Price of admission to the Gouveia Art Rock 2018, including VAT:
      – Two-day ticket, 5th & 6th de May, 75 Euros, sold out;
      – GAR Pal ticket (two-day ticket with premium seating in centre rows, 5th & 6th de May), 89 Euros, sold out.
      – 19th March [2:00 pm] - 3th May: all tickets will be available for purchase on this site only;
      – 10th April - 6th May: all tickets will be available for purchase on this site and at the Teatro-Cine de Gouveia.
      Tickets can be purchased from Gouveia Municipality, on this site by filling in the purchase form available below.
      After tickets availability confirmation e-mailed to you by the Gouveia Art Rock event organisers, please choose your payment method:
      – by bank transfer using the following data:
            PT50 0010 0000 9031 2000 1017 7
      – by Paypal (in this case select operation costs on account of buyer or please add 3,30 Euro by ticket for sharing operation costs; if you prefer to be charged with costs, please select that option and don't need to add 3,30 Euro by ticket). After selecting the Send Money tab, please enter
in Recipient's E-mail and the amount in € (euros).
Obtaining your Tickets
      The tickets can be collected at the ticket booth of the Teatro-Cine de Gouveia
      If you wish to receive your tickets by registered postal mail, please mention your willing and add 5,50 Euros for shipping and handling. They will be sent on 10th April.
      Unavailable. Tickets are sold out.