California Guitar Trio no GAR 2015
California Guitar Trio at GAR 2015

California Guitar Trio

origem Estados Unidos da America, 1991
formação presente nos GAR 2015, 2009 & 2007
Bert Lams – guitarra acústica
Paul Richards – guitarra acústica
Hideyo Moriya – guitarra acústica
sinopse Comprising guitar players that took courses with Robert Fripp in London during the 80s and have played in two of Fripp's projects – The League of Crafty Guitarrists and The Robert String Quintet –, the California Guitar Trio are highly renowned for their amazing virtuosity both when performing their own instrumentals and re-interpreting works of classical and modern composers.
discografia Yamanashi Blues (1993)
Invitation (1995)
Pathways (1998)
Rocks the West (2000)
10 Christmas Songs (2001)
CG3+2 (2002)
The First Decade (2003)
Whitewater (2004)
Echos (2008)
Andromeda (2010)
Masterworks (2012)
Komorebi (2016)
with The Robert Fripp String Quintet:
The Bridge Between (1993)
with The League of Crafty Guitarists:
Show of Hands (1992)
Intergalactic Boogie Express (1995)
apontador California Guitar Trio Official Website