'Going For Glory' cover

LP - Spindrift SPIN 104 (UK, 1983)
CD - not reissued yet

Maddy Prior and The Answers:
Going For Glory

1. After The Death (Kemp/Prior)
2. Saboteur (Kemp/Prior)
3. Morning Girls (Prior)
4. Half Listening (Kemp/Prior)
5. Deep In The Darkest Night* (Kemp)
6. Oh No (Kemp/Prior)
7. God Squad (Kemp/Prior)
8. Trivial Hymn (Kemp/Prior)
9. Each Heart (Kemp/Prior)
10. Hope Lies Now (Kemp/Prior)
11. Pater Noster (Kemp/Prior)
12. Allelujah (Kemp/Prior)

musicians: Maddy Prior - vocals
Mick Dyche - guitars
Gary Wilson - drums, percussion
Rick Kemp - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Richie Close - keyboards
Ann Lennox - backing vocals, flute
Steve King - accordian
Howard Evans - Bb and Eb trumpet, flugelhorn
Roger Williams - trombone, valve trombone, tuba
other credits: Produced and engineered by Nick Griffiths
except * arranged and produced by David A. Stewart
and engineered by Jon Bavin
Cover illustration by Stef Suchomski from a photo by Tino Tedaldi
All titles published by Kempire Music
©1983 Spindrift Records


After The Death

I wanted her to see me in glory
In my hour of victory
I wanted her submission
I wanted an admission of defeat

I wanted her to see me triumphant
Glorious and radiant
Grovelling at my feet
Writhing in abject defeat

And now there's no-one left to be
Now there's nowhere left to see
No way to be free
After the death of the old enemy
After the death of the old enemy

She closed the door and left a mirror there
She cheated and left me standing here
Death and its finality
Reflecting my own mortality


She stands through the mirror
With a glass in her hand
Champagne on the piano
And a mouth full of sand


She came as a friend
We shook hands and then we smiled
Instant rapport
We spoke of mutual friends
She asked about my family
And admired my car

We had a working lunch
Ah, we gossiped and we laughed
In the glow of wine
Yes, I told her everything

How was I such an easy target
How was I such an easy prey
How could I not see
What a fool I must be
To be fooled so easily

She scrutinised her plan
And surveyed the ground around
For camouflage
She ordered Creme
Then she gently set the fuse
And laid the charge

So I paid the bill
We shook hands and then we smiled
So glad we'd met
Then she dropped the bomb...
And she blew my world apart
With no regret

Morning Girls

Soft focus on the lady who gets up late
In languid and sleepy state
Lashings of eau de toilette
Perfumes of faint violet
Slinky silky Crˆpe de Chine
Nothing ever petty or mean
Tracing fingers on her pillow
Where the lawn runs down to the willow
And the river flows gently on
Singing a skylark summer song

Working girls are early to rise
Cold tile floor and sleep in their eyes
The working day begins
When the alarm bell rings
Fumble for something clean to wear
Scraping a brush through unwashed hair
Pull on a dress
An old pair of tights
Patch up make up
From last night
A fast breakfast of cornflakes and toast
Catch the news
Running for the bus in the rain
Waiting for the eight o'clock train

Morning Girls
Morning Girls
Morning Girls
Morning Girls

Morning sickness throwing up
How much must you give up
Will it ruin your career
Must you finish school this year
Is it wanted
Were you caught
Time for joy
Or time to abort
Take the strain of getting fat
Take the pain are you ready for that

Woken by a baby needing a drink
Scheming by the cooker and kitchen sink
Visions of the supermarket
Brought home in an empty basket
Fantasies of a hoover day drone
Leisurely cleaning a spotless home
Dreams of fame and fortune
While tidying up the front room

Half Listening

I rearranged the furniture
While you read me the riot act
I counted the pints on the doorstep
While you told me the things I lacked
I drove you nearly mad with rage
As I sat and quietly tore the page
Into tiny little pieces
Whilst you held centre stage

Half listening my mind is far away
Half listening half an ear on what you say

I contemplated the garden
And the plants that I'd like to grow
While you shrieked about the business
And how little they all know
I tidied up the garden shed
Whilst you called me a dunderhead
Not a thought you left unsaid
As I pondered quietly

I know your doubts I know your fears
I know your laughter and your tears
Together we've come through all these years
And I love you as you are
Half listening your mind if far away
Half listening half an ear on what I say

Each Heart

Each heart will it's path devise
A child like way for the worldly wise
The path of truth for the teller of lies

The drunkard finds a sober way
The gambler finds no bets to lay
The gossip finds no words to say

Blind frustrations mark the gate
A course of lessons learnt too late
The time you run is the time to wait

The deaf will listen carefully
The dumb will witness joyfully
And we shall see all there is to see

Deep In The Darkest Night

Deep in the darkest night
Under a midnight blue
Standing alone with the sea and the moon
You said that you'd come back soon
Deep in the darkest night

Deep in a memory
A fugitive on the run
Looking for somewhere to make a bed
Somewhere to lie a restless head
Deep in a memory

I'll be your harbour when there's a storm
I'll be your sunshine I'll keep you warm
I'll be your shelter in the rain and snow
Remember wherever you go
Deep in the darkest night

Dans un noir de nuit
Je n'avais rien dit
Souvenir d'un ête chaud
Souvenir de soleil et d'eau
Dans un noir de nuit

Deep in your heart you know
You're running against the wind
Taking your loneliness in your case
The same old sadness from place to place
Deep in your heart you know


Dans un noir de nuit
Dans un noir de nuit
Deep in the darkest night

Oh No

Oh no, not religion again

Go to church? You must be bloody joking
Give me the pub with drinking and smoking

Humourless, straight laced, holier-than-thou
Cheerless chapel, pledge and vow

Church of England, boring empty ritual
Vestments set with gold and jewels

The Pope runs a multinational corporation
Bleeds the poor that seek salvation

Oh no, not religion again

God Squad

One rainy morning feeling down in my health
I was thinking of ways to improve myself
Being young I was on the dole
With time on my hands to search my soul

I tried Gestalt and female liberation
I also tried I Ching and meditation
I went to India through Marakesh
My Guru said that life is like a fish
It's just a wish

God squad write a brochure
God squad post it today
God squad no risk or obligation
God squad a real give-away

Marijuana, Mescalin and mushrooms gave me hope
To save the whale I gave up soap
I was seeking truth in a brandy glass
When astrology led me to a yoga class

Down on a health farm hydro I met a girl
She said "It's all in your head, it's attitudinal"
I went jogging for pleasure, jogging for fun
Then I read my way through Freud and Jung
and Mao Tse Tung

God squad unbeatable value
God squad whiter than white
God squad great bargain offer
God squad at discount price

I paid for a course of est and gave up meat
Another step forward on shoeless feet
I lived on brown rice and fresh air
It's hard sometimes but I'm getting there
I'm almost there

God squad immediate delivery
God squad sale or return
God squad credit facility
God squad money to burn

God squad take on a test drive
God squad try it for size
God squad get it on approval
God squad go on, give it a try

Trivial Hymn

Please don't ask me to give up my life
Please don't ask me for a great sacrifice
All I can do, is see your point of view

I was born with a feeble heart
We both knew that from the very start
All I can do, is try to see it through

And this is my trivial hymn for you

I would be Samson but my hair is too short
I would be David but I'm not fond of sport
All I can do is paddle my own canoe

All I can manage is one day a week
And please can I be one of the meek
All I can do is try my best for you

And this is my trivial hymn for you

Holy smoke it's getting higher
There is no smoke without a little fire
Somebody spoke, says you're a liar But I'm a tryer

Pater Noster

Pater noster ring the bells
This shrivelled heart in triumphs swells
A voice lost in adoration
Melts and blends in true vocation
And joins the blessed Christian band
As Jesus takes my by the hand

Hallelujah sings my heart
From this joy I never shall part
Love divine all love excelling
Love my heart is always telling
This song I'll sing and shout in praise
As Jesus leads me from the grave

Hope Lies Now

I'll shed this load that I've carried so long
I'll cut off my hair and sing a new song
Jesus help me to find out what's wrong
You've shown me where my hope lies now

Help me to take the bull by the horns
Help me to accept my crown of thorns
Let this heart be riven and torn

Give me strength to be a fool
And free the fear of ridicule
Help me become the Lord's tool

And if my will is truly steeled
Then all my hurt will all be healed
When all will finally be revealed
You've shown me where my hope lies now


Qui a tuum est regnum et potestas et gloria in saecula

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