Peter Hammill
@ GAR 2011
Peter Hammill

Peter Hammill

origin England
line-up expected at GAR 2019
Peter Hammill – vocals, piano
presente no GAR 2014
Peter Hammill – vocals, eletric guitar
Gary Lucas – guitars
at GAR 2006 and at GAR 2011
Peter Hammill – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
sinopsis Music and lyrics, or words and music – Peter Hammill’s art is timeless, and even his first albums still sound as fresh as when they were recorded more than three decades ago. The same goes for Hammill’s stage performances, which have lost none of their intensity and force in a career spanning over three decades. In fact, the art created by this icon of progressive rock and of urban music on the whole is unique and personal, as Hammill has devised a style of his own, of extended soulful ballads shaped around typical chord progressions and poetical lyrics focusing the anguish and passions of modern man, reflecting those of all mankind before him.
discography solo
font class="italic">Fool's Mate (1971)
Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night (1973)
The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage (1974)
In Camera (1974)
Nadir's Big Chance (1975)
Over (1977)
The Future Now (1978)
Vision (1978, compilação)
PH7 (1979)
A Black Box (1980)
Sitting Targets (1981)
Enter K (1982)
Patience (1983)
The Love Songs (1984)
The Margin (1985, ao vivo)
Skin (1985)
And Close As This (1986)
Spur of the Moment (1988)
In a Foreign Town (1988)
Out of Water (1990)
Room Temperature Live (1990, ao vivo)
The Fall of the House of Usher (1991)
Fireships (1992)
The Noise (1993)
There Goes The Daylight (1993, ao vivo)
The Calm - After The Storm (1993, compilação)
The Storm - Before The Calm (1993, compilação)
Offensichtlich Goldfisch (1993, compilação em alemão)
Roaring Forties (1994)
The Peel Sessions (1995)
X my Heart (1996)
Past Go: Collected ( 1996, compilação)
Tides (1996)
Sonix (1997)
Everyone You Hold (1997)
This (1998)
Typical. Solo Performances (1999, ao vivo em 1992)
The Appointed Hour (com Roger Eno, 1999)
None of Above (2000)
What, Now? (2001)
The Margin + (2002, ao vivo em 1985)
The Thin Man sings Ballads (2002, compilação)
Clutch (2002)
Incoherence (2004)
Veracious (2006)
Singularity (2007)
Thin Air (2009]
Pno, Gtr, Vox Live (2011)
Pno, Gtr, Vox Box (2012)
Consequences (2012)
...All That Might Have Been... (2012)
From the Trees (2017)
Not Yet Not Now (2019)
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