John Gladwin talks about the Restoration
to Mike Finney of The Minstrel Newsletter

      One of the questions that we are often asked at the AB information Centre is "How did the reforming of Amazing BIondel come about?". To find out actually how it happened. I put the question to John at rehearsals a few weeks ago and here is his reply.

      Originally Pete Macklin of Demon Records contacted Terry with a view to a possible sampler album. The outcome of this was Englishe Musicke which was compiled by Terry and I. and released in 1993 on Demon’s Edsel label. 'Amazing BIondel and a Few Faces’ followed and then Evensong’, ‘Fantasia Lindum’ and ‘Blonde!' were included in Demon's programme of Island reissues.

      HTD Records contacted me early in 1994 and asked if Amazing Blondel were prepared to reform to record a new album. They made an offer for the group to reform which was not really acceptable considering the work that would be involved. I contacted the other two members to see what their view was and offer a short interval of time, HTD came back with another offer. Eventually, offer several discussions with them. they came up with an offer that was tempting enough for us to consider reforming.

      Initially, Eddie, Terry and myself had a meeting to see if we were all still on the same planet and if we all thought we could still get on with each other from a social as well as a musical point of view. Cultural and ethnic differences were brushed aside and we found in fact that we still had the same sense of humour that we had in the old Blondel days!

 Blondel at a rehearsal, 1996       HTD then came up to see us for a meeting about details of the new deal and spent a large amount of money lavishly lunching us at the Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe! They also brought up examples of all their other CDs that they have released and they seemed to be a small but highly motivated company. They certainly were very very keen to do a new Blondel album and were both themselves Blondel fans and had old vinyl albums in their possession. In fact we had to sign autographs on their collection of old vinyl albums to keep them happy!

      It then took some months before a contract was drawn up and the fine details ironed out. As soon as we had signed the contract we then set about rehearsals and of course I set about some intensive writing. We now normally rehearse one day a week and now that the album is actually finished we are working on our live set. The sound is still essentially English and will be immediately recognisable to Blondel fans.

 Gladwin interviewed by Nick Jefferson