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Daniel Cox, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Nothing but fantastic memories from PFM - Saw them at the Whisky, Forum and a couple of other venues. Can't wait to hear the new cd. Most unique guitar since Jan Akkerman.
June the 28th 1997

Russell Hammond, Mt Pritchard, Australia.
I went to an import record store with a mate after reading a review of "Photos of Ghosts" and wondered what all the fuss was about. After a 30 seconds of the first track we had our money out and the album in our collection. There was no turning back we were hooked up till Passportu.
Now after years of neglect (marriage, kids, study and hard work) I am now in a position to replace worn out and missing albums in what I considered the PFM collection. Now being new to the "net" I find out these guys are still at it even better than ever and I can't wait to get a copy of the new one.
There are a number of PFM fans in Australia as the import CD stores do stock them, but apart from my mate and myself, I haven't come across any others? PFM fans in Australia stand and be counted.
I'm pleased that someone has the dediction and resources to keep this site going. Keep up the good work.
June the 26th 1997

Ricardo José, Bahia, Brasil.
Meus parabens pela belíssima homepage sobre a maior banda progressiva da Itália (Quem sabe não é do mundo?)e desejar que cada vez mais hajam pessoas de bom gosto no mundo todo que ouçam e reconheçam a maravilhosa música progressiva da PFM. Um abraço a todos os amantes da música progressiva onde quer que voces estejam!
June the 24th 1997

Geraldo dos Santos Tavares, Belém-Pará, Brasil.
Dear Friends,
In Brazil we love PFM,I think "Per un Amico" one of the Best works of Rock Progressive!!!
Best Regards!
June the 23th 1997

Bruno e Andrea, Bologna, Italia.
Seguiamo la PFM fin dai tempi lontani di "Storie di un minuto" e li abbiamo conosciuti dal vivo per la prima volta in una discoteca nei pressi di Cervia (Cesena) nel lontano 1972 (circa) n.d.r. ricordo che durante lo spettacolo venne a mancare la corrente elettrica e Franz Di Cioccio improvviso' fino al ripristino dell'energia.....
Li aspettiamo a Bologna al piu' presto, anzi potevano farsi vivi al Made in Bo'. Al Made in Bo' siamo andati al concerto del mitico BANCO, (ne siamo rimasti entusiasti), manca solo la PFM per completare l'opera.
June the 19th 1997

Matthew C. Smith, Ames, IA, USA.
It's great to see that PFM has a home page. Unfortunately, I only have 2 of their albums, Photos of Ghosts and Historia di un Minuto. They are obviously excellent musicians. I certainly hope to hear more of them in the future.
June the 19th 1997

Eric Hagelin, Seattle, WA, USA.
PFM's a hot band. I recently picked up a copy of "The Award Winning Marconi Bakery" on vinyl. Very tasty. Thanks.
June the 15th 1997

Dave & Sue Ekar, Lakewood, Ohio, USA.
Been listening to PFM since 1973, Introduced my wife to their music the day I met her (E'Festa), It's our favorite type of music to listen to anytime. Just found this website and can't wait to explore it. Need to find (hopefully) some english translations of the lyrics. We don't understand them, but who cares the music is phenomenal (and so are the voices, to us since we don't speak Italian their voices sound like another instrument, Gotta go & check the rest of this site.
June the 14th 1997

Gaétan Paquet, l'Alouette Charny, Québec, Canada.
I'm a long date's fan of pfm (70's music), and i'm very enthusiast to find a PFM's web site. I'm a french canadian who like the italian progressive music of 70's (Le Orme, Banco, Il Volo); I like the british prog too: Camel, Gentle Giant, Genesis (Gabriel), Peter Hammill (VDGG), King Krimson etc...
June the 12th 1997

Donny Sarian, Burbank, CA 91505 USA.
I saw the band four times. They were awesome. It's great to see web sites dedicated to them, they are so deserving!
June the 10th 1997

Ian Barrow, Bangkok, Thailand.
How can I begin? I am such a fan of the band that I decided a few months ago to set up a P.F.M. website as I couldn't find one on the Net. Well, Eduardo beat me to it but I still welcome all P.F.M. fans to visit "Photos of Ghosts" at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/6725/ I saw the band three times, twice in Canada and once in Florence when the album "Performance" was recorded. There is no band like P.F.M., their versitility has no limits.
I love this website, keep up the good work.
June the 10th 1997

Julian "The Ranting Man" Belanger, Paincourt, Ont., Canada.
Nice page for the PFM boys. Congrats to all participants!!!.
June the 4th 1997

Ian Zapczynski (Goblin's webmaster) USA.
Beautiful page! It came about completely as a surprise to me - I guess I've been ignoring too many posts on the Gentle Giant list. :) All involved have done a great job indeed. Lots of detail is the best way to go. Thanks!
June the 4th 1997

Dan Barrett, Boston, MA, USA.
What a beautiful site! Congratulations on creating a good-looking and useful resource on the Net.
June the 3rd 1997

Jun-ichi Matsui, Tokyo, Japan.
I first heard PFM in 1973, "Photos of Ghosts", because I was a ELP fan. But since then PFM became my most favorite groups in the world.
PFM and Focus gigs in Japan were most impressive for me.
I hope to hear new PFM music,especially songs like "Four holes in the ground" and "Is my face on straight"
June the 3rd 1997

Robert Cervero, Oakland, CA, USA.
Just surfed in, and was very impressed by the quality and devotion given to creating this web site -- most befitting to a band of PFM's calibre.
I recently picked up the 10 Anni Live box set, which has taken my interest in this band to a new plateau. I really enjoy the Crimson & Tull covers, and find some of the improvs on discs 2 & 3 from the mid-70s era to be growing on me more and more. The prospect of a reunion and re-release of these guys has me stoked.
I actually asked Pete Sinfield about this, person-to-person, at the King Crimson Epitaph playback in London on March 15 of this year. Pete mentioned PFM was planning a new release, and that he'd be helping with the wordsmithing. He noticeably perked up quite a bit when I asked him this question, and seemed surprised but pleased someone in the mass of 500+ Crimson enthusiasts recalled his days with PFM. I'm salivating at the prospect of this re-collaboration!
May the 31th 1997

John Henricksen, Carson City, NV, USA.
You guys create wonderful music. Per un Amico is one of my all time favorite albums. A true classic!
May the 30th 1997

Rodrigo de Almeida Mantovani (Focus Home Page webmaster), Brazil.
Parabéns, Eduardo, por esta belíssima página deste grupo também belíssimo, que é o Premiata.
Belo trabalho visual - à altura da música do PFM
May the 30th 1997

Hiroshi Katoh, Japan.
I love italian rock very much. My favorite artists are PFM, Banco, Il Balletto Di Bronzo, Metamorfosi and many more. I have seen Banco at May the 26th 1997, ultimate great live.
PFM, please come to Japan.! Many Japanese funs are waiting for you!!
May the 30th 1997

Tom Davis, Sparks, NV, USA.
About time! I considered trying to start a page myself. This is a welcome addition to the prog-rock web outlet.There are MANY of us out here and it is time the industry takes us seriously! We are a large part of the record-buying public, and are tastes are FAR more long-lasting than the "flavor of the year" mentality. Thanks again and all the best.
May the 17th 1997

Dante Melean, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Back in the 70's PFM was literally the best gem I discovered. In fact PFM was my introduction to the greatest prog scene (I think), the mighty Italians. Back then, I though to myself that no one could come close or top off what the Brits accomplished but, I'm happy to report that's not the case. Groups like PFM, Le orme, Banco, Osanna, Museo, Jumbo, Area and so on.. are just brillant. It's wonderfull to know that PFM is coming back from retirement.
May the 16th 1997

Bob Angilly, Somerville, MA, USA.
Very classy and informative web site, as befits a very classy band. Greatful for complete information on 10 Anni which I have on order from Progtron.
May the 14th 1997

Oz Hardwick, York, England.
Really good to find this page! First band I ever saw, at Plymouth Guildhall 5th November 1973 (the poster's reproduced in the 10 Anni Live booklet), & an incredible, unforgettable experience for someone only just into their teens. Only having heard the Celebration single before (couldn't afford the album(s) until a while later), I couldn't name the material, but I was simply astounded by the combination of virtuosity and emotion. Last time I saw them was at the same venue on the Chocolate Kings tour - much more of an on-your-feet, rock feel, but no less impressive. I look forward to the re-union (especially if Pete Sinfield takes up the offer of providing lyrics).
May the 12th 1997

Scott Hamrick, Morehead City, North Carolina, USA.
This is one of the best band web sites I have ever seen! I have been looking for a web site on the excellent PFM for a while. Thanks!
May the 8th 1997

Robert Eksteen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I think the Italian prog-scene is quite unique. And within that scene, PFM belong to the best. But let's not forget the other great Italian bands: Banco, Picchio dal Pozzo, Area, Arti & Mestieri, Jumbo, Osanna and very many more!
Italian progressive rock lives forever!
April the 17th 1997

David Eric Shur, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.
I first heard of PFM in 1973 when Photos of Ghosts was released in the States on ELP's new label. The melancholy melodies combined with the tasteful arrangements made me a fan forever. It was difficult to keep up with the group's releases over the years, due to the non-release of material over here, but it was a job worth pursuing.
How wonderful to finally have a site for this group which has given me countless hours of listening pleasure. Thanks.
April the 3rd 1997

Nicholas Haus, Fresno, CA, USA.
In the early 70s, FM radio import programs gave us an opportunity to hear some new & exciting music. That's how I found out about PFM. They were featured with Le Orme & hyped as "Italian Rock" but that doesn't even come close to doing justice to this adventurous & innovative group. That show contained 2 versions of "Celebration". I was so curious to find out why they would put out 2 versions that I went out to find them at the record store. I bought Photos of Ghosts & The World Became the World & loved them immediately. But where was that other version of "Celebration"? Years went by & my 2 PFM records eventually became unlistenable. I had all but forgotten about this great band by the time I got onto the Net, but it all started to come back to me as soon as I executed a search for "Progressive Rock". I was surprised to find that PFM was listed & that they had produced a number of fine works. In the past few months I've been able to purchase 4 more albums plus the 2 that I wore out! I've said it before & I'll say it again, this is the best time to be a PFM fan! Now if we all wish really hard, maybe we can get them to reform, record & do a world tour. This will only happen if we ALL wish really hard, so on the count of three, everybody wish! 1...2...3... Ouch, that hurt! Maybe I should warmed up first!
March the 30th 1997

Carlos A. Martinez, Monterrey, Mexico.
Great! I can truly say no other band in the world had made feel so good when listening to it than PFM. Itīs almost like a mystical thing. (And my wife thinks the same!) And now, this is one of my dreams: a PFM homepage! The net keeps on opening new frontiers for us, and thanx to you all enthusiast guys to make this possible.
Sincerely, Carlos from Mexico.
March the 28th 1997

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