'Woman in the Wings' cover

LP - Chrysalis CHR 1185 (UK, 1978)
LP - Phonogram 6307 627 (GER)
LP - Takoma 7078 (US)
CD - BGO Records BGOCD215 (UK, 1994)

Maddy Prior:
Woman in the Wings
  1. Woman In The Wings [5:21]
  2. Cold Flame [3:41]
  3. Mother And Child [1:55]
  4. Gutter Geese [3:33]
  5. Rollercoaster [3:46]
  6. Deep Water [2:19]
  7. Long Shadows [3:35]
  8. I Told You So [2:34]
  9. Rosettes [3:31]
  10. Catseyes [2:47]
  11. Baggy Pants [2:57]
All compositions by Maddy Prior
musicians: Maddy Prior - vocals
Andy Roberts - guitar
Barriemore Barlow - drums
John Glascock - bass
David Palmer - keyboards
David Olney- bass
Martin Barre - guitar solo
Barry Booth - piano
Ian Anderson - flute
John Halsey - drums
Bob Gill - guitar
Shona Anderson, Cherry Gillespie - backing vocals
other credits: Arrangements by David Palmer
Leader of Strings: Patrick Halling
Leader of Brass: Don Morgan
Produced by Ian Anderson, David Palmer
    and Robin Black
Recorded at Maison Rouge
Engineered by Robin Black
© 1978 Chrysalis Records Ltd.

L y r i c s

Woman In The Wings

She watches anxiously
Helpless to protect
The girl in the goldfish bowl of light
The jigging marionette
And the woman in the wings
She worries when she sings out of key

The dancer as she twirls
Oblivious and calm
With tossed curls and swirls
She will face any storm
But the woman in the wings
She fidgets with her rings and wrings her hands

The puppet on the stage
Elusive and calm
Buttered and bruised
She collapses in the arms
Of the woman in the wings
Who gently takes the strings, leads her away

To a private dressing dressing room
She takes the doll apart
And packs her away in the wardrobe
Til the next show starts
Then the woman in the wings
Collects up all her things and goes home

Cold Flame

Clouds crush the setting sun
The sky is darkening grey
Restless whispering
The summer's blown away
Bleak deserted arbors
That speak of absent friends
God forsaken wasteland
In time all friendship ends

Flame sears the sullen air
Scorching my land
Yonder swoops the black crow
To the wind's command
Your body is warm
But your brain is cold
Leaving me lonely
Only emptiness to hold

The spine of love is snapped
There is nothing to be said
But the hollow in my belly
Sends an echo through my head
I ache to see you
To laugh with you again
But the voice that once caressed me
Is filled with disdain

Like a hurricane you came and shook my innocence
You woke me in every sense
And I ran bemused and excited, curious and delighted
But I could not hold you, like the wind you moved on
I stood rooted like a fool waiting for the sun

And bare trees trace their story
Of death of the sky
And the savage winter wind
Has a tear in its eye

Mother And Child

"Why do you laugh so loud?"
Said the mother to her child
"To stop myself from crying"
The child replied

"Then why do you cry all night"
Said the mother to her child
"To stop my laughter waking you"
The child replied

"Where are all your friends from school?"
Said the mother to her child
"All married off to mortgages"
The child replied

"Oh why do you not marry?"
Said the mother to her child
"Because, because, because"
The child replied

"Why not marry and have children?"
Said the mother to her child
"You ask too many questions"
The child replied

"But it's only because I love you"
Said the mother to her child
"That's why I cannot answer"
The child replied

Gutter Geese

Come be merry, be my friend
Come let me see the best side of you
Come be merry, be my friend
Come let me be good friends to you

Gay as a goose in the gutter
Merry as a mice in malt
If we've got a ha'porth of liveliness
What care we're below the salt


Happy as a sandboy building
Castles in the air
Flag waving from the mast
In a world without a care


May your castles never crumble
Dreams never fade
Run to meet the sunshine
Don't be drawn to the shade


Deep Water

I've been in a long day dream
Of scheme and fantasy
My thoughts come back in words
To mock me
My flimsy boat I've set a sailing
On dark and stormy seas
Midst tempest wailing
But while I've been away
My friend I have forgotten
I have not thought of him
Nor letter written

My vessels overflowes
With leaks sprung in its side
And here I'm left a-drifting
Lonely in the tide
But I must head for harbour
To put my ship in order
And see my friend again
Across the water

For it's just been a long day dream

Long Shadows

When long shadows fall and dwarf the trees at evening
When white winter light burnishes the streams
Then I will bring you a coat of soft lambs wool
To keep your back from the keen northern wind

When snow shames the sheep that huddle to the leeward
When snowdrops peep from darkness unfurled
Then I will bring you boots with fur linings
To keep your feet dry as you walk o'er the world

When home becomes a prison and snowdrifts lock the door
When February Fildyke drenches the moor
When black rain freezes and whips at your hand
Then I will bring you a carriage with wheels of wind
To take you away from this barren land


Singing for supper round the world
I've laughed in the afternoon
I have danced after the pubs have closed
By the bandstand under the moon
I've been drunk and I've been sober
I've been happy and I've been sad
But there never was a tour
Like the one we just had

And the roller coaster rolls round
We all know it's slow going up
But just watch how fast it comes down

Junk food after mid-night
Hotel breakfast no champagne
Coffee quiet moments
And manic backstage games
Flying high on a good night
Racing down the aisles
With the surge of sound and power
Reflecting wicked smiles


And I head an old lady
With a ghost of a voice
Singing time worn songs
Learnt in childhood
They are graceful heroic songs
In a style out of time
Sung in the only way she knows she could
And they come up fresh as morning dew
But there gems will last
To sparkle in the dark
A magic lantern of the past


I Told You So

You said it would be romantic
That moonlighting was the thing
Eloping in a ten year old van
Fixed with string
And after all the packing
Secrecy and fuss
We never got past Watford
And we had to come home by bus
Early to bed and off to work next day
My parents never even noticed
We'd been away

But don't say I didn't warn you
I told you so
You were too stubborn to listen
I said you'd come unstuck
I said you'd come unglued
You wouldn't listen to reason

A registry office marriage
I said was a mistake
Your mother laughed the whole time
And your brother cut the cake
I wanted priest and church
A proper white wedding
And a sober best man
Might not have lost the ring
Honeymoon in Norfolk
You went fishing all the time
In Majorca at least
We might have caught some sunshine


A home of our own
You turned do-it-yourself
I told you'd better be off
To leave it to somebody else
You did the plumbing
Now the cistern's upside down
The hot water's cold
And the cold water's brown
Then there was the other thing
You even got that wrong
Here we are with seven kids
And we only wanted one



Rosettes are pinned on the wardrobe
Certificates hang by the door
It's horses and horses and horses again
That's all she seems to live for
Then comes the day
She'll put them away
Hide herself secretly
In a diary with a lock and a key

She's galloping, galloping over the plain
The young girls are galloping, galloping again,
Holding their horses and reigning them back
Handling stallions with bridle and tack
It'll help them to handle the men in their lives
Horses will teach them to ride
Horses will teach them to ride

Four legs are sold for four wheels
No more Sunday afternoon chills
Instead of outside in the cold and the damp
She's indoors finding new thrills
And she knows what it meant
By a three day event
And life is one long hunter trial
And she'll challenge it all with a smile

She's galloping, galloping over the plain
The young girls are galloping, galloping again,
Horses for courses they're spurring them on
Gentling geldings to ride to the hounds
It'll help them to handle the men in their lives
Horses will teach them to ride
Horses will teach them to ride

Galloping, galloping, galloping, ...


Lead heavenly catseye light
Wind through lane and street
It may be many a day
Ere I come to the one I seek

Neon beads that thread the night
Reveal the road that dips from sight
In the smooth sweep of a main road

A sane road
Not by a drunken toad
And it leads me to my love


Now he is a world away
His passions they have changed
He is but a young lad

A bonny lad
And his laughter makes me sad
For to me he's estranged


Baggy Pants

I love to see you shuffle
In your baggy pants
I love I love to dance

I could love you honey
I could be yours for life
I could love you honey
If you didn't have a wife


The way that you roll me
And call me your pet
Ooo the way I love it
When you stroke my neck


The way you wear your hat
Way down over your eyes
Makes me believe that may be
You could be telling lies


If you are the man
That I've been waiting for
I'll wait some more

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