Glastonbury Carol

        Following closely on the recent success of About as Curious as It Can Be (Hux 027) a selection of Jeff Griffin produced BBC Radio One appearances by Gryphon dating from 1974/75, Hux Records are to release a new album by the band entitled Glastonbury Carol.
        The planned release date will be around the end of May, beginning of June 2003. The album features sessions recorded for the Bob Harris Show broadcast on Radio 1 during 1972 & 1974. The album will also feature the track "Glastonbury Carol" which was written for the film of the Glastonbury festival of 1972. "Glastonbury Carol" has never been previously released and remains to this day an almost completely unknown and unheard Gryphon recording.

        Glastonbury Carol Track Listing

1. Kemp's Jig
2. Sir Gavin Grimbold
3. Astrologer
4. Estampie
   (Bob Harris Radio 1 session dated 18.07.1972)
5. The Opening Number
6. Midnight Mushrumps, 1st Movement
7. Midnight Mushrumps, 2nd Movement
8. Midnight Mushrumps, 3rd Movement
   (Bob Harris Radio 1 session dated 10.07.1974)
9. The Glastonbury Carol
   (Non-BBC recording)

        Cover and details will be available here soon.

(April 5, 2003)