'Divisions on a Ground' cover
LP - Transatlantic Records, TRA 292
(UK, 1975 )
CD - Strange Days Records, POCE-1021
(mini-lp, Japan, 2006)
Richard Harvey:
Divisions on a Ground
An Introduction to the Recorder and its Music

  1. Concerto in C Major, Op. 4, No. 11
    (Antonio Vivaldi)
    allegro non - largo - allegro molto
  2. Variations from "Der Gooden Fluyt Hemel"
    (Paulus Matthysz)
  3. Sonata in F Major, Op. 1 No. 11
    (George Handel)
    larghetto - allegro - siciliano - allegro
  4. Divisions on a Ground
    (Godfrey Finger)
  5. Variations on "Amarilli mia bella"
    (Jacob van Eyck)
  6. Sonata in G Major op. 3, No. 3
    (Jean-Baptiste Loeillet)
    affettuoso e grave - allegro - adagio - allegro
Musicians: Richard Harvey - treble and descant recorders
Andrew Parrott - harpsichord
Monica Huggett - violin
Eleanor Sloan - violin
Trevor Jones - viola
Catherine Finnis - cello
Adam Skeaping - violone
Other credits: Recorded by Adam Skeaping, St. Paul's Church,
    Wimbledon Park London, July-August 1974
Photography by Mike Putland
Sleeve illustration by Dan Pearce
© 1975 Transatlantic Records, Ltd


            Richard Harvey, who is 21, has been playing the recorder since he was four, having originally the instrument from his father. At the age of 16 he joined the Music Reservata with whom he played regularly both here and abroad, for three years. During this time he studied clarinet, piano and viol at the Royal College of Music, continuing his study of the recorder independently.
            While at the College, Richard developed an active interest in rock music; this was later to became a professional involvement in Gryphon, a group which has succeeded in creating a distinctive contemporary sound through the blending of medieval instruments, such as the recorder and krumhorn, with the amplified instruments of modern popular music.
            This record is an introduction to the recorder and its music by a rock musician whose training has been classical. In the coming months Richard Harvey will be making further recordings of contemporary and classical works for the recorder.

            The recorders I played in the performances on this album are accurate copies of the famous eighteenth century Rottenburgh instruments. made by Moeck of West Germany.
            The harpsichords are also accurate reproductions made by John Horniblow of Reading, one being a double manual instrument of English design, and the other (played only in the Vivaldi concerto) an Italian design single manual instrument.
            All the stringed instruments used, date back to the Baroque period. The violone, however, is of earlier origin. (The violone is the predecessor of the double bass. It is the contrabass version of the viola da gamba, the bowed instrument use extensively in Renaissance Music).
            I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Lawrence Aston, Adam Skeaping and Andrew Parrott without whose very kind assistance the compilation of this album would not have been possible.

Richard Harvey

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