Guitar Chords

Celestial Light

words and music by John Gladwin
chords transcribed by Manuel Alvarez

A                       A+   A
Sparkling dew soaks the dawn grass,

#F-            B-         E
Announcing the nightime's decay

        A            A+       A
Morning larks on the lawns massed

     B-            E
Signify a new born day

         A             A+  A
Welcomed rays that the sun casts.

      #F-          B-          E
Gleam brighter in every single way.


    A               D
Now from the dismal gloom

     E                A
Of nights incarcerate tomb

D      A    D A  E    A
Shines your celestial light

D  A  D   A  E   A
Heavenly, sacred sight,

D     A  D A E     A
Shine on celestial light 

You're as fresh as the daybreak
As radiant as the early morning sun
All the weathering of the years make
Your splendour a sight second to none
And mortals from their sleep will wake
To view you for a thousand years on.



A B-  #C-   D     E   D     E  A
Cathedral's spark set light to dark 

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