E n g l a n d
(Songs published by Daisy Music* and Island Music+)


Verse 1
Strains of delight come greet my ears
such music sweet can ease all fears,
as windy waves upon the shore
do calm the cormorant by their roar.

Wistfully watching I wonder
as ships go out to sea,
at mariners yonder
and how their lives must be.
With oceans to wander coves of tranquillity
oh none could be fonder
of his sailors life than he.

Verse 2
Sights of beauty come soothe my eyes.
Paint pictures pure to flay disguise,
unchartered coastlines to appraise.


Middle 8
Through foul or fair
all tempests you'll bear
yet show not a care
for the danger you're in.
You leave all behind
trade kin and your kind
for capstan to wind
and a yarn to spin.

Verse 3
Idyll of grandeur excite my mind,
conjure up peace with adventure entwined;
Crystal clear fathoms and myriad wrecks,
attired in booty arrayed on their decks.


Verse 1
Silence, stillness hangs brittle by the breeze.
Break it not, leave it free,
for that quiet is sound to me,
lilting from each flower, a melody to see,
Mellow meadow, your mood steeped in cadence
view each note, see it pass
Sustained by the swaying grass,
Treasured tune of nature, sedate supernal mass.

Chorus Landscape splendour, spirit mender,
no extent of beauty equalls yours.
Season sender, harsh and tender
answer to all yearnings and yet their cause.

Verse 2
Shafts of sunlight shine thinly through the trees.
Golden rays, parched with dust
thirst for clarity and just
a little glimpse of life down beneath this foliar crust.
Womblike woodland, one chaste copse confined,
Stay untouched, undefiled,
all God's garden growing wild,
Blooming forth in freedom so sweetly reconciled.


Middle 8
Unending, time suspending,
Terrestrial creation.

Verse 3
Rainstorm rapids rush swollen down the slopes,
cleansing all in their path,
not one stone left unbathed
just waterpools and wormscasts remain as aftermath,
Holy hillside, the alter of the plains,
All is seen from your brow,
to that face the four winds bow,
As maji to the Saviour and oxen to their plough.



Verse 1
Vespers bell tolls days departure
resounding it's plaintive knell
the cowherd drives his cattle homewards
as sunlight bids a fading farewell.

Warm Afterglow, how discreetly you flow
casting twilight's halo, on the dimming day.
Calm Afterglow, bathe each hill and hedgerow
in a scarlet shadow, slipping slowly grey.

Verse 2
Shirehorse ploughs one final furrow
gaping nostrils snorting steam,
the yearling bows her head in slumber
while Sandman spurs a world to dream.


Middle 8
Advent of night,
soothing sight,
seamans delight.

Verse 3
Bustling woodland slows to stillness,
quiet save for the blackbirds cry
a crimson aura braids the skyline
urging languid day to die.


A Spring Air*

Verse 1
Spring is here, the days grow long,
Skies are clear now Winter's gone
and dreams of love approach reality.
The once bare boughs of lilac trees
are haunted now by honey bees
and all the world exudes vitality.

Weather's fine, leaves are green
buds start blossoming, air feels clean
and young hearts fancies turn to love
and young hearts fancies turn to love.

Verse 2
Fresh green grass in bluebelled wood
adorns the ground where snow once stood
and lark ascending sings on scented air.
Such fragrance sweet are you my love,
that voice unseats both lark and dove
and beauty bold reposes in your stare.


Verse 3
Let Cupid's bow unleash it's darts
to land the blows on Spring sweethearts,
for in this season lovers choose their ways,
so let us too succumb to love,
we'll melt as do the clouds above
when suns illustrious rays condense the haze.


Cantus Firmus to Counterpoint*+

Verse 1
Rejoice this harvestide, Alleluia.
Grateful for our countryside, Alleluia.
Mother earth yields her wheat, Alleluia.
Food For all the world to eat, Alleluia.

Alleluia etc.

Verse 2
Rejoice this Christmas tide, Alleluia.
Barriers of the world divide, Alleluia.
Peace on earth, goodwill to men, Alleluia.
Gives us cause to sing again, Alleluia.


Dolor Dulcis (Sweet Sorrow)*+

Verse 1
Steeples and Spires,
inglenook fires,
once warm desires
take my mind
back through a maze
of frolics and frays,
we spent the days
hearts entwined.

Tears and smiles blend my sweet sorrow
memories of a love now past.
Grief defiles the joy I borrow
from romance so unsteadfast.

Verse 2
Swift flowing streams,
silver moonbeams,
my broken dreams,
lie around.
Echoing rhymes,
of happier times
but now their chimes
cease to sound


Middle 8
How long can I
live this fools lie,
striving in vain
to ease loves pain.

Verse 3
Moments of bliss,
thoughts such as this
I should dismiss
and I've tried
to no avail
I falter and fail,
hopelessly frail,
torn inside.