programme 2015

The 13rd editon of GAR festival took place on the 1st and 2nd of May 2015, at Teatro-Cine de Gouveia, Igreja de S. Pedro (Church) and Biblioteca Vergílio Ferreira (Library). It was organised by Câmara Municipal de Gouveia, coproduced by Orquestra Ligeira de Gouveia, and supported by Repsol YPF, FBA. and the Parish Gouveia.

Friday, 1st May 2015
Teatro-Cine de Gouveia
15:00-15:15 oponing ceremony
15:15-16:20 Uxu Kalhus [Portugal]
16:20-17:00 stage change
17:00-18:00 Bobo Stenson [Sweden]
18:00-18:45 stage change
18:45-20:00 California Guitar Trio [USA; Belgium; Japan]
20:00-22:00 dinner break
22:00-23:30 Renaissance [England / EUA]
Saturday, 2nd May 2015
Teatro-Cine de Gouveia
15:00-16:10 Syndone [Italy]
16:10-17:00 stage change
17:00-18:20 Curved Air [England]
Igreja de S. Pedro de Gouveia (Church)
19:00-20:00 California Guitar Trio [USA; Belgium; Japan]
Teatro-Cine de Gouveia
20:00-21:30 dinner break
21:30-22:30 Guy Pratt [England]
22:30-23:00 stage change
23:00-00:30 Magma [France]
Related Events
Friday, 1st & Saturday, 2nd May 2017
Galeria do Teatro-Cine de Gouveia
14:30-24:00 Feira do disco, cartaz, memorabilia
e merchandising.
Saturday, 2nd May 2017
Biblioteca Vergílio Ferreira [Library]
11:00-12:15 Discussion around the concept "I Advance Mask", introduced and moderated by Thomas Olsson (musicologist, University of Lund, Sweden) and participated by Bobo Stenson, Guy Pratt and Bert Lams.