[Changing Winds cover]
LP - Chrysalis CHR 1203 (UK, 1978)
LP - Chrysalis 51-1203 ( NL)
LP - Phonogram 6307 627 (GER)
LP - Takoma 7079 (US)
CD - Shanachie CD 79059 (US)
CD - BGO Records BGOCD213 (UK, 1993)
Maddy Prior:
Changing Winds
  1. To Have And To Hold [4:07]
  2. Pity the Poor Night Porter [3:59]
  3. Bloomers [2:59]
  4. Accapella Stella* [1:43]
  5. Canals [5:28]
  6. The Sovereign Prince [8:42]
  7. Ali Baba [2:52]
  8. The Mountain** [3:38]
  9. In Fighting [3:24]
  10. Another Drink [3:23]
All compositions by Maddy Prior, except * by Rick Kemp and ** by Sarah Deco
musicians: Maddy Prior - vocals
Richie Close - keyboards
Doug Morter - lead guitar, backing vocals
John O'Connor - electric and acoustic guitars
Kevin Savigar - keyboards
Rick Kemp - bass, backing vocals
John Lingwood - drums, percussion
B. J. Cole - pedal steel guitar
David Hassell - percussion
Glyn Thomas - syndrums
Malcolm Peet - bottleneck guitar
Philip Todd - saxophone, clarinet
Sarah Deco - piano, backing vocals
Chris Stainton - piano
Barbara Dickson - backing vocals
other credits: Strings arranged and conducted by Richie Close
Leader of Strings: Jack Rothstein
Produced by David Rohl
Recorded at DJM Studios (London)
Engineered by Dick Plant
Photography by Ken Griffiths and Allan Ballard
Art direction by Peter Wagg
© 1978 Chryslis Records Ltd.

L y r i c s

To Have And To Hold

In the dark continents of famine
The swollen bellied children stare
But apathy defeats despair
Unfortunates in place and time
Surely someday the bells must chime for you

To have and to hold
The have nots have always been told
Their day will come
So they sit and watch and wait
While fate fails to deliver
They sit and shiver through the cold light of day

In the mean lands of the plenty
In empty rooms everywhere
The sad eyed lovers stare
At letters or at telephones
Praying for loved ones to come home again


The waiting and the yearning
The burning turning inside out
The silent shout of need
Gentle tempting whispered greed
Will twist your heart and turn your head about

2x Chorus

Pity the Poor Night Porter

Pity the poor night porter
When the band comes to town
Calling for refreshments
Ham and Cheese all round
Pity the poor night porter
When the road crew comes in
Calling for refreshments
Whisky, beer and gin

He's sleeping in the corner
Hoping that the bell won't ring
It's been ringing for an hour
He can't hear a thing
His ears are stopped, his nose is blocked
The heating's up to high
The window sills are all nailed up
The air is bone dry


He's a quiet man in a quiet suit
Well liked by his friends
A man that never borrows
And a man that never lends
Five kids in rented digs
Alice for a wife
He took a job at night
To earn a quiet life


No lift, late shift
Working overtime
No tip, all lip
Tacky pantomime
Two stars no bars
Prohibition comedy
He'd give you anything you want
But the waiter took the key



Fine English rose in rich soil she grows
Old walls shield her from the wind that blows
Resulting cultivation supplied with every need
Seeking for a weed that's of the right seed

Proud purple thistle it's wiser not to pluck
Growing where she can, she never waits for luck
Brought up in a hard school thistle down the wind
Raised on blunt words more sinned against than sinned

Stinking plants in the hedgerows
With grim grit will flourish
While nicely bred orchids
Wilt in the front window florist
But dark mother earth
Will catch them all up
And trample them back into the forest

The vamp of vegetation the scarlet poppy flirts
Laughs as she dances flaunting flimsy skirts
Tempting the senses with her milk white juice
Sensual opium determined to seduce

Independent wallflower careered through her youth
And caught unawares she turns to face the truth
Laughs at the battle of the sexes, but listens for the sound
Of strife and separation to declare the second round


Accapella Stella

Accappella Stella she don't need a man
Only the occasional one night stand
Never to rely on any handy man
She walks beautiful by herself

Accappella Stella she does everything
Baking her own bread and making silver rings
Doesn't need a band although she loves to sing
She sings beautiful by herself

Accappella Stella you're a world beating fella
Of a new kind
There's no way to tell her she'll be sharing
An umbrella
When the rain starts she won't mind

Accappella Stella beat you any game
All the girls around they seem to be the same
Now they're liberated there's no need to change
They look beautiful by themselves



We'll take a long boat along the canal
Free from the road and the rail
We'll sail along just the two of us
We'll walk just the two of us
We'll talk just the two of us together

We'll take a long weekend my friend and me
Away from the car and the phone
We'll roam alone just the two of us
We'll walk just the two of us
We'll talk just the two of us together

We'll sit in the sunshine on a fine blue day
And watch all the world drift away
And stay alone just the two of us
We'll walk just the two of us
We'll talk just the two of us together

Ali Baba

Ali Baba burning the midnight oil
He don't fret and he don't toil
But who will put out the light
Who can compete with those Arabian Nights?

In the desert a nomad is no bad thing
Pitch your tent next to a Bedouin
But choose a good date to read your palm
And listen to the words of the desert song


In the harems in Baghdad how bazaar
Veiled in the back of a Cadillac car
The Saracen swords fought the infidel hordes
Richard the Lionheart and the Christendom Lords


Conspicuous in purda down Harley Street
The Sheiks of the desert got the system beat
But all the warriors of Islam
Never did win what the oil has won


The Sovereign Prince

The mariner is sailing
Sailing across the sea
Seeking out the enemy
Bringing spices back home to me

Spanish gold for the taking
At the harbour of Cadiz
Their fleet they left a-blazing
On the Ocean bed, stone cold, her cannons lie

Eldorado lies a shimmering
Shimmering like a mirage
Luring the merchant venturers
On a brutal grim and overlong voyage

Treasure laden galleons
Lemons, melons and quince
Strange exotic cargo
Gift and garlands fit for the Prince

And Gloriana rules with a woman's wiles
Plays the coquette with politics and smiles
A computer for a brain in the body of a child
All temper and guile

And the girls on the beach
They are lying out of reach
They rub oil on their skins
And roll in the sand of hated Spain

And the girls in sidewalk bars
Drink their coffee, smoke their cigars
And laugh at the waiting maid
Who covers afraid of the Prince

And Gloriana in stiff starched lace
With pearls in her hair and thunder on her face
Screams with rage: Has God left this place?
There's no God in this place

And the girls on the phone
Ring collect when they call home
And talk inconsequent
Will pass in a moment a thousand miles

And the girls in the airport lounge
Are awaiting the tannoy sound
For the flight to Brazil
With a couple of weeks to kill in the sun

And Gloriana so harsh and chaste
The soldier in her breast is raging at the waste
Of Victories lost and battles left unfaced
For want of such haste

And the girls in high-strapped shoes
With a tan they never lose
Wear the cross of gold
In memory of stories told in Sunday School

And the girls without the Church
Leave their lovers in the church
But seldom sleep alone
And think no more of Rome than a tourist town

And Gloriana sits slumped on the throne
Her head in her hands is weeping alone
Dreaming of the past and times that are gone
Dreams of time to come

And the mariner is sailing
Sailing across the sea
Seeking out the enemy
Bringing spices back home to me

Bring me my scallops shell of quiet
My staff of faith to walk upon
My scrip of joy, immortal diet
My bottle of salvation
My Gown of glory, hopes true gauge
And thus I'll take my pilgrimage


The Mountain

Lady lives on a mountain
Lover lives below in the town
Every morning and night he calls to her
Calls to her to make the sacrifice

And the mountain is of his making
And she is still waiting for his love

She tried so hard to reach the standards set for her
And to hide the feelings angels never have
But is was only his fear that stopped him getting too near
And only her shame that made her feel the same


As day breaks over the mountain
The mist clears and the icy slopes dissolve
Mist made the mountain look so beautiful
But left so many problems unsolved


In Fighting

I know you can take care of yourself, he said as he slugged her on the chin
No I can't she screamed at him as she kicked him in the shin
Plates were flying everywhere, cruel words fouled the air
The neighbours heard every word but they were too fare gone to care

In fighting, in fighting
Starting a relationship at the end of an affair
In fighting, in fighting
Ruthless when you should be taking care

After hours of loving togetherness, the strain was finally felt
The teapot hit his forehead but the insults went below the belt
Not the crystal she pleaded anything but the cut glass
But it only proved incentive and it hit the wall an impressive crash


He tore her best friends apart, she tore his best clothes
He bruised her delicate ego and she bruised his elegant nose


But as the day was dawning and all the words were finally said
They shrugged in confusion and fell exhausted back on the bed


Another Drink

Happy hour highballs at half price
Tequila and vermouth without ice
Peanuts first
To stimulate a thirst
A simple effective sales device

But I'm not going to take another drink
I'm never going to take another drop
I said it last night and the night before
But this time I'm really going to stop

Fine old Bristol sherry we've quaffed
Got sossled, got maudlin and we've laughed
Boozy and beery
Stinking and leery
Drinking real ale sold on draught


It makes you fat and fuzzy in the head
And I'm sick of drinking alka seltzer every night before I go to bed
Lemonade's fine
With just a touch of white wine
So maybe I'll drink that instead


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