The Journey  [21th October 1999]
        Park Records announced that a new Steeleye album will release on November 8th. Titled "The Journey", it will be a 2CD set, featuring twenty six tracks, all recorded live at The Forum, London, on September 2nd, 1995. "A concert that performed the seemingly impossible: not just a Steeleye Span reunion but a fully fledged journey through the band’s history, featuring every line up from its twenty five year history." It will be "coupled with a lavish 40 page booklet containing exclusive photos and sleeve notes from Folk Roots’ Simon Jones and with a cast list reading like a who’s who of traditional music - Maddy Prior, Gay Woods, Martin Carthy, Liam Genockey, Michael Gregory, Tim Hart, Tim Harries, Ashley Hutchings, Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp, John Kirkpatrick, Peter Knight, Nigel Pegrum".
CD 1

Steeleye Span Mk 1
(Maddy, Gay, Tim Hart, Ashley, John, Michael)

  1. A Calling-On Song
  2. The Blacksmith
  3. Fisherman's Wife
  4. The Dark-Eyed Sailor
  5. The Blackleg Miner
  6. Lowlands Of Holland

    Steeleye Span Mk 2
    (Maddy, Tim Hart, Ashley, Martin, Peter)

  7. Cold, Haily, Windy Night
  8. Prince Charlie Stuart
  9. Jigs: Bryan O'Lynn/The Hag with the Money
  10. Gower Wassail
  11. The Lark In The Morning

    Steeleye Span Mk 3/4
    (Maddy, Tim Hart, Peter, Bob, Rick, Nigel)

  12. John Barleycorn
  13. The Ups And Downs
  14. Edward
  15. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
  16. All Around My Hat
CD 2

Steeleye Span Mk 5
(Maddy, Tim Hart, Rick, Nigel, John, Martin)

  1. The Wife Of The Soldier
  2. The Maid And The Palmer
  3. Sweep, Chimney Sweep

     ['A Rare Collection' cover]
    Steeleye Span Mk 12
    (Maddy, Gay, Peter, Bob, Tim Harries, Liam)

  4. Twa Corbies
  5. Harvest Of The Moon
  6. The Water Is Wide
  7. The Elf-Knight
  8. Thomas The Rhymer


  9. All Around My Hat
  10. Tunes: The Lark In The Morning / Mason's Apron

   Maddy and The Carnival Band UK Tour  [4th August 1999]
        Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band will tour UK next September.
        Dates, venues and box office telephone numbers are listed at the Tours page.

 A Rare Collection  [by Warren Barnett, 4th August 1999]
        Raven Records has just released the new Australian Steeleye Span Rarities CD (RVCD-90). The material on this album is spectacular to say the least a lot of it comes exclusively from Australian only releases and live performances plus some unreleased gems from both the U.K. and Australia.
 ['A Rare Collection' cover]         This CD has been a long time coming due to extensive re mastering work and locating many of the rare items from around Australia in which Nigel Pegrum who now lives in here helped a great deal, plus I have a very extensive collection of material from my own personal Steeleye Span archives that I have collected from 1974 when I first heard Steeleye during the mastering sessions for Commoners Crown Australian release at Festival Records in Sydney.
        The new CD contains 20 tracks of rare material from both Steeleye and Maddy Prior and is titled A Rare Collection 1972-1996.
        Nigel Pegrum has written the liner notes and I have written the track notes along with rock historian Glenn A. Baker.
        Rick Kemp has recently visited Australia and was given a private listening session of the new album and was delighted with the final results and took a copy back to the U.K. for Maddy who thought it was superb.

 Maddy at Cropredy  [1st August 1999]
        On her birthday, 14th of August, Maddy Prior and Friends, Troy Donockley and Nick Holland, will perform at the Cropredy Festival, Fairpor Convention's great annual fest.
        The gig is scheduled to 7.00pm, right before playing Faiport and their guests, Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick.

 New Tour, New Album  [16th March 1999]
        Maddy Prior and Friends, Troy Donockley (guitar, uillean pipes and whistles)and Nick Holland (keyboards), will tour UK from April the 9th till June the 8th.
        The complete list of dates and venues is available at the Tours section.
        On March the 29th, Park Records will release a a new Maddy studio album. "Ravenschild" will be the title for a new journey through mythology, tradition and history.

 Carols at Christmas  [26th November 1998]
 ['Carols at Christmas' cover]         Park Records has just released a new album by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. It's entitled Carols at Christmas, and features a selection of 16 tracks all recorded live during The December 1997 UK Christmas Tour. Two of them were never recorded by Maddy before.

 Maddy & Friends North American Tour 1998  [20th May 1998]
        Maddy Prior and Friends, Troy Donockley (guitar, uillean pipes and whistles)and Nick Holland (keyboards), will tour Canada and the United States from June the 18th till July the 13st 1998.
        Kathryn Trickell will appear too as special guest.
        The complete list of dates and venues is available at the Tours section.

 Park Records Goes On-Line   [1st May 1998]
        The Britsh label Park Records open last week their own website at
        It presents the complete Park Records catalogue, wich includes Maddy Prior, Steeleye Span, Pentangle, Kathryn Tickell and many other folk artists and bands.
        This site provides a form for on-line orders.

 Maddy & Friends Spring Tour 1998  [1th April 1998]
        The full list of Maddy Prior and Friends's British tour dates, venues and Box Office Numbers is available at the Tours section.
        Maddy will be accompanied by Nick Holland (keyboards) and Troy Donockley (guitar, uillean pipes and whistles).

 Maddy's Last Gigs with Steeleye   [20th October 1997]
        After twenty eight years singing and playing with Steeleye Span, Maddy Prior, the only permanent member, left the band last.
        The decision was annouced three months ago, in late July, by a letter written by Maddy and published here.
        The last gigs occurred during the British October Tour and Charles Gilbert, Tony Wighton and Andrey Preistner were there for reporting to us the "historic" events.
 Carols and Carpers Tour  [10th October 1997]
        Maddy Prior and Carnival Band will tour Britain from November the 30th till of December the 21st 1997.
        An evening of Carols & Capers', featuring Christmas Music played on medieval instruments are planned for nineteen different venues.
        The complete list of dates, venues and box office telephone numbers is available at the Tours page.

 New Maddy appearance on CD  [by Charles Gilbert, 30th September 1997]
        Cooking Vinyl* released recently the 'Freeborn John' album (COOK CD III) by Rev Hammer and I can recommend it to Maddy fans.
        It tells the story of John Lilburne who was the leader of the Levellers, the radical reformers of seventeenth century England and features Rev Hammer, Rory Macleod, Eddie Reader, The Levellers (as the Levellers) and Maddy Prior.
        Maddy plays the part of John Liliburne's wife Elizabeth and appears on two tracks, 'Elizabeth's Great Gallop' where she duets with Simon Friend and ' Seventeen Years of Sorrow' which is a Maddy solo.
        The CD is certainly worth getting just to hear some new Maddy vocals but I also enjoyed some good songs, some interesting arrangements and I've learnt some history! .

* Cooking Vinyl's Mail Order Department.
UK customers shall contact:
  - Cooking Vinyl, Freepost LON 3320, London, W10 4BR
Overseas customers contact:
  - Cooking Vinyl, PO Box 1845, London, W10 4BT, UK.
or by phone +44 181 960 1120 or by fax +44 181 960 6000

 Time for Maddy to Leave the Bus  [19th July 1997]
        Maddy Prior will leave Steeleye Span next October!!! It's official!!!
        These sad news were confirmed by a letter from Maddy we received today and which you can read at the appropriate section.

 Maddy's new appearence on CD  [by Tony Wighton,19th July 1997]
        The album is by Frankie Armstrong, and is called "Till the grass o'ergrew the corn. A collection of traditional ballads". It was released this year and recorded on the Fellside label (FECD116).
        The interest lies in the fact that Maddy sings a duet with Frankie on two of the tracks, and John Kirkpatrick plays accordion on many of them. Also Steeleye have recorded at least four. However, that is where the similarity ends, as this is pure, raw, folk music with no strings attached, consisting of mainly unacompanied songs, with those that are accompanied being purely by Johns delicate touch on his accordion.
        Here follows the track list.
1. The Broomfield Hill
2. Lady Diamond*
3. Hares on the Mountain.* (with Maddy)
4. Fair Lizzy
5. Young Orphy
6. The Proud Girl
7. The Lovers Ghost
8. The Wife of Ushers Well*
9. John Blunt**
10. Child Waters
11. The Well Below the Valley* (with Maddy)
12. Clerk Colven
        The two tracks with Maddy on, are both sung unaccompanied and need I say, superb! The CD is worth buying just for these two tracks alone, but they are all excellent. So, track it down. If you like folk music cut down to the bare essentials you will not be disappointed.

*These tracks have all been done by Steeleye.
** The Barring of the Door' from Maddy & June's "No More to the Dance"
Fellside Recordings' address: Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3EW, England.

 Another letter from Maddy  [10th July 1997]
        Maddy Prior had just wrote another letter to her enthusiasts. She reports there Steeleye recent USA tour and talks about the Internet advantages and Rick Kemps first gig.

 Maddy and Steeleye Span Summer Concerts  [3rd July 1997]
        Maddy Prior and Friends (featuring Nick Holland and Troy Donockley) will do soon a few concerts. Confirmed by now are:
- 18th July, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Suffolk (Aldeburgh Festival)
- 20th July, William Howard Centre, Brampton, Cumbria (Festival)
- 4th August, Sidmouth Folk Festival, Sidmouth, Devon
        Also Steelye Span will do a few concerts this Summer. Dates and venues are available at the appropriate section of this web site.

 Prior Radio Appearence  [1st July 1997]
        According to Folk Roots magazine for June 1997, Maddy Prior & Friends will have a "live" session on BBC Radio 2 in the UK on August 13th. This will be during the 8pm 'Folk On 2' slot which will be introduced by Ralph McTell during the summer months instead of Jim Lloyd.

 Steeleye Span Tours  [31th May 1997]
        Steeleye Span will tour United States next June and again United Kingdom during October.
        Dates and venues for both tours are available in this site at the appropriate section

 A letter from Maddy  [5th April 1997]
        Maddy Prior wrote a letter to her enthusiasts. There she refers Steeleye Span March Tour, Internet, the Carnival Band and makes a preview of "Flesh & Blood", Maddy's new album. Visitors can read it in a special page of this web site.

 Maddy & Friends Spring Tour  [4th April 1997]
        The full list of Maddy Prior and Friends's British tour dates, venues and Box Office Numbers is available at the Tours section.
        The release of Maddy new album, "Flesh & Blood" (Park Records, PRKCD38) will coincide with Spring Tour. It shall be out on April the 21st 1997.

 Sails of Silver  [2nd April 1997]
        Steeleye Span's 1980 Album 'Sails of Silver' will be released on CD for the first time by Park Records on 12th May 97. It will feature 3 extra live tracks recorded on the band's UK tour last December (96), which shall be Lark In The Morning, Thomas The Rhymer and My Johnny Was a Shoemaker.

 Maddy's new CD  [by Charles Gilbert, 10th March 1997]
        Due to recording difficulties it looks as though the Maddy and friends live CD will not now be produced.
        However the good news is that they are recording a studio album instead. This is not likely to be released for the start of the next tour though as Maddy has had to fit in recording with rehearsing for Steeleye's tour and Troy Donockley unfortunately trapped and damaged a finger in a hotel fire door and has not yet been able to finish his contribution. Otherwise though progress has been OK and Maddy, Nick and Troy have been augmented on the recording by a percussionist.

 Steeleye Span at Chesterfield  [by Charles Gilbert, 7th March 1997]
        Steeleye Span kicked off their UK tour at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield on 6th March to a very enthusiastic Derbyshire audience. It was a superb set of about an hour and a half with a mix of old and new songs but even many of the old songs were given new arrangements.
        Steeleye started with Thomas The Rhymer, Maddy's The Weaver and the Factory Maid and Peter's Harvest of the Moon, all old favourites. Then a new song to the group by Gay whose Irish title I did not catch but the English translation was Ireland, Love of My Heart. This was beautifully sung and led into a haunting tune led by Peter Knight's violin. An energetic Padstow followed and then another new song called Room for Company about a hiring fair which was sung only to Liam's drum accompaniment before all the other instruments came in. Bob then led Cruel Mother to which Maddy added some beautiful vocals.
        Gay and Maddy then dueted on My Johnny Was A Shoemaker, before a lively Seagull and another new song Brigg Fair. The main set finished with the brilliant Cutty Wren (with Tim's vocals outstanding), Prickly Bush and the usual crowd pleaser Old Maid in the Garret.
        As a first encore All Around My Hat led into some tunes with Maddy dancing around the theatre. For the final encore as Gay said 'something in Latin', yes Gaudete with Maddy and Gay sharing the lead vocals to great effect.

 Two Prior Concerts  [by Charles Gilbert, 24th February 1997]
Newcastle Playhouse on Thursday 20th February

        I was lucky enough to see Maddy 'and friends' on the first night of their short tour and they were superb with a combination of songs, tunes and poems.
        Maddy was accompanied by Nick Holland on keyboards and Troy Donockley on guitars, cittern, Uillean Pipes and whistles, with all three provididng vocals. Maddy even turned her hand to the bodrhan A lot of the material they did was new or had not been recorded before which is why all four concerts are being recorded for a new live CD in April.
        They started with 'Bitter Withy' and then Maddy read her poem 'Change' A new piece 'Hind Horn' was then followed by some tunes. After another poem 'Spirit' they performed their long piece 'Dramatis Personae' that readers who saw Maddy and Nick in concert in 1995 will remember. Written by Maddy and Rick it comprises 7 interconnected pieces 'Who Am I ?', 'The Grove', 'Boy on a Horse', 'Jade', 'Brother Lawrence', 'The Laugh abd the Kiss' and 'The Point' and is based on ancient and yogic principles using traditional images of the British Isles. I have some more information about this piece which Maddy would like me to tell you all about so I shall save that for another bulletin ! This excellent piece of music finished the first half.
        After the interval Maddy read 'Stuck', a poem new to me and then they played Bewcastle followed by some more tunes. After another poem 'Too Much of What You Don't Need' the three of them sang an unaccompanied Todd Rundgren song 'Honest Work' which was brilliant and led into another tune which apparently was an excerpt from 'Finlandia', converted to a pipe tune by Troy. On all the songs and tunes Troy's playing added a new dimension and the harmonies of the three voices worked very well. Next was a real treat. Maddy's daughter Rose was in the audience with Rick and she joined Maddy on stage (with not too much persuasion!) for 'My Johnny Was A Shoemaker' which was stunning.
        Two new pieces finished the set, Rick's 'Heart of Stone' and 'Sheath and Knife' a dramatic incest ballad. For an encore 'Deep In the Darkest Night' finished an excellent and well received concert.
        From talkng to Maddy and Nick it seems they have worked hard on putting this all together and it certainly showed.

Bolton Folk Club on Friday 21st February

        Not wishing to bore everyone with reviews of every concert I go to I couldn't help but mention Bolton Folk Club on Friday 21st February. After seeing Maddy and friends at Newcastle I was persuaded to see them the following night. This was a very intimate venue, 100 people crammed in a small function room at a golf club half a mile down an unlit track.
        The material covered was similar to that in my earlier review but with the addition of a couple of unaccompanied Maddy solos, Cuckoo's Nest & Wee Weaver which both went down well with the folk club set. All the songs and tunes worked well in the small venue with the Todd Rundgren Honest Work leading into the Finlandia pipe tune working especially well. Rick's Heart of Stone is clearly another classic and the finishing Deep In The Darkest Night had everyone singing along.

 Steeleye Span Resources  [19th January 1997]
      If you are looking for an History of Steeleye Span try these new resources:
      - Twenty-Seven Years on the Bus, written by Stephen D. Winick after several days of interviews with Maddy Prior, Tim Harries, Peter Knight, Bob Johnson, Martin Carthy, Liam Genockey and Gay Woods. It is a longer version of this article than the one that appeared in Dirty Linen.
      - Steeleye Span, a speculative history, written by Michael Newbery, a band enthusiast who is running a well organised Steeleye Span page.

 Maddy Prior on the Road  [by Charles Guilbert, 15th January 1997]
      Talking with Maddy Prior, she tells me how much they enjoyed doing the Status Quo tour but things will be getting back to normal now as she is doing a short tour of small venues in the UK in February. These will be with Nick Holland on keyboards (from previous tours and Maddy records) and Troy Donockley on Uillean Pipes (he is in the group Iona with Tim Harries, he also played on Quo's 'All Around My Hat' and appears on Rick Kemp's new CD). These dates are 20/2 Newcastle, 21/2 Westhoughton, 22/2 Bury St Edmunds and 23/2 Peterborough.
      They will be doing some recording for Maddy's live album.

 New Prior Songs in Park Taster  [13th January 1997]
     The new 'Taster' CD from Park Records(PRK CD37) has two new Maddy tracks on it, live versions of 'Boys of Bedlam' and 'Wea Weaver' which will feature on new live CD. It's a sampler priced at £4.50 or delliver free with all mail orders during December and January. Curiously the front sleeve says 13 tracks so presumably the last two were added later. Them tracks are:
1. The Fox - Steeleye Span (from In Concert)
2. The Jovial Begger - Maddy Prior and Carnival Band (from Hang Up Sorrow)
3. The Old Maid in the Garrett - Steeleye Span (from Time)
4. The Galway Farmer -Davey Arthur
5. Africa - Guitar Orchestra
6. Marigold/Harvest Home - Maddy Prior (from Year)
7. Jacko Diamonds - Wild Willie Barrett
8. Lanercost - Steeleye Span (from Back In Line), although sleeve says Lady Diamond!
9. Bewcastle - Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp (from Happy Families)
10. Commit the Crime - Maddy Prior (from Memento)
11. The Boars Head - Maddy Prior and Carnival Band (from Carols and Capers)
12. So Early In the Spring - Pentangle
13. A Pernod for the Bamboo Man - Guitar Orchestra
14. Boys Of Bedlam - Maddy Prior (Live)
15. Wee Weaver - Maddy Prior (Live), original advertisement said track 15 would be Rolling English Road.

 TV Appearance  [26th December 1996]
      Maddy Prior is to appear on 'First Light' UK's BBC1TV on Sunday 29th December at 9.30 am.

 Old and New Albums  [18th December 1996]
      The Beat Goes On Records reissued on CD (BGOCD 337) the Steeleye Span "Storm Force Ten" album, originally released by Chrysalis Records in 1977. Available too on the same label (BGOCD 322) is "Original Masters", a.k.a. "The Steeleye Span Story", a collection with tracks from the first nine albums plus the previously unreleased "Bonny Moorhen".
      New in March 1997 on Park Records will be "Maddy Prior In Concert" featuring Maddy's solo work with Nick Holland recorded at various concerts around the world.

 Steeleye Span at Wembley Arena  [17th December 1996]
      I went to see Steeleye at Wembly Arena on Sat 14th Dec. They performed much the same set as the Sheffield gig reviewed by Charles Gilbert, and whilst it was good, it was rather strange seeing Steeleye as support band, the audience showed their appreciation, but they were obviously there to see Quo, so they were a little tame. Also I am used to being on the front row right at the centre of the action, not three quarters back where they looked like dots on the stage, also people kept coming in during Steeleye's set which was rather distracting. But, all in all it was a good gig. Gay really let rip during Old maid in the Garrott! Also it is good to see Steeleye playing to such a crowd, I am sure that a good few must have been 'converted'!!
[Concert impressions by Tony Wighton]

  Steeleye Span at Sheffield  [10th December 1996]
      I went to see Steeleye Span supporting Status Quo at Sheffield Arena last night.
      They did a 40 minute set starting with a rousing 'Thomas the Rhymer' followed by 'The Prickly Bush' and the an unaccompanied 'My Johnnie Was a Shoemaker' by Maddy and Gay. A spendid 'Lark in the Morning' was followed by a shorter than usual 'Water is Wide'. They then did 'Twa Corbies' which sounded brilliant played LOUD and 'The Padstow May Song' which really got the audience going. An excellent 'Old Maid and the Garrett' followed by the 'Tunes' which normally follow 'All Around My Hat' completed the set to loud applause from an audience who were there to see someone else but were won over by Steeleye's sheer musicianship and stage presence.
      My only disappointment was that they had to let Status Quo do 'All Around My Hat, (probably with Maddy but I did not see this as I had to leave early) but I hope to see the whole set next week at Manchester.
[Concert reviewed by Charles Gilbert]

 Steeleye Span in Dirty Linen  [26th November 1996]
      There is an excellent article reviewing the history of Steeleye Span in the December / January issue of "Dirty Linen", a folk music magazine published in the United States. The article contains some of Maddy Prior's quotes about the history of Steeleye Span.
      "Steeleye Span is like a bus" said Maddy. "It goes along, and people get on and get off it. Sometimes the bus goes along the route you want to go, and sometimes it turns off, so you get off. The only problem is that nobody's driving, and the bus tends to get lost."
      The current line-up of the band is on the cover, with several pictures inside.
[Thanks to Gary Taylor]

 Steeleye Span / Status Quo December Tour  [9th November 1996]
      Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span will support Status Quo on their December UK tour.
      This collaboration between Maddy and Quo comes after being live together in Noel's House Party on BBC1 TV, on 26th Oct 96, doing "All Around My Hat". Recently Maddy recorded this song on Quo's "Don't Stop" album (1996, Polygram).
      The tour dates are:
- Swindon Oasis, on 3rd
- Cardiff International Arena, on 5th
- Bridlington Spa, on 6th
- Glasgow ECC, on 7th
- Newcastle Arena, on 8th
- Sheffield Arena, on 9th
- Plymouth Pavilions, on 11th
- Brighton Centre, on 12th and 13th
- London Wembley Arena, on 14 th and 15th
- Manchester Nynex, on 17th
- Birmingham NEC, on 18th and 19th
- Bournemouth BIC, on 20th and 21st

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