Maddy Prior and Carnival Band in Bradford
St Georges Hall, December 1st, 1997

Iwas fourtunate to able to get to see Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band earlier this week at St. Georges Hall in Bradford. It's about four years since I last saw this act in Alnwick. I missed the last tour, two years ago, too slow in getting the tickets organised, I won't make that mistake again ! Before telling you about the Bradford gig, there is a mystery that someone may be able to help with, at the Alnwick concert I seem to remember the show being filmed. Does anyone know what happened to this recording?
        Anyway back to the present and on with show.
        For the fashion victims Maddy was waring a very Red knee length dress, with a roll neck and a green jacket / coat. In the first part of the show it seemed that Maddy's voice needed a bit more time to warm up. However it was still impressive. For those that haven't see this show before the first set, ~ 45 mins tends, to be Carols. The second part contains the Pantomime with some songs in there somewhere. For the second set Maddy changed too a Purple (Minnesota Vikings shade) bodystocking, with a black knee length dress and red jacket. The panto this time was / is Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins, with Miss Prior playing a seven year old Snow White. This is complete with it's Margaret Thatcher joke..

Snow White "Don't you work down the mines anymore?"
Dwarf "No, the wicked Queen closed them down in 1984"
        Anyway enough of that what did they sing.. well I can't remember the whole list but they did play...
The Sans Day Carol
The Coventry Carol
Ding Dong Merily On High
Personent Hodie
On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol)
The Boar's Head
My Dancing Day
Poor Little Jesus
I Saw Three Ships
and my own personal favourite "Angels From The Realms of Glory", it's just so different from the way it performed by choirs.
        But the best was "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night", sung to the tune of Ilkley Moor b'tat. I've heard this combination before by Artisan, a Huddersfield based trio, and thought it was excellent. This a completely different arrangment to the one on Carols & Capers.

        Finally, T-Shirts were 10, black with the Carols & Capers album cover picture over the left breast, with a red background. There were also sweatshirts at 16 in green. All the albums were available, including Flesh & Blood.
        It was a thoughly enjoyable evening. Even better for being in Bradford, because I was able to get to The Kashmir, for a dip yur bread curry after the concert.

Stephen Rowland