B l o n d e l
(Songs published by Daisy Music* and Island Music+)

The Leaving of the Country Lover

It's all very well you saying
I don't like what you're playing
You know your bird's been graying,
Under wing
You don't have time to capture
The picture that your after
And it's too late to naturally change

Looking down, a pleasant sight,
The re's no time to blink an eye.

I know you like the feeling
Of nature's open ceiling
It's time leave the pealing
Of the bells
You don't look very strong lad
They say it can't be all bad
At least not if you're half mad
When you go


So now your eyes are clearing
And your strength is reappearing
And what's your most endearing
So spread your invitation
And take some consolation
In knowing that salvation
Tips her hat


Young Man's Fancy

Here's to my acquaintance, and companion
Lift your glass
I love you, and leave you
I do, give you, all my best
Here's to lovely lasses
Who by now are sleeping sound
We miss you, and kiss you,
We will, until we can no longer hope

And I would spread the softest ground,
For you to walk around,
If I could be your right hand,
I'd bless the seed that I would sow,
And hope that it would grow
Into a sight to hold you

And we could have the richest thing
To make your songbird sing
A tale to haunt the evening.
Then I would give you every note
Of every song I wrote
For them to ring forever


Easy Come, Easy Go

The day sets the tempo
Rhythm and rhyme
Sat by the window
Feeling very satisfied

I do declare
What a simple affair

Stroll by the river
Splashing my feet
Fine is the shiver
Feeling very satisfied


Middle 8:
It's easy come
It's easy go
It's easy now we know

I'll see you tomorrow
Same place and time
Sat in the back row
Feeling very satisfied


I'l1 leave by the back door
No one will see
Such is the love war
Hard to keep you satisfied.

Chorus and Middle 8


Sailing, I'm almost sailing
Waiting to sail away
Silver horizon beckons
Me to the silver sway.

Feeling hard but you're looking through me.
Seems to say that you're nothing to me at all.
See there is something not right tonight
Peel that we're somehow not quite as tight.

Morning is almost touching
Night with her fingertips
And I'm sure to be sailing
Far from my lover's lips.


Softly, so very softly
Darkness can fade away
I will leave you my blessing
And see you another day


Lesson One

It's easy for me
To tell you the pangs of love
You see the best in everything
And circle like a dove
Oh with those easy living eyes
You see them burn and can feel you're growing wise.
You know your place and turn together all the ties.
You cover up and keep her steady as she lies.

You take to laughing
And singing songs of joy
And take to walking in the evening
With your lover boy
Oh if the very song of spring
Could make you happy then girl that's the one I'd sing.
And if you needed love then that is what I'd bring.
I'd never let you stay alone in anything.

Flattery is easy
When all you have to do
Is look into each other's face
And give the best of you.
Oh, you have such a lucky line
You must be due to say t he very same of mine
I think it's there to make it better all the time
If night time wants to win then my its got to shine.


Chorus Dance all sundry dance
Spare your children a glance
Praise romance
And dance all sundry dance
Sing all sundry sing
Take your partner and cling
Swirl and fling
And sing all sundry sing

Soft sulky lady
You pick up your face
And come on to me here
Why think at your age
That you're not a prize
I promise you are dear
You come with me
On to the Festival
We will have us one hell of a time.


If you're not sure
On the flattering side
Of the pose that you're taking
I'll put you right
On the faltering verse
Of a song in the making
You come with me
On to the Festival
We will have us, one hell of a time


Weaver's Market

Come I'1 take you to town with me
For to see the fine weaver of words
Come and take the walk down with me
For to see all the things you had heard.
Oh, the road is short but tiring
And the morning is warm and new.
Come I'11 take you to town with me
If the company pleases you.

Peasant ladies and gentlemen
Will come to spend the day
Gather trinkets as they dance
And frolic on their way.

Will you buy will you buy my oranges
Will you buy from me a friend
Won't you buy from a lady
If you have some silver to spend

Salty fisherman you are
The pride of all, you know
Who's your fancy with today?
What prize you have to show?

I'1 give the biggest catch my friend
That ever spread the floor
it yours is not the fairest face
Iíve ever seen before


When you go today
You take my life away
All up heaving
Now you're leaving me
When you close your eyes
Loving slowly dies
And will never
Start to grow again
My happy days
Have been taken away
My happy days
Have been taken away