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  Robert Bushell, Lincoln, England.
Saw the band the first time round! At the Aquarius club in Licoln and best of all saw them prform in Lincon Cathedral!!! Have played the music constantly since and passed it on to family and friends! Recently visited family in Hampshire whose 4 year old son was singing along to Fantasia Lindum. Most recently saw Blondel at the Lawn in Lincoln and also at Welton Folk Festival. Hoping to see them at Alford and also Cleethorpes In May 2000. Keep together and doing what you all do so well. Thanks for the wonderful music.
April 29, 2000

  Amanda Miller Biselius, Uddevalla, Sweden.
Hello everyone...
I just wanted to thank you for playing at Kafewidtfeldt in Uddevalla on the 26/4. I really enjoyed it... And thank you Eddie for letting me get a hug, it meant so much to me... I first heard you when I was looking trough my fathers records and I've been hooked since... Well if you ever reply to any of the letters please reply it would be very nice..
April 27, 2000

  Paul, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Excellent site!
April 22, 2000

  Alan Marriott, Bradmore, Wolverhampton, Engalnd.
So far have only heard the album "Fantasia Lindum" in full and one or two track on compilation albums.I really love what I have heard and am now wondering where I can obtain other albums. Maybe you can help?
I would certainly like to be kept informed on what they are doin & where they are performing. I am pleased to see that, like several other long-time quality groups,
Amazing Blondel are back on the scene. Long may they play!!
March 31, 2000

  Ben Yates, United Kingdom.
I finally got the chance to see Blondel live last night at the Bearwood college gig. It totally blew me away. The songs sounded fresh and exciting. I just wish that I'd been there in the early days! Keep it up Blondel! and when are we getting a new album?
March 11, 2000

  Len Perdic, Burlington, ON, Canada.
Great site! I just discovered that there was a new release in 1999. Hurrah! I never thought that I'd hear new melodies from a group I considered one of my favourites during the 70's. I have recently re-discovered Blondel; all my old albums have been replaced with CD's.
I believe that there is a Shibden Hall in Yorkshire, do you know if that is where the photos were taken?
March 3, 2000

  Ronnie Carroll, Carrickfergus, CO, Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Excellent site dedicated to a very underrated (and criminally ignored) band. Keep up the good work.
January 20, 2000

  John Wilkinson, ?, ?.
Thanks for keeping this page up!
December 14, 1999

  Vincent Budd, South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Just connected and delighted to find such a great site for such a marvellous band. 'England' is one of the musical treasures of my life, but love the whole ouevre. Can we expect another new album? Thanks for all the pleasure you've given us over the years and hopefully still more bliss-moments to come. I'll be playing the albums 'til my dying day. Congrats on a great site - whoever did it!
December 3, 1999

  Keith Worrall, Wednesbury, WS10 9QP, England.
I have just stumbled across your page via the Bob Harris website. Are you still touring?
November 7, 1999

  Charles Prince, Los Angeles, California, USA.
I picked up an album of theirs a few years back and ever since then pop music or what dreck is called pop music now can't, won't,will never beat Amazing Blondel,the music feels to all those who are touched by it. Please let me know what cds are out there, where to buy them,I live in L.A. (okay give me a break) but I love the music and I want more. My girlfriend likes it to,one of the best groups that we made love to. You guys are great keep it up.
July 30, 1999

  Massimo Bordonaro and Marina Romanini, Lonato BS, Italia.
Nice site!
July 25, 1999

  José Amador, Oeiras, Portugal.
Vinte anos depois de ter escutado pela primeira vez nos LP's ENGLAND e BLONDEL, e da alteração que o tempo provoca nos gostos, a música dos AB persiste em soar como me soou nessa altura, e só por este motivo são um caso singular. Um excelente grupo, e uma excelente página sobre ele - merecem-se mutuamente.
July 15, 1999

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