Bent Knee

The Advent of March

origin Belgium, 1972
line-up expected at GAR 2019
Tine Allegaert – piano, keyboards
Helene Bracke – vocals (mezzo soprano)
Jeroen De Brauwer – electrica guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Annebelle Dewitte – bateria, percussão
Nicky Frissyn – bass guitar, classical guitar
Annelies Heyvaert – flute
synopsis Back in 2011, in Belgium, The Advent of March started out as a music theater project: Al di Miseria. Storylines and modern classical music. The music soon started to incorporate rock, jazz and metal influences and, as the music broadened, the theater-group became a full-time band.
In 2017 The Advent of March released its first full cd, a concept album called “Maxwell’s Delusion”. It follows the final weeks in the lives of Max, Jack & Fiona: a night-watchman, a psychopath and a nouvelle riche socialite. Murder and intrigue; ships & champagne; red wine and penguins.
discography Maxwell’s Delusion (2017)
links he Advent of March [official website]
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