Resources and Guides

      Park Records - Maddy's label website with its entire catalogue, which includes Steeleye Span, Kathryn Tickell, Pentangle and many others.

      Beat Goes On Records - Maddy's label for the first albums' reissue.

      Steeleye Span - Reinhard Zierke (Germany) is maintaining the most complete web pages devoted to this british band and related artists, including Maddy Prior. Interesting too is the Unofficial Steeleye Span Page created by Richard Hollis.

      Troy Donockley - The official site of a great musician, who actually is one of "Maddy Prior's Friends".

      Peter Knight's Official Web Site - Steeleye Span's violinist homepage.

      Iona's - A site dedicated to the band of Troy Donokley.

      Twenty-Seven Years on the Bus is another important Steeleye Span resource written by Stephen D. Winick after several days of interviews with Maddy Prior, Tim Harries, Peter Knight, Bob Johnson, Martin Carthy, Liam Genockey and Gay Woods. It is a longer version of this article than the one that appeared in Dirty Linen.

      All Music Guide - A biography and some information about the records can be reached when searching for Maddy Prior.

      Gibraltar Encyclopedia of the Progressive Rock, The - Massive information about progressive music arranged alphabetically by band or artist. A small entry about Steeleye Span is available.

      Bee's Knees, The -A music information archive, with pages about Johh Kirkpatrick, Shirley Collins, Christine Collister, Julian Dawson, Richard Thompson and Robin Williamson. This site is also the Fledg'ling Records home page.

      Folk Magasines:   Dirty Linen;   Folk Roots

      My Folk and Celtic Music Pages - Claude Calteux's website, featuring lots of folk links, reviews, including three Steeleye Span concerts, and nice pictures.

      Ultimate Band List, The - Thousands of musical links.

  Folk-Rock and Progressive Folk Music

      Amazing Blondel - From Lincolnshire the most exquisite and humoured progressive folk band.

      The Albion Band - A great british folk-rock band, founded by Ashley Hutchings.

      Fairport Convention Home Page - Another great british folk-rock band, very related to Steeleye Span.

      Denny, Sandy - An excellent site devoted to a great folk-singer.

      Other artists and bands from the folk-rock area:   Bragg, Billy;   Clannad;   Enya;   Harper, Roy;   Hedningarna;   Horslips;   Incredible String Band, The;   Lindsfarne;   Magna Carta;   Ian Matthews;   Ralph McTell;   Oyster Band;   Pentangle;   Pogues, The;   Rock, Salt and Nails;   Strawbs, The;   Thompson, Richard.

  Traditional Music

      Ceolas - The home of celtic music on the internet! Artists, instruments, tunes, sound samples, reviews, tours schedules, ...

      Chieftains, The - The most famous irish music band in a well designed site.

      Other bands and artists:   Altan;   Anna;   Battlefield Band, The;   Cunningham, Phil;   Dervish;   Four Men and a Dog;   Gaughan, Dick;   Milladoiro;   Júlio Pereira;   Tannahill Weavers;   Silly Wizard;   Tri Yann;   Värtinä .

      Reel Music - Midi files of traditional music in a very well designed home page.

  Progressive Rock Music

      Gentle Giant - One of the most ambitious progressive rock groups. Contemporary music, mediaeval polyphonies, folk, baroque counterpoint and rock, all melted in an original style.

      Gryphon - A great progressive rock band with an important classical influence.

      Premiata Forneria Marconi - Italian progressive rock at its best.

      Renaissance - The premier classically-influenced progressive rock band has a complete and well-strutured website, Northern Lights.

      Van der Graaf Generator Tribute Site - Unofficial homepage dedicated to one of the most cerebral and challenging of progressive rock bands.

      Other progressive bands and artists classically-influenced:   Annie Haslam;   Banco dell Mutuo Soccorso;   Dead Can Dance;   Emerson, Lake & Palmer;   The Enid;   Brian Eno;   Focus;   Robert Fripp / King Crimson;   Jethro Tull;   Procol Harum.

      Other progressive bands and artists not classicaly-influenced:   Änglagård;   Blue Nile, The;   Camel;   Cocteau Twins;   Family;   Peter Gabriel;   Genesis;   Peter Hammill;   Isuldurs Bane;   Daniel Lanois;   Oldfield, Mike;   Pink Floyd;   David Sylvian;   Tangerine Dream;   Triumvirat;   Yes.

  Classical Music

      Classical Net Home Page - Almost everything about classical music: composers biographies and works list, buying classic cds guide, links...

      Some composers sites: J.- S. Bach;   Benjamim Britten;   Jean de Castro;   Georg Friedrich Händel;   Franz Joseph Haydn;   Darius Milhaud;   Arvo Prt;   Henry Purcell;   Sergei Prokofiev;   Alexander Scriabin;   Dimitri Shostakovitch;   Kurt Weil.

      Classical MIDI Archives - Thousands of classical music MIDI files, organized by composer.


      Labels with folk, folk-rock or traditional catalogues:   Celtic Heartbeat;   Claddagh Records;   Gael Linn;   Green Linet;   Green Trax;   Harbourtown Records;   HTD Records;   Iona Records;   Island Records;   Musikfolk Limited;   Rycodisk/Hanibal Records;   Shanachie;   Temple Records.

      Other labels: BMG / RCA;   Carbon 7;   Castle Records;   Celestial Harmonies;   Channel Classics;   ECM;   Deutsche Grammophone;   Gimell;   Go! Discs;   Glossa;   Harmonia Mundi;   Hyperion;   Hyperium;   Mellow Records;   Philips Classics;   Polygram;   Si-Wan Records;   Sony;   Virgin Records.

      On-Line Vendors: CD Europe;   CD Ireland;   CD Now;   CD-Teleshop;   CD World;   CD Zone;   Cheap or What;   German Music Express;   Irish Records;   Jungle CD;   Missing Piece, The;   Musikfolk Limited;   Rotspel;   Vinyl Tap.


      Homepages of Maddy Prior Enthusiasts:   Ainzley Emery ;   Ben Nunn;   Randy Oftedahl;   Tony Wighton;   Eric Bergman

      Webground - The biggest free background textures site in the world.

      Knocking On The Web's Door - Mr. Knock leads you thru an amazing adventure.