The songs are ordered alphabetically.

Astrologer, The   The Devil and the Farmer's Wife   Don't Say Go   Falero Lady   Fall of the Leaf
Flash in the Pantry   Fontinental Version   Glastonbury Carol   Major Disaster   Ploughboy's Dream, The  
Round & Round   Sir Gavin Grimbold   Spring Song   Three Jolly Butchers   Unquiet Grave, The

The Astrologer
(Trad. arr. Gryphon, from "Gryphon")

It's of a bold astrologer - in London town did dwell
At telling maidens fortunes - theres none could him excell
There was a nice young serving girl - a'living there close by
She went one day to the astrologer - all for to have a try.

"I hear that you tell fortunes sir - would you tell me mine said she
"Of course my dear without a doubt, if you'll come upstairs with me"
"To come upstairs with you kind sir - I fear I am afraid"
She spoke it with such modesty - as if she was a maid.

"To come upstairs with me my dear - you need not be afraid
Knowing it was but the other day - you with your master laid!"
Then she began to curse and swear she would her master bring
As witness for both him and her that it was no such thing.

"My pretty maid don't swear and curse you'll make the deed the worse
For the crown piece that he gave to you - you've got it in your purse"
"Oh indeed you can tell fortunes sir - you've told me mine said she
Then out she pulled the crown piece - "Good morning sir" said she.

The Devil and the Farmer's wife
(Trad. arr. Gulland, from "Gryphon")

There was an old man who lived near Rell's Gate
What happened to him I soon will relate

The Devil he called apon him one day
"One of your family I must take away"

This put the old man in terrible fright
But good Mr Devil soon put him quite right

" It's not your eldest son I crave
But that damn scolding old bitch of a wife you have"

So the Devil he carried her off on his back
Just like a bold Scotsman carrying his pack

The Devil he brought her close to Hell's door
"Get along in you damn scolding old whore"

She saw some young devils all hanging in chains
She ripped off her mittens and dashed out their brains

Some more little devils looked over the wall
"Take her back Daddy - she'll murder us all"

So the Devil he canted her over Hell's wall
She fell on her arse - one hell of a fall

Which proves that women are worse that the men
If they go to hell - they get thrown out again!

Don't Say Go
(Taylor, from "Raindance")

What a - thing to say - don't say - go
I'd give - all my wine - just to make you mine
What a - thing to do - don't say - go
Moon stopped - on the line - just so you'd be mine.

No - go - for go the snow
I - might - Just get a bite from you.

Going down - to the ground - don't stay - Go!
Boots shine - in the sun - step on everyone.

Going down - to the sea - don't go - no
Wait now - here's a tune - bought back from the moon
No go - for go the snow
I might - just get a bite from you.

Falero Lady
(Harvey/Sebastion, from "Treason")

Falero-lero lady comes dancing down the street
Breaking in new rhythms with her feet
Falero-lero lady then dances through the heat
Watch her change direction with the beat

Then the lady pink and shady
Creeps up from behind
Followed by others of her kind
Beware the lady she's no lady
Just a syncopated mime
Breaking all the rhythms she can find

Aye, she will find, eyes that shine and wink along
Ooh! she will swing if you sing the lady's song

Falero-lero lady swirls with a fountain's grace
See the crystal waters on her face
Falero-lero lady laughs sin up to the sun
Knowing that the dancing's just begun

Spanish dancer's haughty prancers Fill the open square
Mixing the vibrations in the air
Then the people shake the steeple
Pour out to the sun
Freely playing now that their labour's done

Now you've brought her, lock up your daughter
Open up your thirst
Sweetly swaying see her rhythm burst
Then in the dancing you're advancing further in reverse
And you are paying for the lady's curse

Aye, she will find, eyes that shine and wink along
Ooh! she will swing if you sing the lady's song

Fall of the Leaf
(Harvey/Sebastion, from "Treason")

You call me friend but seldom listen
But in the end you always whisper
"Please-tell me what I'm doing wrong"
You stand alone in naked friendship
Among the mists the swirling leaves slip through

Trees they do grow high-my friend
The leaves they will grow green again
Recalling all the life you've seen
Life will ascend to the trees-the leaves become the queen
And help the spring to love you
And call you home again In ember lane the leaf has fallen
You never hear the silence crawling through
The clambering and learning grew
There is no need to hang so heavy
Just look around and see the steady sky
That changes with remembering

To now the end that's always calling
To everything in autumn's warring sea
Crashing over you and me
But if we can just stand together
The leaves begin to turn neverland

Trees they do grow high-my friend
The leaves they will grow green again
Recalling all the life you've seen
Life will ascend to the trees-the leaves become the queen
And help the spring to love you
And call you home again

Flash in the Pantry
(Gulland/Sebastion, from "Treason")

I need some lovage I'll get some tansy
We need more from the core
Where's the mother of thyme behind you
The gold of pleasure that golden rod
Flag of the marsh or mercury's dog
Grab a whispy cloud five fingers round
Now you weave just what you knead

The eye bright sparkle on hearts of ease
With a turn of the hand
See the jack of the hedge beside you
The lady's mantle or maiden's smock
Growing about the thick of the ox
Fresh morning dew three acorns full
Don't forget to keep fire below

Watch out for lightning on butcher's broom
Sure there's more on the floor
Let the moonwort revolve around you
Asarabacca phlogiston flare
Hair of the hog catch Solomon's ear
Take a shaft of sun
We knew it all along
That it must end with a flash

Fontinental Version
(Taylor, from "Raindance")

Tidy the turdion - watch for the fontanel
Follow the fortinbras - search out the sentinel
Sing of the sandpaper - roots for the matchmaker
Taste out the after mint - Eastwood the motor - Clint.

Loose me up for drinking slicker
Candle light be doomed fond flicker
All's that doubt be down for dinner
Lily loves and downs be skinner.

Watch over Rover keeps fouling the bed
Leave him to be - so much drowning his head
Send him to sleep with a sandwich or two
Few would they ever-think rhymes with a grass snake.

Never no leather - could horse mouth the saddle
Sing badder be worse - you keep addle be daddle
Sing out and keep sighing - you never know luck
Could you by pigeons - no - out for a duck.

Singing - later boy later - I'll read that thing later
You dirty great hurdley screwed ably bod sale
Too far to be scavenging - load of old barbecue
Hit parade - pound of sprouts - boundly boy fail.

Tidy the turdion - watch for the fontanel
Follow the fortinbras - search out the sentinel
Sing of the sandpaper - roots for the matchmaker
Taste out the after mint - Eastwood the motor Clint.

Glastonbury Carol
(A. J. Marshall/Harvey, Gulland, Taylor, Oberle, from "Glastonbury Carol")

All the worlds a rolling stone
A spangled dancer growing weary
All the dreams you thought were gone
Gather at Glastonbury

Follow the lays and ancient ways
Follow the old forgotten many
Cavalcades and lost crusades
Coming to Glastonbury

Freedom is a golden vine
Making love a sanctuary
Share the music share the wine
Together at Glastonbury

Time is dancing round the sun
Soon enough you haven't any
Scatter your seeds where the rivers run
Flowing from Glastonbury

All that heed the devils tongue
Find they have no dreams to cherish
Better to see where the dream began
Beginning at Glastonbury

What have you got to say poor man
The stars have said it all before
We held the future in our hands
High over Glastonbury

Major Disaster
(Foster/Sebastion, from "Treason")

Day after day I remember when
I cared for the things I loved-but then
I didn't really see you as you are
Throwing out your love- I picked it up
Shining in your throat like buttercup
Give me all you want to
I'm as lucky as the day is long

You went away in twilight time
And with you went the world I thought was mine
I can never change the what I did wrong
Stony was the moon and dark was the day
Softly through my ears I heard you say
"You've never love here after"
My love was a major disaster

From the first time of asking
I was one with the spinning
Never thought about giving
My love to share
Never thought about losing
Never thought I would lose you
Never took any notice
The signs were there

Blowing away like distant clouds
Chances for the day I thought was ours
Never can I change what I've done wrong

The P1oughboy's Dream
(Trad. arr. Gryphon, from "Midnight Mushrumps")

I am a ploughboy stout and strong as ever drove a team
And three years since as I lay in bed I had a dreadful dream
I dreamt I drove my master's team - three horses travelled far
Before a stiff and armoured plough - as all my masters are.

I found the ground was baked so hard - 'twas more like bricks than clay
I could not cut my furrow through - nor would my beasts obey
The more I whipped and slashed and swore - the less my horses tried
Dobbin lay down and Belle and Star ignored my threats and cries.

'Till low above me appeared a youth - he seemed to hang in air
And all around a dazzling light - which made my eyes to stare
"Give over cruel wretch" he cried "Do not thy beasts abuse
Think if the ground was not so hard - they would their work refuse".

"Besides, I heard thee curse and swear, as if dumb beasts could know
Just what your oaths and cursing meant - it's better far than gold
That you should know that there is one who knows thy sins full well
And what shall be thy after doom - another shall thee tell.

"No more" he said but light as air - he vanished from my sight
And with him went the sun's bright beams - 'twas all as dark as night
The thunder roared from underground - the earth it seemed to gape
Blue flames broke forth - and in those flames appeared an awful shape.

"I soon shall call thee mine" he cried - with a voice so clear and deep
And quivering like an Aspen leaf - I woke out of my sleep
So ponder well you ploughboys all - this dream that I have told
And if the work goes hard with you - its worth your weight in gold.

Round & Round
(Harvey/Sebastion, from "

Am I just an old brush on your canvas
Am I just a paper star in your sky
Shining and binding the pictures you paint in your mind
Around & around

Do you need a good reason for laughter
Do you need a new shoulder to cry
You're just a part of the music - let it flow
Round and round and round

This is only my song
Oh play it to me
Nothing's right, nothing's wrong
Oh, just a southern song

If the world is out there- why not use it
Thinking that you have to turn it around
It's just a part of the music - let it go
Round and round and round


Do you happen to know all the answers
Do you always have fun asking why
We have to play the same music - well here we go
Round and round and round

Sir Gavin Grimbold
(Trad. arr. Gulland, from "

High on mountains - and lOW between the trees
Sir Gavin Grimbold rode out one day

He saddled - he bridled and booted rode he
And home came his good horse - but never came he

Out came his mother dear - greeting so fair
And came his bride drying her hair

Meadows lie green - the corn remains unshorn
But Gavin Grimbold will never return

He saddled - he bridled and gallant rode he
A plume in his helmet - a sword at his knee

Down came his saddle - all bloody to see
And home came his horse - but never came he.

Spring Song
(Harvey/Sebastion, from "

One dozen bees buzzing,
Spring fever, pure ether, scent is in your hair
Makes me want to share your name
Bells ringing, birds singing, down a country lane
Summoning you to the game

Slow cricket, old wicket, on the village green
See the scene through cups of tea
So English, distinguished, hands upon their knees
Grumbling like bumble bees

One dozen bees buzzing, around a golden hive
Watch them take a dive and see
Sweet honey, so sunny, glistens in the bowl
Shining out it's 'glory be'

The vicar, skips quicker, cassocks in the wind
'I have never sinned' says he
Cucumber, slips under, nose above his chin
Followed by his wife's sloe gin

Dancer creating on the glad befriending stage
- When the time it is
Whirling burning life on all she meets
- Mirror the dancing
Over the land and through
The airs become the graces that are hidden on your face
Surrender do do it they knew it
The treason of her kiss

We advance relating on your mad beguiling song
- When the time it is
Turning yearning wife of all the years
- Years are becoming
Colder and longer now
But please remember that no time is long

Spring is the dancer the lover of men
She will sing for you over and over again
Surrender, befriend her and fight to the end
If the rhyme is your treason
She must be your friend

Winter has spoken on it's sad untimely drum
- When the call is
Swirling twirling strife to all it sees
- Season of ice
Will tell you the price it bears
The field that once was open is now hidden from your view
Pretender, you did it, you hid it
The crowning of the king

Fight another winter and you'll live another spring
- When the call is
Swirling twirling death is where he stands
- Staggers the growth
And stammers the oath
He swears he'll take the dancer by the hand

Spring is the dancer the lover of men
She will sing for you over and over again
Surrender, befriend her and fight to the end
If the rhyme is your treason
She must be your friend

The king is returning the queen is to die
In a riot of colour she falls from the sky
The kingdom is dancing to sad lullabies
She has no real answers, she just passes by

Three Jolly Butchers
(Trad. arr. Taylor, from "

It's of three jolly butchers as I've heard many say
They were going to some market town - their money for to pay
They rode together for a mile or two and a little more besides
Said Johnson unto Jipson "Stop - I heard a woman cry"

"Then stop I won't" said Jipson, "And stop I won't" said Ryde
"Then stop I will" said Johnson - "For I heard a woman cry"
So Johnson he alighted and viewed the place around
And saw a naked woman with her hair tied to the ground.

"How came you here?" said Johnson "How came you here?" said he
"Two highway men have robbed me, that you can plainly see"

Then Johnson being a valiant man - a man of courage bold
He took the coat from off his back - to keep her from the cold
Then Johnson being a valiant man - a man of valiant mind
He sat her up apon his horse - and mounted up behind.

And as they rode along the road - as fast as they could ride
She put her fingers to her lips and gave three piercing cries

Out sprang ten bold highwaymen with weapons in their hands
They strode up to young Johnson - and boldly bid him stand
"Stand I will" said Johnson "As long as ever I can,
for I was never in all my life afraid of any man".

Then Johnson being a valiant man - he made those bullets fly
'Till nine of them bold highwaymen, all on the ground did lie
This wicked woman standing by, young Johnson did not mind
She took a knife all from his side - and stabbed him from behind

This day it being a market day - and people passing by
They saw this woman's dreadful deed - and raised a hue and cry
Then she was down to Newgate brought, bound down in irons strong
For killing the finest butcher as ever the Sun shone on.

The Unquiet Grave
(Trad. arr., from "

Cold blows the wind to my true love and gently falls the rain.
I only had but one true love, and in green woods she lies slain.
I'll do as much for my true love as any young man may -
I'll sit and mourn along the grave for a twelve-month and a day.

When the twelve-month and a day was done, the ghost began to speak:
"Why sittest thou along my grave and will not let me sleep?"
There's one thing that I want, sweetheart, there's one thing that I crave,
And that is a kiss fron your lily-white lips. Then I'll go from your grave.

"My lips they are as cold as clay, my breath smells earthy strong,
And if you kiss my lily-white lips, your days they won't be long.
Go fetch me water from the desert, and blood from out of stone;
Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast that never a young man has known."

'Twas down in Cupid's Garden, where you and I would walk,
The fairest flower that ever I saw is withered to a stalk.
The stalk is withered and dry sweetheart, the flower will ne'er return,
And since I lost my one true love, what can I do but mourn?

When shall we meet again, sweetheart? When shall we meet again?
"Ere the oaken leaves that fall from the tree are green and spring up again."