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November 2000

Hi Chums,

        So it's Carnival Time again.

        We're back this year after a break for Andy to piay the complete works of Beethoven with the Orchestra of the Enlightenment which took him all through last December. Back to Carols and Capers.

        We have a slightly different style this time, in that we've decided against another Panto. We feel we are too dignified for tights and wigs..... anyway..... we're attempting a rather ambitious piece about the kings. The Magi. lt's a cycle of songs drawing together some of the various theories and myths surrounding these three characters. We have an African boy from Ethiopia, an Eastern Zoroastran priest, and a Nabataen arab merchant from Petra. Their character and backgrounds are to be reflected in the music giving, we hope, a colourful and enjoyable alternative to the usual fare. There'll be lots of carols and merriment too, of course.

        Also, we will have on sale the newly released 'Ballads & Candles' which is the live recordings of the concerts 1 performed last Christmas with June labor, Rose Kemp, Steve Banks, Troy Donockley, Nick Holland, Peter Knight and Rick Kemp. lt is a retrospective CD but with lots of lovely massed harmonies. lt's come out rather well..... Rick says the folk scene is too self-deprecating, and that I should sell the 'product' a bit harder. Say we've shipped thirty thousand albums before release, for instance..... OK..... we've Shipped Platinum to America..... no, Rick says that's over the top..... anyway, it's out in December and jolly good it is too. Well that's all, except that Nick, Troy and myself are recording in November and January and so should have a new album ready for the Spring Tour. Oh, my head hurts thinking that far ahead.

        Let me be the first to wish you the best of this season's greetings.


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