'England' cover LP - Island ILPS 9327
(UK, 1972)
CD - Si-Wan SRM 0041
(South Korea, 1995)
CD - Edsel Records EDCD 501
(UK, 1996)
Amazing Blondel:

  1. Seascape [6:13]
    (John Gladwin)
  2. Landscape [7:38]
    (John Gladwin)
  3. Afterglow [3:40]
    (John Gladwin)
  4. A Spring Air [3:41]
    (John Gladwin)
  5. Cantus Firmus to Counterpoint [3:21]
  6. Sinfonia for Guitar and Strings [3:11]
    (from the suite 'For My Ladys Delight')
    (Edward Baird)
  7. Dolor Dulcis (Sweet Sorrow) [3:25]
  8. Lament to the Earl of Battesford Beck
    [3:11] (Terence Wincott)
Musicians: John David Gladwin - second guitar, lead vocals, double bass, tabor, tubular bells.
Terence Alan Wincott - vocals, flute, recorders, harmonium, pipe organ, mellotron, bongos, assorted percussion.
Edward Baird - first guitar, vocals, dulcimer, twelve string guitar, percussion.
+ Adrian Hopkins - harpsichord and string arrangements
+ Jaque La Roche - strings conductor
Other credits: Produced by Blondel and Phil Brown
Recorded at Island Studios
Engineered by Phil Brown
Painting by Colin Carr
Photography by Shepard Sherbell
Graphics by CCS
© Island Records Ltd 1972

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