Guitar Chords

Young Man's Fancy

words and music by Edward Baird
chords transcribed by Eduardo Mota

Capo on 2nd fret


	D*   - xx0775          Em   - 022000
	A*   - xx0655          Bm   - 224432
	G*   - xx0433          A    - 002220
	D    - xx0232          G    - 320003
	D/F# - 200232

D*   A*   G*   D


D*        A*                   G*
Here's to my acquaintance, and companion

D                 Em
Lift your glass

  D       Bm    A            G
I love you, and leave you

   D G     D            Em   A
I do, give you, all my best

D*        A*
Here's to lovely lasses

G*             D              Em
Who by now are sleeping sound

   D       Bm    A            G
We miss you, and kiss you

    D   G   D            Em A   D*   A* G* D
We will, until we can no longer hope

Bm               A              G      D
And I would spread the softest ground

           G            D
For you to walk around

           Em   D/#F  G     A
If I could be   your  right hand

Bm               A      G            D
I'd bless the seed that I would sow

         G                   D
And hope that it would grow

       Em   D/#F  G    A
Into a sight to   hold you

And we could have the richest thing
To make your songbird sing
A tale to haunt the evening.
Then I would give you every note
Of every song I wrote
For them to ring forever

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