Fantasia Lindum
(All songs published by Island Music)

Swifts, Swains, and Leafy Lanes

Swifts and swains, leafy lanes,
This country brings them near,
As a lover to his lass
And a woodsman to his deer.
Swifts and swains, leafy lanes,
This country brings them near,
Resplendent in its finery

Verse 1:
Thoughts of field and pasture, enrapture
And capture fair memories of my youth.
Days of love and laughter, yet laughter, thereafter
Allayed to leave but truth


Verse 2:
Scenes of church and priory inspire me
And fire me to dwell on times gone by.
Hours of merry making when pleasures were for taking
How can they all die now


Middle 8
the pain of my forlorn love has been
This countryside of Lincol Green

Verse 3:
Evetide warblers trilling, with dulcet tones instilling,
Ideas wich weren't denied.
Yet brief was your bold passion
For one man was not fashion
So love is cast aside.


God Must Doubt

Your beauty is perfection as two notes rhymed in harmony
Your faults, I can detect none, for God must doubt there are any

Lincolshire Lullaby

Song of lovebir, speed soon to your window.
Oh lady be mine tonight
Verses of sweet words, speak soft by your pillow.
To woo you while sun slips from sight

Evening descending, day's at an ending
The ploughboy lays down his share
Lincoln sleeps still, from valley to hill,
The silence of night is there.

May gardens of roses, crimsoned fragrance expounding
Adorn your dreamfields tonight.
And as day closes, waning with twilight surrounding
Then let our love's eager flame burn bright


While woodland's sleeping
No-one is peeping
Just moonbeams leaping

Thus falls the darkness, watching the world lie yawning,
It turns the day safe tonight.
So sleep sound my darling, slumber on till the morning
Brings forth her blessed blanket of light.


Celestial Light

Verse 1
Sparkling dew soaks the dawn grass,
Announcing the nightime's decay
Morning larks on the lawns massed
Signify a new born day
Welcomed rays that the sun casts.
Gleam brighter in every single way.

Now from the dismal gloom
Of nights incarcerate tomb
Shines your celestial light
Heavenly, sacred sight,
Shine on celestial light
A year's full cycle
Are dead and gone long ago
Lambs are playing Sherwood's arraying
Her leafy splendour for to show

Verse 2
You're as fresh as the daybreak
As radiant as the early morning sun
All the weathering of the years make
Your splendour a sight second to none
And mortals from their sleep will wake
To view you for a thousand years on.


Middle 8
Cathedral's spark set light to dark

To Ye

Verse 1:
Your glances are showing,
That love's seed is growing,
Its shoot sprouting, flowing sincerely.
And tho' you'll not say it
You hope and you pray it
Will bloom and display itself clearly.

Take these arms, clasp them hard
Love is all that matters now so forget your coy facade
Take this heart, scathed and scarred
It is all I have to give and it's all I'll expect you to guard

Verse 1:
Your face is telling
That love's grain is swelling
All bounderies excelling, steadily
But you'll not admit it,
You'll try to outwit it,
And lose, so you'll quit it, quite readily


Middle 8:
Sweetheart, sweetheart, please let me now
Your true feelings, the ones you daren't show

Verse 3:
Your barriers are breaking,
And steps that I'm taking,
Will find out you're faking indifference.
For your eyes are speaking,
With looks slowly weakening,
Saying love's what you're seeking, in preference.


Three Seasons Almaine

Verse 1:
Now is the springtide gay
When lambs frolic and play
And buds burst all around,
Thrush with beauteous song
Thru' each fair Mayday long
Exalts its dulcet sound.
But sweetheart thru' this season, there seems no sense of reason,
For tho' I ask each day
Yet still you answer nay
To be my queen uncrowned

Tho' there are no words of romance,
From those lips I long to kiss,
In faith I shall still worthship you
Sweet mistress think on this.

Verse 2:
Summer now is here
When days so long and so clear
Grace blossoms cheerful sight,
Cygnets shed their down,
The owls loses its frown,
For milder is the night,
Yet sweethesrt thu' this season there seems no sense of reason
For tho' I beg you still
Our love for to fulfil
Your answer's no outright.


Verse 3:
Autumn's saffron scene
Of apple trees pickled clean
Is pleasing to our eyes,
Shades of ageing gold
Bring comfort from the cold
And brighten grey-clad skies,
Yet sweetheart thru' this season there seems no sense of reason,
For all my pleas to you
Are straightaway shunned 'in the lieu'
Of reasoned replies.


Safety in God Alone

Verse 1:
Lighten our darkness, and show the way
To a land of love and plenty and a pillow for my head to lay
Oh Lord this burden's tiresome and weakness makes me stray
Oh guide this lonely soul, in hope to You I pray.
You'll try to outwit it,
And lose, so you'll quit it, quite readily

Light up all your candles
Keep the vigil tonight,
Praying for salvation
For it's always just in sight

Verse 1:
Tho' life is filled with hardships and mortal flesh is frail,
Out striving for perfection seems always doomed to fail.
Don't despair faint hearted, lift up your mourning veils
And forge on fearlessly, seek out that Holy Grail.


Verse 3:
And when times are troubled and seeds of fear are sown,
The world appears to crumble, and dreams are turned to stone,
Beware evil doers, for all your sins atone,
And heed the pilgrims cry "safety in God alone".