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  Anne Oyston/ Eddie Baird, 23 High Street, Nettleham, Lincoln, England.
Great page Eduardo! Just logged on for the first time - what a brilliant website.
Good to read all the comments from eveyone - keep them coming in, 'cos we're not dead yet! Thankyou to everyone who bought "Also...", spread the word and let me know what you think of the album.
I'd love to hear from the bloke who went to Crosby Primary School with me, who now lives in Pittsburgh.
On behalf of Amazing Blondel, many thanks, keep buying the albums, keep coming to the gigs.
Regards, Eddie
June 30, 1999

  Tormod Ringvold, Lillehammer, Norway.
I have been a fan of Amazing Blondel since 1971. And "Restoration" is a great album too.
June 27, 1999

  David B Staves, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, England.
Just went to see AB last night in Sheffield (for the first time in 25 years or so). A stunning performance. I just thought I'd check out the web site for more recent info. Well done - just what I was looking for. I'll pass on the link to a friend in the states who asked me about last nights gig.
June 27, 1999

  Gary Nicholls, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.
This type of traditional music has been an inspiration in my own creative endevours over the years. I would love to have the entire catalogue of material this group has released since 1970, however it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find due to deletion of their catalogue over the years. I have managed to track down and purchase a copy of "Fantasia Lindium" after years of not having a copy. Wicked!
May 28, 1999

  Marcello, Verona, Italy.
As an old fan of AB's (I think I was one of the first, in Verona, to buy their records), I was astonished to see this wonderful website. Really with the style and the high level always AB have done since.
Keeping listen their records, I consume cassettes after cassettes. Now I hear that several records are on CD. Why not all? Please do you have a list of shops (Verona and Amsterdam, my two cities where I live the most), but London or Manchester are also OK.
You are always "classe".
Love and Luck.
May 17, 1999

  Dr. Hugo Schwaller, Bern, Switzerland.
A brilliant homepage. Nothing to suggest. A great thank you.
April 5, 1999

  Petri Heinonen, Helsinki, Finland.
My first comment to this guestbook was written when this site was just a "baby", very beautiful baby, though. I admired the nice outlook of this site and the amount of information Eduardo had collec- ted for us. Now this is not a web-site anymore but an art-book in the web! It's hard to believe that all this comes for free! :) True labour of love, I thank you for that!
March 24, 1999

  Peter Whitcombe, Horley, Surrey.
Wonderful. I first saw Amazing Blondel live at Aberystwyth Uni in the early 70s. I never realised that they were still going strong and will have to try and see them again. I have all the early albums, looks like I need some CDs now.
Keep up the good work.
March 11, 1999

  Tammy Tillinghast,
Great site, very informative! I love the song "Toye" so I came here looking for info. On more of the band's music, which I will certainly get my hands on. Stop by my page if you can and sign the guestbook,
Keep up the good work.
March 1, 1999

  Mr. C, Belgium.
I bought "Evensong" some days ago and am stunned. Never heard such a beautiful music. When are they coming to Belgium? Does somebody have the music for "Pavan"?
March 1, 1999

  Hanna Svensson, Gärsnäs, Sweden.
I'm only a "young maiden", fifteen years old but I'm very touched by the Blondel music and I know every lyric, every chord.
Thank you dearest friends for your music!
March 1, 1999

  Hiroki Miyatake, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa-ken, Japan.
I have known Amazing Blondel by name for more than 25 years.
I'm afraid I must admit that I have not been a great fan. But I happened to find some of you CDs at a store in Osaka the other day. They were titled 'Fantasia Lindum' and'Blondel'. Without hesitation I bought both on the spot. Both of them are amazingly fantastic! I've got into you.
I'm very glad and surprised that you are still alive and well. I do hope you'll come to Japan to have some gigs.
February 14, 1999

  Stuart Paterson, Barnoldby-le Beck Grimsby, NE, Linconshire, UK.
Just listening to Eddie's new album (also) really good music. So cool and a pleasure to hear. Felt I ought to say so.
February 14, 1999

  Livio Fontana, Reggio Emilia, Italia.
Your music is "amazed"! Very, very nice !!
Thank You !!!
January 31, 1999

  Bill Herdman, Dorchester Drive, San Diego, CA, USA.
My recollection of Amazing Blondel is from the early 1970’s.
Nice to know that they are still around, and still going strong. Just found out that one of the band members attended my old school - Crosby Junior, in Sunny Scunny. Its amazing - the things you can find out over the internet.
December 30, 1998

  Lucy Piller, Atlanta, USA.
What memories, used to see Blondel back in the 70s, first time with FREE. Great site and a wonderful surprise to see all the followers.
Come visit my site of Free at
December 23, 1998

  Cristian Bettini, Brescia, Italia.
I'm waiting for a new concert soon as possible !!!
December 19, 1998

  Rob Haskell, Stubbington, Fareham, Hants, England.
Really impressive web-pages and format..nice and readable with clear access and return to/from other pages.
An A.B. enthusiast since I saw them supporting FREE at Portsmouth Guildhall in the early 70s. Now a radio presenter on Radio Victory, I have enjoyed the opportunity of playing A.B. on both my folk/blues show and also when I presented a rock show for a couple of weeks when the usual presenter was on holiday
December 17, 1998

  Steve Jackson, Nettleham, Lincolnshire, England.
A really good site lads, as the regular music columnist for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph I've written about the band on quite a number of occasions since the excellent "Restoration" album was released. The clarity of sound at their Cleethorpes Winter Gardens date last year was somethimg I clearly remember writing about.
Keep on keepin' on! Cheers Steve
December 12, 1998

  Ulf Löfvenhamn, Eskilstuna, Sweden.
A new album by my all time favourites - Amazing Blondel. I am stunned. Released in 1997 (Restoration) and I happened to see this today, 11 Nov 1998.
I will of course order it tomorrow, if it is available in Sweden.
Suddenly there's light even in the dark month of November, at least in my country.
November 11, 1998

  Ken Anderson, Uppsala, Sweden.
Hard to buy the records of Amazing Blondel in Sweden!
September 30, 1998

  Heiko Heerssen, Hamburg, Germany.
A really great homepage about one of my favourite bands ever!
It's sad that only so few people (at least here in Germany) know about Amazing Blondel. They really deserved to be as big as Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention etc. Now I'm trying to get a copy of the "Restauration" album. Until finding this homepage I never even knew that it existed.
September 8, 1998

  Harry Steiner, Seattle, WA, USA.
I linked up to this page, having never heard of Blondel, through a Van Der Graaf Generator page, which amuses me, because the bands are so different. My curiosity piqued, I purchased Fantasia Lindum, England, and Evensong (how wonderful they are available on CD) and was enthralled. I think Fantasia Lindum in particular is a masterpiece. I recommend Horslip's "Drive the Cold Winter Away", another enthralling work with a similar feel.
Thanks for turning me on to Amazing Blondel!
August 20, 1998

  Ermes Greatti, Zoppola (PN), Italy.
Ten years ago I heard "Fantasia Lindum" and I fell in love with Amazing Blondel. Last week (July 1998) I saw a live concert of Amazing Blondel and I can say that the performance was fantastic.
It's not common to live a magic situation.
July 27, 1998

  Franco Zanetti, Gussago (Brescia), Italy.
I was in Spilimbergo last friday, July 24, to attend the concert. I was very pleased to see the three "boys" together again, just as I saw them in Italy many, many years ago. I've bought every CD on sale there (having just every album on vinyl) and I've had the pleasure to talk with Eddie, John & Terence. On "Restoration" I've found this web address, and it's (again) a pleasure to have so many informations about the group, of wich I've lost every trace since... oh, let's say 1980.
I'm 45 now, I'm a freelance writer - in the musical webzine "Rockol": - on wich I've written a short review of the Spilimbergo concert.
I will come back soon on this site, and I hope to receive any news on the band as soon as possible.
Thank you, and thanks to the "boys" for being around again.
July 26, 1998

  Peter Bolger, North Shields, England.
"Love Lies Bleeding" - a very beautiful piece of music from 'Restoration' - inspired. Great work chaps
July 24, 1998

  Keith and Christine Whatlin, Sheffield, U.K.
Wishing you all the best for the forthcoming trip to Italy, John, Ed and Terry! Wish we could be there too. Looking forward to the next gig back home........anything before Rotherham Arts Centre?
All the best......K + C
July 11, 1998

  S. Kiener, Burgdorf, Switzerland
Which Albums are available on Compact Disc?
July 2, 1998

  Chris Gee, Grantham, Lincs., U.K.
I first saw Blondel back in 1971 when they were the support act for one of the big names at the time (could have been Procol Harum or Free). As a hopeful folky guitar player, I was impressed by the lutes and liked the sound of the recorders and the crumhorn, the sound of the latter being likened to 'a tuned fart', a description I found highly amusing at the time and still smile about now.
I bought 'Evensong' and learned to play every song on it and then 'Fantasia Lindum' which is possibly my favourite album of all time. I recently bought a set of Blondel CD's and compiled a 'best of' tape which is always playing in the car much to the disgust of my 15 year old daughter who thinks my taste somewhat strange.
It was great to hear the lads playing live again at the Lawn (Lincoln) and at Barkston Village Hall and I'm looking forward to future gigs this summer.
May 27, 1998

  Dave and Carolyn Wade, Low Moor, Bradford, United Kingdom.
Both concerts at Cleethorpes Festival were marvelous, came home and listened to the live album - no difference ! Thanks for smashing time.
PS how many condoms left now?
May 26, 1998

  N. D. Tong Esq., Penylan, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
Nice to find a page devoted to the band - I got the address off their recent "Restoration" album.
Long may they prosper
March 23, 1998

  Manuel Jesus, Oman.
Parabéns por mais uma página bem desenhada por um português, e sobretudo por ser devotada a uma bela banda de música.. A outra que descobri nas minhas andanças pela Net foi sobre os Magna Carta. Fico orgulhoso por os Portugueses estarem a marcar a sua presença internacionalmente. Há que deixar de nos considerarmos sempre de segunda categoria. Bom, o assunto não são nacionalismos mas sim música e os Amazing Blondel merecem esta página. São uma banda que descobri já lá vão mais de vinte anos. Como o tempo passa. Eduardo, mais uma vez parabéns. Necas, escrevendo do Oman.
March 19, 1998

  Allan Wilkinson, Armthorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.
Diary. 21st February 1998. Spent most of the afternoon in Lincoln Cathedral, took photo of my son standing in the cloister in exactly same spot that Terry Wincott stood on cover of Evensong. Evening, saw Amazing Blondel play Pavan for the first time. After concert chatted to John Gladwin about flute and guitar arrangements.
Diary.22nd February 1998. Started spreading the news. Blondel are back!
February 23, 1998

  Christopher Tupper, Herlev, Denmark.
I found "Englishe Musicke" in the classical music bins of Virgin records in London this January, the name sounded familiar but nothing connected other than the thought of hearing some lute music, I bought the CD "on spec". I have since bought 6 CDs of ABs music. That one lucky dip purchase has opened my ears to a new world. A paradise of beautiful melodies, complex arrangements, musical flair and a good whiff of pastoral air. Ooh arr ! It is just beautiful. With so much crap music sold by the metre it has been bliss to make a new discovery of "old" but really sublime music. Though from the seventies, ABs music has definitely not gone past its "sell-by" date.
Thank you AB for what you stand for.By the way (if you didn´t already know it) a lot of on-line record shops in the US and the UK stock ABs music on CD. Try or This is my second e-mail to you I hope this gets through - keep up the great web-mastering !
February 17, 1998

  Lucy Piller, Atlanta, GA, USA
What a wonderful suprise to find AB have a web site. The last time I saw them was in Brighton Dome, UK, 1970, saw them a few times with FREE. Always loved there music, such wonderful memories, some friends of mine have already have written messages, its like a reunion back to the 70s. So cool. Love the Homepage.
Visit my homepage when you get time. Free - Bad Co. - Paul Rodgers Fan Web Site. Peace
February 3, 1998

  Alan Brown, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Great Band. Only saw them once. I was 11 years old. To be honest Amazing Blondel were the first live band I ever saw, the second was 'Free' in Sunderland, England (my beloved home town). Can remember as if it were yesterday, remember a lot of "swearing" on stage and reference to the size of Cathy Kirby's t---'s. One song stood out which was the "Shepards Song". Great night, even though everyone had come to see 'Free' that night, all were very impressed with A. B. for most they had never heard of them before that night on the 14 February 1971 at the Sunderland Empire. (The night before official
decimalization day)
Have all the Island albums, also Bad Dreams, Mulgrave St and Inspiration.
Great Web Page for a Free and Amazing Blondel fan....thanks to Andy Fraser for introducing to Island records.
Good luck with your site,
Alan Brown (foremerly Sunderland lad)
February 2, 1998

  Kevin Brown, Fulford Park, Castletown, Sunderland, England
Amazing Blondel were the first band I ever saw on the 14th Feb 1971 at the Sunderland Empire my favorite ban is FREE who was the main act that I went to see (I was only 12 years old at the time) but after seeing Amazing Blondel I've been hooked ever since. Have listened to their music and bought their albums scince the early 70's. Great Band.
February 2, 1998

  John Davey, South View, Hicklam Mill Farm, Aberford, Yorkshire, England
Known and loved their music since 1971. Would love to have them play at local event I help organise. Glad to see them back and moving.
January 30, 1998

  José Parra, Zaragoza, Spain
Hola, Eduardo:
Deseo felicitarte por una página tan estupenda como la tuya. Es deliciosa. También quiero darte las gracias por facilitarme el contacto con un grapo maravilloso del que había leído en algunas revistas de los años '70, pero como no tenía dinero para comprar sus discos, y en España tampoco era fácil escucharlos ...Digamos que los he redescubierto, y ha supuesto un inmenso placer.
Gracias otra vez..
January 29, 1998

  Andy Skinner, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
This is going to sound very parochial, but...
Growing up in Scunthorpe in the early seventies, Amazing Blondel attracted a LOT of interest from me-they were the 'local musicians made good'! It was a a bonus that the music was excellent, and the live performances were so entertaining.
I remember a concert in St Lawrences Church, Scunthorpe (can't remember exactly when), which is one of my fondest memories from that time.
I also remember delivering milk to Eddie Baird in Scotter every Sunday, when what I assume was THAT Great Dane would hurl itself at the door every time I walked up the path.
'Fair memories of my youth'!
I now live in the USA, and I'm introducing people here to the likes of 'Fantasia Lindum'. I look forward to hearing the new CD, and would welcome any news of concerts in the NE USA.
January 18, 1998

  Del Buck,EN6 3DF, UK.
I bought 'Fantasia Lindum' when it came out, after hearing Peelie play it (I suppose I was about 16, and a typically sad and romantic youth). For a number of years it was my favourite album, and I still listen to it today, even though, like Peelie, I have moved along with the times and am just as happy listening to techno (via Kraftwerk, of course).
I saw Blondel in the early days (in some crappy village hall in Hertfordshire), and was happily surprised at their 'earthy' humour, distinctly at odds with their style of music.
The only good thing about getting old is that you have so much good music to look back on, as well as so much to look forward to. Thanks for the site - keep it alive.
January 18, 1998

  Janice Nelson Apple, Damascus, MD, USA.
can't believe that i fell upon this page with your name on it!!! was an absolute fan in the 70's when in college in florida. fell in love with eddie baird's voice, but mostly the lyrics. still have the words written down in an old music journal and occasionally play them and remember... The Leaving of the Country Lover, Lesson I, Hearts, Young Man's Fancy. i gave the album to a relative to listen to, and he lost it - over 20 years ago. i'm not one to hold a grudge, but i'd have to say i've missed it many times, and rue the day i lent it wonderful to know you all are alive and well and still performing. may be in southern england this fall - i guess i'll just have to keep checking to see where you'll be playing. i can't tell you how thrilled i am to know you have a reissue out of 'england' and will rush right out and buy restoration too. i missed you all!
January 16, 1998

  Allan Wilkinson, Armthorpe, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, UK.
I attended one of Amazing Blondel's 'Restoration' concerts last night (14/1/98) at the Cottingham Folk Club. I first bought 'England' in the early seventies when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I became an instant fan, buying other Blondel albums and trying to learn some of their arrangements on guitar. Being so young, I never got the chance to see them and always regretted this. Until last night. Initially I thought that the three members, John, Terry and Eddie might struggle with some of their complex arrangements, close harmonies and general performance. What I didn't expect was that the band sound as fresh and confident as in the early seventies. If 'Restoration' is not better than 'England', it is certainly up their along side it!
January 15, 1998

  Ross Wincott, ...
Dear Terry,
Hello from Cuzz Ross. Glad to hear your on the road to stardom again!
Let me know if you are playing in Portsmouth or Sweden (Stockholm area) and I will come along.
ps: I'm prepared to pay!
January 7, 1998

  Peter Marshall, Audenshaw, Manchester, UK.
I have just spent a happy couple of hours back in the 70s! I discovered, quite by chance, that Amazing Blondel had a new album out. I purchased it 'on spec', being an avid fan during my university days in the 70s. Following the lnik supplied on 'Restoration' I ended up here.
I have discovered a couple of broken links, but didn't make a note of them. Perhaps next time . . .
January 5, 1998

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