'Brass at la Sauve-Majeure' cover
* LP - ASV, ALH 926 (1983)

 'Fanfarre for the Common Man' cover]
** CD - ASV, DCA 870 (1993)

Richard Harvey and The Brass of Aquitaine & London:
Brass at la Sauve-Majeure*
(also issued as:)
Fanfare For The Common Man**

  1. Fanfare For The Common Man [3:37]
  2. (Aaron Copeland)
  3. La Citadelle [8:20]
    (Richard Harvey)
  4. Le Carrousel du Roy [5:42]
    (Jean-Baptisle Lully)
  5. Courtly Masquing Ayres [3:35]
    (John Adson)
  6. Madrigal [2:16]
    (Carlo Gesualdo)
  7. L'Homme Armé [8:56]
    (Richard Harvey)
  8. Canzon Septimioctavi a 12 [5:24]
    (Giovanni Gabrieli)
  9. Courtly Masquing Ayres [4:31]
    (John Adson)
  10. Sinfonia "La Padovana" [3:26]
    (Ludovico Grosso de Viadana)
  11. Funeral Music For Queen Mary [6:05]
    (Henry Purcell)
Musicians: The Brass of Aquitaine & London
Richard Harvey - conductor
Other credits: Produced by Nicholas Parker
Assisted by Brian Gulland.

Booklet Notes

La Citadelle
        This work was written in 1981 for the first tour, the same year, by the Brass of Aquitaine & London. It was conceived after a visit to the famous medieval citadelle at Blaye on the Gironde Estuary. Whereas the combined imagery of the Medoc and the military suggests the great outdoors, the piece was intended for performance in the largest and most resonant of acoustics.

L'Homme Armé
        This is really a set of variations on one of the most popular themes in France throughout the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. Over 30 masses are known to have been based on the song L'Homme Arme, and possibly a large number that have not survived. It has albo been the basis of many chansons, and although little of the original text survives, it is reasonable to assume that it dates back to the time of the troubadours and Crusades.
        Written for the second tour of The Brass of Aquitaine and London in 1982, it utilises the military theme, partly for its own sake, and partly to reflect the deep-rapted bonds that cause the English and Aquitaines to view each other with a mixture of great warmth and the deepest suspicion!

Richard Harvey

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