Maddy's Poems

These poems were published in tour programme from 1993/94

He was a lovely drunk
He laughed, and made everyone else laugh
People were drawn to him, like a magnet
They told stories of his exploits
His outrageousness
His lunatic pranks, and wild excesses

He was a late night festival of fun
But quietly in the cold light of day
His friends would shake their heads
And prophesy dire consequences
If he didn't stop drinking

Suddenly one day he went on the wagon
Sobered up, fought the good fight
Struggled with himself
Went through agonies of doubt and depression
Then finally rose victorious from the ashes
He's happier with himself, his work fulfils him
He doesn't need to go out much anymore

Now his friends shake their heads
And reminisce about what fun he used to be

If Only

If we could live on dock leaves
Our future would be secure
If plastic bags were money
We would never be poor

If we could just eat paper
and on it alone could exist
We could all be fed by circulars
From some computer list

If rust was prized like mercury
And oil valued like gold
Our car would be a precious thing
And then it could be sold

If swear words were compliments
The world would be full of charmers
If manure were as dear as perfume
The world would be full of farmers


"I've heard it said, I've seen and read
We're host to millions of bugs
Things with lots and lots of legs
And things that move like slugs

They're in your eyelashes, under your nails
In the crevice of your nose
Some wriggle and run in your tum
And some live between your toes

It seems to me there's as many bugs on me
As there are people on the globe
Each a tiny little bacteria
Or a microscopic microbe

Even the thought of them makes me squirm
And scratch deep in my hair
It's funny to think that all these years
They've been there

And yet I find it charming
That so many bugs love me
For how can I be lonely
With so much company?