Fantasia Lindum cover LP - Island Records, ILPS 9310 (UK, 1971)  
LP - Orizzonte (Island), ORL 8302
(Italy, 1971)  
CD - Edsel Records, EDCD 459
(UK, 1996)  
Amazing Blondel:
Fantasia Lindum

  1. Fantasia Lindum: [20:13]
    a) Prelude and Theme;
    b) Song: Swifts, Swains, Leafy Lanes;
    c) Dance: Jig Upon Jig; Theme (lutes and recorder);
    d) Dance (Galliard): God Must Doubt;
    e) Song: Lincolnshire Lullaby;
    f) Dance: Basse Dance; Theme (lute duet);
    g) Dance: Quatre Dance Pavan;
    h) Song: Celestial Light (for Lincoln Cathedral);
    i) Dance: Coranto; Theme (lutes and recorders);
    j) End.
  2. To Ye [3:24]
  3. Safety In God Alone [4:49]
  4. Two Dances: [1:56]
    a) Almaine*;
    b) Bransle For My Ladys' Delight.
  5. Three Seasons Almaine [3:32]
  6. Seige of Yaddlethorpe** [2:30]
Musicians: John David Gladwin - second lute, lead vocals, double bass, theorbe.
Terence Alan Wincott - recorders, vocals, piano, crumhorn, harpsichord, harmonium, other woodwind
Edward Baird - first lute, vocals, glockenspiel, dulcimer, guitar
+ Jim Capaldi - drums
Other credits: Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith
Recorded at Island Studios
Engineered by Phil Brown
Photography and graphics by Visualeyes
© Island Records Ltd 1971

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