Introducing Amazing Blondel

AMAZING BLONDEL have a unique musical style all of their own. Essentially English with renaissance and baroque influences and a contemporary feel that produces the unmistakable Amazing Blondel sound. Melody Maker called it "…pure and fresh as new mown grass". An acoustic band, they are truly multi-instrumentalists with a range of instruments that includes classical guitar, 7 string classical guitar, 12 string guitar, recorders, flute, flageolet, crumhorn, mandola, dulcimer and harpsichord.

          Amazing Blondel: John David Gladwin, Terence Alan Wincott and Edward Baird that is, have a distinguished pedigree in the music world. John and Terry met at school during the beat boom of the sixties and played together in several bands, including the progressive rock band 'Methuselah'. Disenchanted with decibels and American influenced music, John and Terry began playing acoustic folk numbers in an English style. The number of instruments used expanded, Eddie Baird was recruited and Amazing Blondel was born. Andy Fraser, of the now legendary rock band 'Free', introduced them to Island Records boss, Chris Blackwell who offered them a recording contract.

 Blondel at Shibden Hall, 1996           With Island, Amazing Blondel toured extensively supporting bands such as Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Free, Traffic, Procol Harum and Cat Stevens before headlining their own tours. Their live performances have taken them from village halls to the world's major concert venues, from parish churches to the great cathedrals. They have travelled extensively, touring Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the U.S.A.

          During their career they have played at folk clubs, universities, theatres, arts centres and concert halls. They have appeared on T.V. and radio including Radio 1 and BBC Schools Radio and gave a schools and university lecture tour in Sweden.

          The atmosphere of their live performances is superbly captured on the HTD CD, 'Live Abroad - A Foreign Field That Is Forever England' (HTD CD56). On stage,, with fine musicianship, not to mention their sense of humour, the band earned a reputation second to none often overshadowing the headline bands. Twenty something years on and nothing has changed. Their stage show is as professional as ever, the atmosphere undiminished - experience it for yourself.

          Since 1969, Amazing Blondel have recorded 11 albums in various musical styles and many of them are currently available on compact disc. Their latest, 'Restoration' (HTD CD70), like their earlier albums draws its inspiration from the music of the past, in this case the eighteenth century.

John David Gladwin
          Multi-instrumentalist and vocals, formed Amazing Blondel with Terence Wincott in 1969. Worked as a solo artiste before forming the band Englishe Musicke with Paul Epson and Adrian Hopkins and subsequently reforming Amazing Blondel in 1995. John is a well respected guitar teacher and runs the John Gladwin Guitar School from his home in North Lincolnshire.

Terence Alan Wincott
          Co-founder of Amazing Blondel, also follows a management career in the entertainment business. Terence has considerable experience in music at all levels and records and produces local bands in his own studio. Amazing Blondel's wind instrument virtuoso, he also plays harpsichord, organ, keyboards, guitar and a variety of percussion instruments.

Edward Baird
          Edward gave up a promising career as a professional photographer to join Amazing Blondel and made his album debut on 'Evensong' in 1970. He has recorded 12 albums in his career to date, worked as session musician and performed with rock legends such Steve Winwood, Paul Rodgers and the late Paul Kossoff.

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