 1998

Ruben Araiza, Chihuahua, Mexico.
PFM Is one of the ten best groups of all times I would like to see them playing live.
January 24, 1998

Alberto Boz, Genova Pontedecimo (ITALY).
Damn! That's page is GREAT!
January 24, 1998

Sean "Stuffduff" Duffy, Omaha, NE, USA.
I've loved PFM's music since 1972. I'm very greatful to have been able to see it.
January 23, 1998

Gary J. Figueroa, PO Box 673 Hanapepe, HI, USA.
I sit here bleary eyed, not so much from the hour in the day...but from the tears that have come to my eyes as I relive so many great musical moments of my youth! Mahalo for your sharing and for keeping alive some of rock music's most truly inspired work & artist's.
January 23, 1998

Jose Luiz Marchesin, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.
I'm so happy to know this site.
January 22, 1998

James Unger, Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
Hello Cleveland! Just to say hello to other PFM'ers. I love this band and think they are beautiful men!
January 19, 1998

Alberto Caimi, Barcelona, Spain.
Got here by chance. Probably one of the best site I step into.
Grazie PFM.
January 19, 1998

Giuseppe Rao, Roma, Italia.
Giuseppe Rao, Roma I am very happy about this web page. I consider myself n. 1 fan of the group.
PFM forever.
January 19, 1998

John Chaldu, California USA.
Thank you for the beautiful web page devoted to one of the all time great bands. I still think Photos of Ghosts is one of the classic albums of the 70's. My one wish would be to see them play in the US.
Bravo! PFM.
January 19, 1998

Geoff Locke, Ravenshead, nr Nottingham, England.
Can't seem to keep away from the pages - superbly written! It's a great wayto keep in touch withthe world of PFM who I have enjoyed listening to d#since the early 70's. Any chance of a UK "Ulisee" date?! Also I agree that a date in Siena would be cool so that I would have an excellent excuse to visit so beautiful a city!
Keep up the good work
January 18, 1998

Georges Poulin, Quebec, Canada.
Hi, canadian fan looking for Mussida's "Racconti della tenda rossa" and "Accordo", and Di Cioccio`s "Figli di Bubba" and " Lupus in Fabula". Also interested in the book "Due volte nella vita". CD only. looking forward to reading good news at email address mdarveau@mail.total.net
January 17, 1998

Antonello Colapinto, Bari, Italia.
Grazie per lo stupendo concerto di Bari del 20/12/97!!!
Lunga vita alla PFM.
January 12, 1998

Alberto Freire, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.
PFM is, for me, one of the best progressive bands in the World. I have heard about it at the end of the '70s and immediatley fell in love with that consistent sound. Congratulations for your work! Unfortunately the last CD (Ulisses) is not so progressive (as is the other albuns since Jet Lag) but that's is not so important. What you've done before is oustanding!
Best regards, Alberto.
January 12, 1998

Francesco Noferini, Firenze, Italia.
Sono un ragazzo di 15 anni, il mio nome è Francesco Noferini e vivo a Firenze.
Sono venuto a vedervi al concerto e mi è piaciuto moltissimo.
January 10, 1998

Ivano de Filippis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Vorrei sapere dove trovare spartiti (cifre) delle musiche di bande di rock progressivo italiane ed altre. Qui in Brasile e' un po' difficile trovarle.
January 8, 1998

Jon Mathisen, Skien, Norway.
Real nice page!
January 3, 1998

Fabio Franceschini, San Lazzaro - Bologna, Italia.
Ero all'Arena Del Sole (BO) anch'io... emozioni indescrivibili...
Perchè non ricordare anche il primo album di Fortis nel quale avete suonato??. Ricordo una sera in macchina con gli amici mentre lo stavamo ascoltando, abbiamo indovinato subito che eravate voi..
Il sito é unico...
January 2, 1998

Charlie Farrell, Harlesden, London, UK.
PFM were the first (or maybe the second) group who I ever saw live. I was lucky enough to catch them on the 'Cook' and 'Chocolate Kings' tours at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in '74 and '75. My interest in them was renewed when I read an excellent review of the Italian prog bands of the '70s in the Belgian Prog Fanzine 'Progresiste' and just before Chritsmas I came across the '10 years live' collection in the Virigin megastore. It was #50 but made a great little Christmas present to myself. Its good to know the guys are working together
January 1, 1998

Cataldo Loiodice, Castalfidardo, AN, Italia.
Da molti anni vivo con la compagnia delle note della P.F.M. e di molti gruppi che hanno fatto grande la musica italiana (Le Orme, B.M.S. e altri ancora) e credo di essere molto entusiasta della mia scelta musicale; ma non solo:credo che vivrò intensamente tutti i lavori di questi gruppi per molti anni ancora.....speriamo tanti!!!!!!!!.
Complimenti per l'ultimo lavoro: ULISSE e complimenti per l'ottimo concerto che ho potuto godere a Rimini, il 30/11/97.
Siete grandi!!!! Grazie per la pagina WEB: sarà sicuramente un forte punto di riferimento per tutti gli appassionati come me!!!
Ringraziamenti che estendo a tutti coloro che hanno lavorato e si stanno adoperando per cantare al mondo intero: P.F.M.!!!!!!
Ciao a tutti i fans.
January 1, 1998

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