Gryphon Reunion Tour 2014

Gryphon 2013
        Did you see Gryphon on their last triumphant tour? Were you even born then? In response to over 195,000 hits on their website and a Facebook-driven clamour for a follow-up, the indescribable mediaeval folk and prog rock heroes of the 1970s are picking up their crumhorns, guitars and things that look like old bits of plumbing and setting out to do it all over again. After the one-off sell-out concert at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2009, Gryphon flies again in 2014 for a short U.K tour of clubs, arts centres and festivals. Miraculously, they're all still playing regularly - and they've learnt a trick or two since they last hit the road. Stand by for dazzling, unpredictable, good-humoured performances, new songs and old favourites, and a unique brand of virtuoso musicianship that's still as weird and wonderful as it was all those years ago.

        Dates and venues to follow.

(September 29th, 2013)


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