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Mark Walczynski, Glendale, WI 53209 USA.
I have been a fan sice the early 70's. I have almost all of thier recorded works including the four CD box set. I look forward to hearing the new album. I saw PFM in Milwaukee, WI in the mid 70's and will never forget what a great show they put on. PFM along with Le Orme are my all time favorite Italian bands.
The web page looks great! Keep up the good work.
September the 24th 1997

Walter Albisetti, Milano, Italy.
They are the best!
September the 23th 1997

Alberto Pastorelli, Pavia, Italia.
Scrivo per trasmettere l'entusiasmo per il nuovo lavoro "ULISSE" stupendo album, che a dispetto dei tempi che viviamo è ricco di verità, intimo come un amico caro, inno alla nostra struggente malinconia. Dunque si può non perdere la vena artistica ed avere ancora qualcosa da dire.
Nessuna operazione commerciale, ma tanta inspirazione, fantasia, ...gioventù!
Grazie amici, di cuore!
P.S.: a quando i concerti ?
September the 23th 1997

Michele, Parma, Italia.
La P.F.M. ha reso grande la musica italiana all'estero: la loro professionalità e l'esperienza maturata negli anni sono state le prerogative che hanno permesso a molti altri musicisti di seguire una strada adeguata.
Mi stupisce ancora oggi la loro avanguardia,l'uso intelligente di una strumentazione adeguata e il grande senso del gusto e dell'armonia.
Onore alla P.F.M. ed al Rock Progressivo Italiano!!!
September the 21th 1997

Marco D'Elia (Vinyl Magic), Milano, Italy.
Ciao Eduardo,
All at Vinyl Magic find your work fantastic. Thanks a lot for our link. I've printed the whole site (and I must tell you it has been an incredible work...) for Franz Di Cioccio. I'm handing it over to him on wednesday, and I'll keep you posted about his reactions.
Thanks again,
September the 15th 1997

Timothy F Marsh, Brownsburg, Indiana, USA.
A neat little story that I like to tell: Back in 1974-5, I frequented a quaint little music store in Connersville Indiana. I asked the owner about some PFM music. We began to talk about the subject and he told me that there was a girl that lived there in town that listened to them also. As the story goes, he had told her about me also, thinking that we would know each other, but we didn't. Time passes and I meet the girl who later, becomes my wife. In conversations we talked about the man at the music store. She tells me about how he always mentioned a boy in town that listened to PFM and wondered if she knew him! Needless to say, we discovered that he was referring to us.
How ironic!! I have a deep love for PFM's sound and lyrics!!
September the 10th 1997

Tony Allen, Lane Cove, NSW Australia.
P.F.M. represents all that is good in the much maligned field of progressive rock. 'Photos of Ghosts' and 'The World Became the World' are amongst my favourite LPs, they contain moments of exquisite beauty and other moments of great excitement. Great to see that you are still going...keep up the good work and congratulations on the web page. And..yes there is more than one P.F.M. fan in Australia!.
August the 29th 1997

Marco Natangelo, Milan, Italy.
Thanks for this great PFM site, the mailing-list and the news chapters are unique! I'm a PFM fun from a little time (1993)! but i remember the band in the 'miss baker' era in 1987.
Hope to see new PFM live perfomances in my country in september (They are BACK!), and listen to some songs from 'chocolate kings', my favourite LP.
August the 26th 1997

Peter Fletcher, Dinnington, Newcastle u Tyne, England.
Nice to find this page and also that the band is still around in some form. It may be my age, but was not Celebration released as a single as this was what first led me to buy the LP's after hearing it on Radio Luxembourg in what must have been summer 1974. (there's no specific reference in the discography). After hearing it I bought all albums up tp Chocolate KIngs even a 'Storia' import which I still play fairly often today..now I'll have to catch up with all these other more recent albums I hadn't heard of.
Keep it up chaps.
August the 24th 1997

Bill Bates, Rohnert Park, California, USA.
Hi PFM League,
Congragulations on this great page to a wonderful band! Keep it up guys. I'm so pleased to see so many of PFM's LP's being reissued on cd and made availible in the USA.
August the 23th 1997

Alessandro Franco, Pisa, Italia.
Ero un "nostalgico" fan di questo magnifico gruppo, del quale possiedo quasi tutti i dischi e che ho potuto seguire dal vivo soltanto in età adolescenziale.
In tutti gli anni che sono passati ho mantenuto vivo il desiderio di rivedere all'opera dal vivo Mussida e co. per riascoltare i vecchi "cavalli di battaglia" e tanti pezzi nuovi. Ora che ho superato i trenta anni il desiderio sembra vicino a realizzarsi.
Fra tanti improvvisati cantanti che passano come le stagioni e poi si perdono nel nulla questo gruppo, costituito di musicisti di grande livello, può dare ancora molto, soprattutto nelle esibizioni dal vivo!
Complimenti per il sito!
August the 19th 1997

Marco Ghidoni, Milano, Italy.
Sono un vecchio Fan di questo grandissimo gruppo e non vedo l'ora di poterli riascoltare da vivo, dove hanno sempre dato il meglio.
Complimenti per il sito: ben curato e ricco di informazioni.
August the 15th 1997

A. Andrew Woodard, Charlotte, NC, USA.
As a musician (electric basses, Stick and keyboards primarily) and song writer, my two greatest progressive influences have been Starcastle and PFM, and the recordings from both I acquired in the 1970s have logged a great deal of mileage. Aside from wishing there were more recordings from both of these, my greatest satisfaction comes from working with other players of equal caliber that have also been influenced by them. I plan to include a study of PFM in my two-year-old son's eventual musical training. I believe the world is fortunate to have musicians of this talent and strength among us.
August the 10th 1997

Reno Faoro, Summit Clive, Iowa, USA.
I first saw them in Davenport Iowa. They replaced The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and started the show for Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult. They started out with Celebration and really got the crowd going. They knew that since they were in a smaller urban area and might not be known that they would have to start with their most familiar song. Believe it or not one of the best prog stations in the USA was located there and finally changed their format in the late 80's to Country. The Photos of Ghosts title track is one of my favorite cuts just because of the beautiful Italian folk like sound.
August the 6th 1997

Jonathan Bar Yehuda, Zoran, Israel.
Thank you for reminding me that I used to listen to P.F.M.
August the 4th 1997

John Rinaldi, Surbiton, Surrey, UK.
I have all their albums up to & including Jet Lag. I saw them on their UK Cook and Chocolate Kings tours and later in Italy around the time of Performance. I also saw Mauro Pagani live (around 1982) with Fabrizio De Andre'. I was pleased to read about the new release - I find the band photo intriguing - I only recognise Franz Di Cioccio!
(Webmaster's reply: in this picture you can find, from left to right, Di Cioccio, Mussida, Premoli and Djivas)
July the 28th 1997

Thomas Jedenfelt, Tyresö, Sweden.
Thank you for a PFM site!
In my childhood, my seven year older brother played all sorts of music (rock, progressive rock, jazzrock/fusion). To me, some of his LP's feels like "home", my music. One of those records are Chocolate Kings. To name a few others: Selling England By The Pound (Genesis), Tormato (Yes), Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Made In Japan (Deep Purple), Elegant Gypsy (Al DiMeola), Moontan (Golden Earing), Ursa Major (Ursa Major), Live! In The Air Age (Be Bop Deluxe), Songs From The Wood (Jethro Tull), Madman Across The Water (Elton John), IV (Led Zeppelin), Nithingales & Bombers (Manfred Mann's Earth Band), Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Sheer Heart Attack (Queen), The Seventh Step (Dirk Steffens) Rush (Rush) - Sorry for the long list, but I couldn't help it -. I bought that LP (C.K) in 1978. I played it alot. and consequently, the LP lost its quality. Then, in 1990 I found a CD in a Swedish mail-order company. Thank god. I am especially found of the drummer (I play drums myself) I have not heard any other record by PFM (they are very rare in Sweden). Could anyone suggest an album that goes in the same style as Chocolate Kings? I would be very greatful.
July the 27th 1997

Daniel Valentino Tyson, North Versailles, PA, USA.
This is a great webpage and it's about time PFM is being recognized cyberly. PFM is one of the greatest bands of our time and unlike alot of PFM fans, I love Chocolate kings and Jet Lag along with all of their early albums. I like Photos just as much if not more than Per Un Amico, probably because I speak english. I know they got a bad rap when the recorded the english speaking albums, but us americans loved them. It's much more enjoyable to listen to lyrics you can understand than not. Although I love all of their music, the English speaking albums stand out to me. I also love the feeling Bernardo Lanzetti gave to the three albums he sang on. Again, Great webpage
July the 22nd 1997

Franco Fournier, Encinitas, CA, USA.
P.F.M. is one of my favorite italian bands. I enjoy listening to al their musi, especially the early stuff. It is great to see such a complete page on Premiata.....Thanks
July the 19th 1997

Lasse Magnusson, Kinna, Sweden.
Great! Just surfing on the web and what do I find? A PFM home page. Ive been rushing through the sides but I must say it looks great!!!!!!!!!
July the 18th 1997

Skiold Frederiksen, Copenghagen, Denmark.
Great site! Unfortunately I cant reach PFM Main Story at present - hope it reappears.
I realize that I miss a some PFM albums from the 70'es, and would like to purchase them. Adresses needed.
July the 16th 1997

Filippo Clementi, Gubbio, Italy.
Sono un chitarrista, fan di Mussida & co. fin dagli esordi. Sono soddisfatto della reunion del gruppo, anche se considero gli anni del "progressive" i più fecondi ed esaltanti della loro carriera, e forse per questo irripetibili. Spero che questo sito contribuisca a far conoscere anche ai più giovani questo grande gruppo il quale ha ha dato lustro alla nostra nazione all'estero, quale una delle top band del rock progressivo al pari di altri illustri personaggi dei '70. Credo che sia necessario e vitale mantenere viva questa memoria, ad onta di tutto il mondo "canzonettaro" d' Italia che con la logica del profitto e dalla "hit usa e getta", rischia di cancellare anche quel poco di buono che siamo riusciti a creare nel mondo. Spero di aver il piacere di riascotarli dal vivo al più presto. Lunga vita alla PFM e lunga vita al vero volto della musica italiana!
July the 14th 1997

Gerald Rayner, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, England.
Incredible! I just started listening to "Photos" again recently and now this turns up. Just when I thought everyone had forgotten them, they reform. Next thing you know there will be a new album from Caravan;-) I can't wait to hear the new stuff - or the late 70's albums I never knew about.
I don't suppose there's any chance of a UK gig?
LA2 in Charing Cross Rd. springs to mind. Hint, hint!
Great to find the web site, keep up the good work.
July the 8th 1997

Yannick Chouinard, Lasalle, Quebec.
I am a great fan of progressive music, particularly italian prog like Quella vecchia locanda, Goblin, Dunwich and, of course, PFM. Storia di un minuto is my favorite record of PFM: Great vocal and keyboards.
Congratulations for this site!!!
July the 8th 1997

Gianluca Magrini, Rieti, Italy.
La musica di questa eccezionale band, è stata la colonna sonora della mia gioventù. Un precorso musicale molto articolato nel quale numerosi generi musicali sono stati interpretati con una non consueta sensibilità. Sarei molto contento se un giorno Franco Mussida leggendo questo guest book scrivesse o sul sito o alla mia e-mail due righe...
July the 6th 1997

Chip Taylor, Hawthorne, CA, USA.
I saw them at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles in 1977. Is it really 20 years ago. My whole experience with PFM has been a "celebration". They are perhaps the cleanest sounding musicians in the history of Rock music. I have three of thier albums and 11 of their cd's (which by the way were sent to me from Italy from my Italian cousin-in-law) It is great to hear that they are still together. Any chance of a US tour?
July the 6th 1997

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