A  L E T T E R   F R O M
 M a d d y   P r i o r
Time for Maddy to Leave the Bus

        I have worked in, and enjoyed enormously, working with the band Steeleye Span for 28 years. People have often asked me how I manage to fit in all my various musical activities. I have juggled Steeleye, 'solo' work, assorted projects, the Carnival Band and a demanding home life for some time. With mixed success.

        Finally I feel a decision has to be made, and having been the only one to have never left the band, I've decided to view it all from the outside for a change. So from the end of the October Tour 1997 I shall cease to work with Steeleye.

        Whether this will ultimately result in a permanent separation, I don't know. Having done a massive 44-day Farewell Tour in 1978, I feel less confident about making dramatic and irrevocable gestures in these more mature years.

        Suffice it to say, I wish them all the best of luck, and am certain that they will continue to delight audiences for many years.


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