Steeleye Span Fanzines
      David Tomlinson produced two interesting Steeleye Span fanzines, highly recommend to band's enthusiasts.
      Both (£ 7 each) are available directly from the author: datomlinson@bushinternet.com

 The Song and the Story

      Discover the historical background to a selection of songs recorded by Steeleye Span.
      Each one professionally illustrated based, wherever possible, on the actual people and places involved.
      Bring the songs to life.....or death.       Cam Ye O'er Frae France : (Who was the 'blade' ? Who was the lover he shared with the King ? , and what was the terrible price they both had to pay?. Who was 'Bobbing John'?, Who was 'Cockolorum'? and which one fled to France and betrayed his comrades?)
      rince Charlie Stuart, Montrose, Blackleg Miner, Long Lankin, Lanercost/Take My Heart, Scarecrow, Padstow and Seagull
      Also mentioned in the text or illustrations are Tam Lin, The Wee Wee Man, Bonnie Moorhen, Isabel, Twa Corbies.

      A fine concept , very finely realised. (Record Collector)


      Essential reference guide to 30 years of Steeleye Span.
      Timeline, TV, Radio and Video appearances, Music press and Newspaper appearances , gig dates, soundbites, snippets , bootlegs, support acts. Covering 1969 through to 2000.
      Rogues gallery illustration of a selection of song characters.
      All the information you won't find on the websites.