'The Long Hello Vol. 1' cover

LP - United Artists, UA 29718
(Italy, 1974)
LP - numbered edition, no label
(UK, 1976)
LP - Butt NOTT 002 (UK, 19??)
LP - Philips 9286 854 (France, 1977)
CD - Zoomart Records, ZOMCD004
(UK, 1993)


The Long Hello Vol. 1

  1. The Theme from (Plunge) [5:31]
    (D. Jackson)
  2. The O Flat Session [5:32]
    (P. Messina)
  3. Morris to Cape Roth [6:33]
    (D. Jackson)
  4. Brain Seizure [4:01]
    (H, Banton)
  5. Fairhazel Gardens [7:56]
    (D. Jackson & P. Messina)
  6. Looking at You [6:16]
    (D. Jackson)
  7. I've Lost My Cat [8:28]
    (D. Jackson)
Musicians: David Jackson - saxes, flutes, piano
Guy Evans - drums
Hugh Banton - all instruments (4); bass (2)
Nic Potter - bass Ced Curtis - electric guitar; bass (5) Piero Messina - electric and acoustic guitar; piano
Other credits: Produced by Guy Evans
Engineered by Hugh Banton
Recorded at Foel Studios, Wales, August 1973
Mixed at Chalk Farm Studios, London
Sleeve by Graphic Workshop
© 1993 Zomart

Sound Samples

R e l e a s e   N o t e s

        The Long Hello was first possible by fans. In 1973, I wanted to create an outlet for collaborations involving former Van der Graaf members and others, free from the angst of record company involvement and the dreaded necessity to maintain a permanent band. Some close friends I had first met as Van der Graaf fans offered to finance the project. I set about finding a location, equipment and assistance, this, in days long before the availability of cheap compact multi-track machines. Finally, I a derelict farmhouse in Wales, a 3m machine and a valve mixing desk, both very ancient and Hugh Banton, recruited not, at his insistence, as a musician but as a technical advisor and engineer, since, at the time my technical knowledge was non-existent and my engineering experience, nil. There then followed the peculiar mix of musical design and random event wich has characterized the Long hello ever since. Large numbers of Italians came and went, a piano arrived by sheep trailer, David persuaded the local bird population to perform; Hugh Banton nbanned everyone from the studio in order to re-align the tape machine and ended up recording all the instruments on 'Brain Seizure'. The derelict farm became Foel Studio.

Guy Evans

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