E v e n s o n g
(Songs published by Daisy Music* and Island Music+)


Fare you well on the morrow I must leave
And I'm bound for a far and distant land
A tale would tell of my poor heart and how it grieves
So for you my love this sorrowful Pavan

I was born in Lincoln country
And the son of a country wife am I
Out of all the flowers growing wild in yon forest
You're the fairest rose on which I've laid an eye

Love me hard with the dawn I'll be gone
And I don't know if I'll be back again
God as my guard I'm the champion of the wronged
Off to holy wars to fight the Saracen


Middle 8
While you're away does your spouse turn a whore
Or a chastity belt maiden while crusader's at war
I'm tired of my chain mail
My armour makes me sore
And it all seems so futile

Weep you will but my love I cannot stay
Dry your eyes and we'll share a parting kiss
Wait until the advent of that day
When I'm home and gone is sadness as this


St. Crispin's Day

Now winter's cloak has covered all
Snow on the briars and trees so tall
Forget not the pledge we made in May
We were to wed on St. Crispin's Day

Oh what made our love go astray
We were to marry on St. Crispin's Day

Now the redwing has crossed our shores
Robin is feeding on hips and haws
Let not your love turn wintery too
Icy as the seasons do


Now all the autumn leaves are shed
Hedgehog's asleep in mossy bed
The cold winds have blown my hopes away
And left me forlorn on St. Crispin's Day


Spring Season

Snow is melting
Hail's stopped pelting
The pilgrim's kirtle is dry
The river's thawed
Now boats are moored
Do you know the reason why?

This is spring season
And the time for courting's come around
This is spring season
Hark and hear spring season's sound
The feast of Michael
A year's full cycle
Are dead and gone long ago
Lambs are playing Sherwood's arraying
Her leafy splendour for to show


Middle 8
A springtide love is hard to bear
When that love she will not share
Dark nights are dwindling
Fires need less kindling
Woodwrens abound our trysting place
The minstrel's song
Of winter long
Now takes on an April face



Each day you pass the village green
But seldom look my way
Each day I sit just in between
The words I want to say

My love I've viewed you from afar
I'd woo you if I could
Meet me tonight by the miller's stream
'Neath mossy willowood

I'll bring you wine and the velvet black rose
To adorn your tussled hair
We'll dream and as the evening goes
Forget our every care


I'll bring you scarves of eastern silk
And raiments laced with gold
To grace your skin as white as milk
And shield you from the cold


While woodland's sleeping
No-one is peeping
Just moonbeams leaping

So wear you clouts of satin fine
And let your hair hang low
The leaf green nymph a spell will bind
To never let you go



Light of the moon shine down soon
And spread the dusk with light
Wind from the west lay down to rest
I'll see my lady tonight

Love oh love I thank the Lord above
Fame, wealth and riches mean nothing to her
Love oh love I think the Lord above
There is no other my sweetheart prefers

While the stars are shooting and owls do their hooting
The whole world sleeps peacefully
Curtains are drawn to hide all our yawns
Safe in my arms she'll be


Would I were helm of all the realm
I'd make her queen for sure
Or had I the gold of empires old
She'd have it all and more


The Ploughman

If I were a Ploughman
I would plough your barren land
Sow my seeds of love with care
Hoping the fruits of passion they'll bear

I could be anything for you
Say but a word and I'll prove it's true
Pander to your every whim
Light up your candle when day grows dim

If I were a Weaver
I'd weave fine tresses in your hair
Plait them with ribbons of gold
And bless each ringlet, curl and fold


If I were a country Squire
You'd have all the presents you desire
Robes and rings and fineries
Belgian lace for your tapestries


Old Moot Hall

Now the dawn is breaking
You'll be awaking
And I'm still here raking
My mind what to do
You ignore my favours
Our flame of love now wavers
With tears my voice quavers
At the very thought of you

And I don't want to live at Old Moot
Hall any more
'Cause the memories of our courtship
there can never be restored

Now the sun has risen
Still locked in my heart's prison
I'm alone for to be wisen
By years of untold pain
But you'll be in your chamber room
Coarse weaving at your loom
Or wandering where flowers bloom
Down a greenwood lane


Middle 8
Would I were your suitor
Or even your tutor
At least he's near to you

Now the light is fading
Evening paints her shading
Yet there's no evading
The visions in my head
You'll be at your prayer
Or in your old oak chair
Combing auburn hair
Before retiring to your bed


Lady Marion's Galliard

Oh my Lady Marion
I have loved you long
Still you do me wrong
And taunt me with your jests
Oh my Lady Marion
A thousand deaths I die
For you to cast your eye
Declaring love confessed

Turn me not aside this way
When love runs true
Guide my heart lest it should stray
Away from you

Oh my Lady Marion
Knights fight for your hand
Pledge you all their lands
And send you presents fine
Oh my Lady Marion
Riches have I none
Yet hearts can be won
By love as strong as mine


Middle 8
While you keep me waiting
Lovers should be mating
Yet you jilt me
Turn and tilt me
And I know not why

Oh my Lady Marion
Bards tell of your charms
Praise with chants and psalms
So frail a figure fair
Oh my Lady Marion
No verses do I write
Yet win your heart I might
If true love will forbear


Under the Greenwood Tree

Dawn draws near and you rise wearily
From my bed in search of your own
As you go my thoughts turn drearily
To the empty hours I shall spend alone

If you love me come discreetly
Down to meet me under the greenwood tree

Thrushes sing
The breeze wanders aimlessly
Through the weeping willows and the oak
Memories of the nights we've spent shamelessly
Locked in love as cattle to their yoke


Middle 8
Till Doomsday we’ll meet this way

Cursed am I to court such a lover
Who is not betrothed to me
For her dowry lies with another
And no sadder wife will there be



The road is rough and winding
Footsores need badly binding
But we’ll journey on not minding
Though our path is strewn with thorns
And though the night draws near
The darkness we’ll not fear
For our guiding light shines clear
Through the twilight till the dawn