@ GAR 2017


origin England, 1972
line-up at GAR 2017
Graham Taylor – guitars
Graham Preskett – keyboards, violin, mandolin
Keith Thompson – flute, crumhorn
Brian Gulland – bassoon, crumhorn
Dave Oberlé – vocals, drums, percussion
Rory McFarlane – bass guitar
synopsis Gryphon is the oldest and the newest thing – a legendary British band that’s as exhilarating, energetic, unpredictable and addictive now as it was when the boys last toured, in the 1970s.
Gryphon’s music? It’s just as it always was – odd, different, good-humouredly dazzling. It’s mainly acoustic, with crumhorns and bassoons alongside guitars, keyboards and a battery of percussion. Every gig involves at least 40 instruments, so the textures can be pretty varied and unfamiliar.
Gryphon, as ever, is the antidote to genres. Whatever you expect, you’ll get something different, surprising, and exciting.
discography Gryphon (1973)
Midnight Mushrumps (1969)
Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974)
Raindance (1975)
Treason (1977)
About as Curious as It Can Be (2002)
Glastonbury Carol (2003)
Reinvention (2018)
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