The City of Gouveia

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Gouveia, Portugal, 3rd-5th May

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•  The Advent of March   •  Courtney Swain   •  Filipe Quaresma
•  Isildurs Bane   •  Karin Nakagawa   •  The Loomings
•  Luca Stricagnoli   •  Peter Hammill   •  Salut Salon   •  Wobbler 

Peter Hammill
Peter Hammill (England)

Salut Salon
Salut Salon (Germany)

Isildurs Bane
Isildurs Bane (Sweden)

Wobbler (Norway)

The Loomings
The Loomings (France)

Courtney Swain (United States of America)

Luca Stricagnoli (It&aly)

The Advent of March
The Advent of March (Belgium)

Karin Nakagawa
Karin Nakagawa (Japan)

Filipe Quaresma
Filipe Quaresma (Portugal)