Guitar Chords


words and music by Edward Baird
chords transcribed by Eduardo Mota

G          C
Soft sulky lady

    D            G
You pick up your face

    Em         Am D
And come on to me here

G            C
Why think at your age

         D        G
That you're not a prize

   Em         Am  D
I promise you are dear

C        G
You come with me

C         G
On to the Festival

C       G           C         D
We will have us one hell of a time.


If you're not sure
On the flattering side
Of the pose that you're taking
I'll put you right
On the faltering verse
Of a song in the making
You come with me
On to the Festival
We will have us, one hell of a time

G         C      G    bass: G A B
Dance all sundry dance

Am         C          D 
Spare your children a glance

G      D/F# Em
Praise romance

    Am        C      D
And dance all sundry dance

G        C      G    bass: G A B
Sing all sundry sing

Am        C           D
Take your partner and cling

G     D/F# Em
Swirl and  fling

    Am       C      D
And sing all sundry sing

     G G7
It's easy

         C  C/B    Am
You just do what I say

G       D/F#
Can you hear me?

 'Young Man's Fancy' Guitar Chords