Gryphon Portfolio
(Transatlantic Records booklet, 1974)
Gryphon Music
G RYPHON became known last year mainly through their mixture of renaissance and rock music. That blend was a stage in their development toward integrating many styles of music and was never intended as their only style. And so, despite the obviously lucrative possibilities of cultivating that area of music, they have introduced some more of their seemingly paradoxical influences into their already distinctive blend. It is hard to define their musical intentions, partly because such definitions always seem pompous or pretentious and partly because the intentions themselves are rarely premeditated. These, however, are a few notes on their current state of mind, in order that "medieval rock: last year's tongue-in-cheek description of their music, does not mask the serious intentions they have and the progress they have made.

          The objects of the music are really unlimited. Gryphon are trying to reach a situation, where they can freely compose music that is original, inventive, instrumental and eclectic, knowing that they have the means to record or perform it in a similarly original and inventive manner. They want to utilise as many of their vast battery of instruments as are necessary to create the sound textures and tone colours that suit the music. Thus recorders and krumhorns might play side by side with electric guitar and bassoon; or harpsichord and synthesiser with mandolin and bass guitar.

          As long as people enjoy and appreciate the broad spectrum of refreshing sounds that they hear in the fusion, the elements are secondary. Gryphon hope, in their modest way, to break down some of the artificial barriers between musical forms and rigorous categorisation which are often dictated by fashion rather than musical necessity. They would like to feel free to draw on influences from, say, the renaissance, 19th century romantic composers and electronic rock composition all in one piece, without being slotted as a "medieval classical space rock band"! Gryphon is a hybrid. They are not certain of their musical destination but they hope people will enjoy the journey.


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