Gryphon flies again in 2015

Gryphon 2014

        The silence has been long and it is with regret that we have to finally announce that the band will not tour this year. This has been due to a number of contributing logistical and technical factors as well as difficulty in finding suitable venues.
        The up side is that we are hoping to have some good news regarding 2015 shortly. Plans are in the making and it would appear that the beast may well fly again. We would like to sincerely thank you all for your support and continued interest in Gryphon and hope that you will stick with us for a little while longer until we have some news….. after all it’s been 38 years since we last toured.

        If you are interested in booking Gryphon please contact
        Don McKay at The Rhino Agency for further details  

        In the meantime, here is something to be going on with ... ...


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